Sizing chart for broken foot walking cast. Available in sizes S-XL for men, women, and big kids.
Traction tread on sole of surgical medical shoe makes movement easier and safer
broken toe shoe can be worn with extra space in front of your toe
you can cut the straps in the walking shoe for after surgery so there isn&
Post op shoe for toe and foot fractures can be worn on your right or left foot
Adjustable Velcro strap accommodate swelling and bandaging
Rigid rocker sole allows for a more natural step while walking
Wide, square-toe design acts as a buffer for foot and toe protection
Low-profile fit enables you to continue day-to-day activities, like driving
How to put on the post op shoe instruction sheet
to clean the BraceAbility post-op shoe hand wash in warm water with mild detergent

Post-op Broken Foot & Toe Fracture Medical Walking Shoe

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Product Description

Why You Need This Post Op Shoe for Toe & Foot Fractures

After foot surgery, freely moving around can easily undo the repairs your surgeon made. Therefore, post-op recovery from foot surgery typically involves a period of immobilization, followed by several weeks of progressive weight bearing and motion, including the use of a walking boot or a medical shoe for broken foot care. Eventually, you will likely need to go through a physical therapy treatment to return strength, flexibility, and balance to the affected foot, ankle, or leg.

This broken toe shoe was specifically designed to provide mobility, protection, and support for day-to-day activities following toe and foot injuries or surgeries, including:

What If I Sprained or Broke My Ankle?

We recommend our short, cam walking boot or air walker after you sprain or break your ankle. For these boots provide compression and stabilization around your ankle. Depending on how tall you are, as well as the location and severity of your ankle injury, a tall walking boot might be ideal compared to short walking boot. Anybody 6’ or taller should purchase a tall walking boot for proper support, protection, and immobilization of their foot and ankle. In addition to ankle sprains and fractures, tall walking boots can help with some lower leg fractures.

5 Reasons Why People Love This Broken Foot Walking Cast Boot

Finding the right shoes following surgery for a broken or injured foot can be a daunting task. This post-operative walking shoe offers unbeatable support and protection after a foot fracture or plantar surgery. Following is a list of outstanding features that make this post-op shoe a good choice in comparison to other surgical shoes on the market:

  1. Wide Footbed & Square-Toe Design

    What makes this one of the best post-op shoes? For one, this orthopedic surgical shoe has a wide footbed and square-toe design, which acts as a bumper to provide extra protection and prevent your toes, especially your pinky and big toe, from rubbing against the brace or some other surface.

    This orthotic is available as both a women’s post-op shoe and one for men. The difference is that the foot fracture splint for women is a bit narrower. However, each version of these versatile shoes for broken foot treatment comes in a variety of sizes, which can be worn on your left or right foot thanks to its squared footbed.

  2. Deluxe EVA Foam Insole

    Soft, padded lining along the inner portion of the shoe and a lightweight foam insole makes this broken foot cast shoe comfortable for extended periods of use.

    The EVA material that our insoles are made of is a dense foam polymer known as Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. The durable material has a superior shock absorbing quality, making our flat-bottomed shoe for broken toes ideal to walk or stand on. The insole on this post-surgical shoe can be removed, which is convenient for instances where the use of a pressure-relieving insole or arch support is needed. Plus, the padded heel area of this particular post-op shoe helps prevent slippage.

  3. Rigid Rocker Sole & Non-Skid Tread

    The hard, rocker sole and traction tread at the bottom of this stiff soled shoe for a broken foot is also smart features both in terms of user comfort and safety. A rocker-bottom sole supports your arch, which can help relieve pain and pressure on your forefoot, heel, and ankle during recovery. It also promotes a more natural gait, allowing you to step with ease. The non-slip, traction grooves provide extra stability while walking, making movement easier and safer to prevent re-injury.

  4. Adjustable Straps

    Three customizable straps help accommodate post-surgical bulk, bandaging, and swelling after sustaining a foot or toe injury. Immediately after surgery, you will need more space due to swelling and dressings. But eventually, you will no longer need to wear bandaging and inflammation will subside.

    You can simply reposition the adjustable fastener hook pieces, as well as tighten and trim the bottom two straps on top of your foot as swelling dissipates. Though it does not include an adjustable fastener piece, you can also tighten and trim the top ankle strap on this post-op foot surgery shoe as needed.

    Another bonus of these short shoes for a broken foot is that these fastener straps are much stronger than most. That is because they are medical-grade fasteners, which are 10 times stronger than the retail-grade fasteners you’ll find on braces at CVS, Walgreens, or your local drugstore.

  5. Low-Profile and Lightweight Fit

    A semi-open style and airflow-friendly material make these post-op sandals more breathable for all-day comfort. This surgical walking shoe has a relatively low-profile fit, allowing users to remain active and independent throughout the recovery process and continue daily activities such as driving, for example.

