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Calf Strain Sleeve for Calf Muscle Strain

A strained calf muscle can cause varying degrees of discomfort, ranging from a mild irritant to a debilitating pain. Calf pain and running often go hand in hand, but a strained calf can put one’s training on hold. (See more braces for running.)

The good news is that self-care measures are usually sufficient for easing leg/calf pain, and the use of calf braces can accelerate the process. This particular brace for pain in the calves is composed of HyPUR-cel material that protects, warms, and compresses the lower leg for relief of shin and calf pain.

The light compression speeds the removal of painful inflammation. In addition, the compression along with the warmth it provides enhances blood flow, ultimately leading to faster calf pain treatment. The warmth also limits any muscle tightness or spasms and soothes pain in the calf of the leg.

The HyPUR-cel material is breathable, so one can wear it to treat calf pain when walking or running. This material is also quite durable and helps to absorb shock to the leg muscles. This makes it an ideal brace for calf strain rehab       

The 11-inch calf strain brace has anti-microbial properties that help with odor management. This adds to its appeal as a calf strain running support.

This brace for left or right calf pain is free of latex.

How to Heal a Calf Strain

There are a number of things that can cause the small to complete tears in one or several of the calf muscles known as a calf strain. Failing to warm up or cool down on either side of a workout can increase one’s risk of leg pain in the calf area. Not hydrating adequately and the lack of certain minerals can also put one at risk of leg and calf pain.

When it comes to one’s workout itself, doing too much too quickly can leave one’s calf in pain. For instance, suddenly increasing the intensity, length or duration of one’s workout can cause the calves pain. Not coincidentally this is often the culprit for shin splints as well. The solution for avoiding such calf and shin pain is to gradually work one’s way up to a tough hill workout, a long run or an hour-long kickboxing workout. 

Many “run through” the early signs of shin splints/calf pain, which is unwise. Doing so extends the recovery time before one is relieved of pain in their shin and calf. Toughing it out might also compromise one’s form, causing additional problems.

Overpronation of the feet is another common source of calf pain from running. This also strains the Achilles tendon, so this might cause pain in the ankle and calf. Shoe inserts might help with ankle/calf pain in such circumstances.

Treatment for shin, calf and ankle pain typically starts with a period of rest from the aggravating activity. This gives inflammation time to subside and healing a chance to occur. There are a number of steps one can take to accelerate this process. Applying ice to the painful calf location can reduce inflammation more quickly. Elevating and compressing the leg are also go-to methods for how to heal the calf as these reduce inflammation.

The compression and support this calf pain sleeve applies can help reduce inflammation and thus pain in the calf and shin. It also protects the calf against further injury. The warmth and compression the calf pain brace applies also enhances blood flow to the lower leg, which is helpful for healing shin splints/calf pain. Another benefit of wearing this sleeve for runners’ calf pain is that it can ease any stiffness with which one is dealing.

Massage is often recommended as part of treatment for calf pain since this can help loosen knots, lumps, etc. in the muscles in addition to softening scar tissue. This also stimulates blood flow to the injury site.

Once swelling has largely had a chance to go down, one may have to engage in stretching and strengthening exercises to get the calf back to its previous level of function and to prevent a re-injury. As one goes about such rehabilitative exercises, the brace for calf strain can help support the weakened muscles. And its breathable material means it is comfortable to wear the brace for athletic use.

Key Features of BraceAbility Brace for Pain in Calf and Shins

Wearing a calf sleeve can do a world of good when it comes to how to help calf pain. Following is a breakdown of the reasons one should choose this BraceAbility calf sleeve for relieve from calf strains, sore muscles, shin splints and more.

  • Wearing this brace for calf pain helps by applying light compression and warmth to the lower leg
  • Compression calf sleeve stimulates blood flow for quicker removal of inflammation and healing
  • Lightweight calf brace provides lightweight support
  • Inexpensive  sleeve for sore or tight calf muscles
  • Antimicrobial properties of this sore calf brace protects the product and manages odors
  • Calf strain wrap is composed of HyPUR-cel, a breathable, lightweight material that is ideal for active use
  • Athletic calf wrap is durable and flexible, as well as soft against the skin
  • Calf support treats shin splints, calf strains and sore or stiff calf muscles
  • Low-profile calf brace fits easily beneath one’s clothes
  • Length: 11 inches
  • Latex-free
  • Brace for treating calf strain can be easily and quickly applied simply by pulling it up the leg
  • Color: Black
  • Calf pain cure comes in four different sizes based on the circumference of the calf at its widest point:
    • Small: 13”-14”
    • Medium: 14”-15”
    • Large: 15”-17”
    • X-Large: 17”-18”
Sizing chart for calf pain and strain treatment sleeve. Available in sizes S-XL.
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