The BraceAbility sleeping foot drop brace is a sock style ankle brace
the sizing chart for the barefoot ankle orthosis sock comes in two sizes small medium and large extra large
our soft afo drop foot support fits either foot and should be worn without shoes
The ankle foot orthotic sock lifts the end of your foot, stretching the tendons in your arch
the soft foot drop brace has an adjustable dorsiflexion strap that holds your foot near a 90 degree angle
our ankle brace for foot drop relieves symptoms from stroke, peroneal nerve injuries, and toe walking
the barefoot ankle sock for neuropathy comes in two heights
using our foot drop brace after a stroke supports your foot like a rigid orthotic
the instruction sheet for the barefoot afo brace shows putting on the brace like a sock, wrapping the ankle strap, then wrapping the foot strap
how to clean the soft afo drop foot brace

Drop Foot Brace for Sleeping | Adult's and Big Kid's Barefoot AFO Sock for Toe Walking or Neuropathy

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Brace Sizing Made Easy: 60-Second Video Guide

Product Description

Soft Drop Foot Nighttime Brace: Top 5 Features & Benefits

  1. Comfortable At-Home Treatment While You Sleep

    This dorsiflexion sock was designed with your comfort in mind. While most drop foot AFO braces are made of hard, rigid plastic, this sleeve focuses more on your overall comfort while resting or walking around the house, so the support is soft, comfortable, and breathable. When it comes to treating and relieving foot drop, it shouldn’t only be done while you’re on the go. The pain of a dropped foot can have a big effect on your ability to get things done around the house, as well as your ability to rest without any discomfort.

  2. Adjustable Dorsiflexion for Personalized Stretch

    Assure your foot is held in the perfect, upright position so you are able to walk without pain and discomfort. Adjust the amount of stretch and lift you are receiving using the dorsiflexion strap by simply pulling the easily adjustable strap to your desired level of stretch and securing it to relieve and treat your foot drop pain.

    the adjustable dorsiflexion strap allows your foot to be adjust to a near 90 degree angle to counteract drop foot
  3. Painless Proper Foot Positioning

    There are multiple foot and ankle conditions that weaken the tissues and muscles, resulting in poor foot positioning. When the position of your foot is affected, so is the way you walk, stand, and position your feet causing pain and discomfort. This barefoot ankle sock will hold your foot in the correct position, even while you are resting to help relieve pain and provide extra support for weakened muscles and ligaments. Use for effective relief from conditions such as duck foot, dropped foot, and other conditions that require foot-lifting.

  4. Made to Last With Medical-Grade Materials

    Built for long-lasting, quality dropped foot treatment and pain relief. Made of a medical-grade neoprene alternative, this sleeve was designed for comforting and breathable pain relief that will last.

    Have issues and pain with both your left and right feet? It’s a common occurrence to experience foot drop symptoms within both of your left and right foot. That’s why we designed this soft Charcot foot sock so you can use it interchangeably on either foot as needed.

  5. Effective Relief For a Variety of Foot & Calf Pain Conditions

    Not only does this support relieve and manage discomfort caused by foot drop, post-CVA (stroke), and Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, but it also helps with a wide variety of conditions that require a stretch or lift-correction of the foot. Use this support for conditions like plantar fasciitis, duck foot correction, and achilles tendonitis for a gentle stretch and proper foot positioning while you walk around, sleep or rest at home.

Charcot Foot vs Foot Drop

Charcot foot or Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) is a condition affecting the bones, joints, and tissues of the foot or ankle. This condition will often cause a high arch, and the foot to collapse and become deformed. CMT is rare but can occur in those with peripheral neuropathy (damaged nerves in the lower legs and feet). Foot drop is the general term for those who experience difficulty in lifting the front of their foot. This condition can often cause the foot to drag while walking, affecting either the right foot, left, or both. Not sure if it’s foot drop? Try this fast and easy dropped foot test to find out.

This soft AFO sleeve is perfect for comfortable protection and treatment for both of these conditions. The adjustable dorsiflexion strap holds the foot upright and provides a gentle stretch in order to relieve the pain you may be experiencing.

What is an AFO Brace and is it Right For Me?

An AFO is an ankle-foot orthosis. This type of brace will provide support, protection, and correction to the foot and ankle. When it comes to treating conditions like drop foot, an AFO support is the best way to relieve pain and discomfort. AFO braces are used to improve walking patterns as well as the position of the foot by reducing movement and adding extra support to the weakened ankle or foot muscles and ligaments. Our AFO Barefoot Sleeve is perfect for at-home use, relieving pain and treating foot drop symptoms while you are indoors, resting, or even throughout the night while you’re sleeping. If you are looking for dropped foot relief while you’re on the go, check out our supportive ankle wrap, which attaches to your shoe to assist with dorsiflexion throughout the day.

when in need of a brace for foot drop, check out our daytime brace

Frequently Asked Questions About This Barefoot Ankle Sock for Foot Drop:

  • What conditions / injuries does this support treat? This AFO sleeve helps treat and manage foot and ankle pain caused by foot drop, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, neuropathy foot pain, post-stroke (CVA), duck foot correction, and other foot or ankle pain conditions.
  • Who can wear it? Great for a range of adult men and women, as well as some children and teens who are in need of their foot to be held in the proper position. Wear interchangeably on the right or left foot.
  • How do I know what size to get? Using a soft/flexible tape measure, measure the circumference around your ankle, two inches above the ankle bone. Refer to the sizing chart pictured above. Size S/M fits ankle circumferences ranging from 7 ½  - 9 ½  inches and L/XL fits 9 ½  - 12 inches.
  • What is it made of? Nylon and spandex-blended AirFlex neoprene alternative with medical-grade, hook and loop fastener. All components are latex-free.
  • When should I wear it? Wear barefoot at home during the day or at night.
  • How do I put it on? With fasteners undone, grasp foot sleeve and slide over toes. Center heel in cutout. Wrap around forefoot strap and secure. Wrap ankle portion of brace just above ankle bone, attaching with fastener. Wrap around ankle strap, feeding through D-ring buckle. Pull back onto itself to attach. Feed dorsiflexion strap through D-ring buckle and pull upward. Reattach dorsiflexion strap onto itself to secure.
  • How does it work? Effective at-home treatment by holding your foot near a 90-degree angle for optimum foot clearance support while walking, and providing a gentle stretch while resting.
  • How tall is it? About nine inches tall.
  • Washing instructions: Close all fasteners and hand wash in warm water with mild detergent. Allow brace to air dry completely before reapplying. Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.
  • Other features:
    • Open-heel design for breathable comfort
    • Fits either left or right foot
    • Natural pain-relief without surgery 
  • Color: Black.

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