Avoid further injury—preventing knee, hip, and back pain—due to leg length discrepancy when wearing a medical shoe with the Evenup Shoe Balancer. The Evenup is the easy way to “even up” leg length from your hip to the sole of your foot, making walking with a shoe safe and pain free.

evenup shoe balancer for post-op broken foot and toe fracture medical walking shoe

Frequently Asked Questions About This Surgical Medical Shoe & Foot Brace

  • What conditions / injuries does this post-op shoe treat? Perfect for use following toe, foot, and ankle surgery or injuries including broken toes, hairline stress fractures, post-op bunion removal (bunionectomy), hammertoe, Lisfranc fractures, plantar fasciitis, sprains, strains, bruised foot bones, metatarsal fractures, general foot pain, and more.

  • How does it work? This post-op foot splint is designed to provide mobility, protection, and support for day-to-day activities following toe, foot, ankle, and leg surgery or trauma.

  • Who can wear this brace? Available in sizes ranging from a SMALL - FEMALE to an XL - MALE, fitting a wide variety of adult women and men, as well as teenagers and youth.

  • Will this fit my child? Certain sizes will fit kids (see our size chart for specifics).

  • What size should I get? View our sizing graphic in the images above. This table shows size conversions between men's, women's, and big kid's shoes. When choosing your size, select the corresponding male or female version according, regardless of your gender. This walking cast shoe is universal, so it will fit your right or left foot.

  • When should I wear it? This toe, foot, and ankle brace can be worn throughout the day for post-op support. Ask your doctor before wearing this shoe while sleeping.

  • What is it made of? This broken metatarsal treatment brace is made of a hard rubber sole, EVA foam insole, polyester lining, and medical-grade fastener straps.

  • Can I drive while wearing this orthopedic slipper for hairline fractures? Yes.

  • How do I put it on? Undo the top strap. Loosen the bottom and middle straps. Place your affected foot inside the shoe, making sure to slide your heel to the back of the shoe. Fasten the bottom strap, repositioning the small, adjustable fastener piece for a tighter fit. Reposition the small fastener piece and fasten the middle strap. Slide the top strap through the plastic D-ring, tighten, and secure. Note that each strap can be trimmed, if necessary. However, once the straps have been trimmed, the brace cannot be returned.

  • Washing instructions: Remove insole, close fasteners, and hand wash in warm water with mild soap. Wipe insole with a damp cloth. Air dry.

  • Other features:

    • The non-skid tread provides extra stability while walking.

    • Wide, square toe design acts as a buffer for protection.

    • Rigid rocker sole allows for a more natural step.

  • Color: Black.

  • Max recommended body weight: 350 pounds. However, please note that our testing has indicated it may be able to withstand more weight.

  • Weight:
    • Small Female weighs 8.9 ounces
    • Medium Female weighs 10.3 ounces
    • Large Female weighs 11 ounces
    • Medium Male weighs 12.2 ounces
    • Large Male weighs 13 ounces
    • XL Male weighs 1 pound 1 ounce

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Great product

When the hospital found my broken toe I was given a huge boot to protect the toe. Unfortunately the soles of the boot are so thick it affected my balance. This shoe is perfect. Protects the toe without causing balance problems and I can actually walk in. Great product at a good price.


Perfect for My Neighbor, and I've Ordered One for Myself

My neighbor has a foot fracture & couldn't walk in the calf-high "boot" she was given. We ordered this based on online reviews & pictures, and meanwhile got a foot-fracture shoe from the local medical supply pharmacy. It never fit properly and her foot moved in it. This one fits like a glove and is totally comfortable; she is ecstatic. She is now able to go about her usual activities. (She is in her 80s and has neuropathy, so this has been a lifesaver for her.) I have fractured feet many times and have ordered one for myself in case I ever need it. It is so much better than the ones I've been given previously.


I have high hopes this will help me!

Looks like it is lightweight and will keep the fracture protected so it will heal properly.

Ginger L.

Great Shoe

I ordered the shoe so I could drive as the walking boot didn't work. Great fit, straps can be adjusted, highly recommend this shoe.


Great Boot

I broke my toes and was told i had to tape them and was given a foot boot at the hospital. I was not told to stay off my foot but rather to use a boot. The one they gave my at the hospital was awful and no use at all. Caused more pain they wearing nothing at all on my foot. My daughter ( an NP) found this site and told me to buy a good boot. My boot came today only three days after I ordered it, and what a difference. The boot fits very well, and it is very comfortable. Size is true to the chart. I can get around with hardly any pain,(comes from having to tape toes ). I would recommend this boot to everyone who may need a good boot for broken toes. much more easily without pain.