Pediatric Lace-Up Protective Ankle Support for Active Kids in Sports

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Key Features of Children’s Lace-up Ankle Brace with Straps

These days, more and more kids are involved in sports like tumbling, soccer or basketball, and they start young. With that, a rise in injuries, and an ankle sprain are more common.

Whether you hope to prevent or treat an ankle injury, this kids’ ankle brace with laces is a great solution. It adds several layers of support to the ankle, stabilizing its ligaments and protecting against damaging movements.

Child’s Ankle Brace Is Perfect for Sports

The ballistic nylon that the pediatric ankle support is constructed of is thin and lightweight, but it is also strong and resistant to wear. The figure 8 straps that add another layer of support and protection are also made of this durable, non-stretch nylon.  

The tongue of the children’s ankle brace is made of a softer, more breathable knitted material. And the fact that it has a tongue, just like a shoe, makes it much easier to slide on the foot, especially if your child is still dealing with pain or swelling of the ankle.

A thin elastic panel in the Achilles tendon area at the back of the ankle also gives the support a bit of flexibility that makes it more comfortable to wear during athletic use. The panel also makes it easier to pull on the ankle wrap.

All of the materials used in this figure-eight ankle brace are free of latex.

Why Shoe Laces Are a Selling Point

The fact that you can tie up this ankle brace is a key feature since it means you can truly customize the fit to your child’s foot and ankle. A bad fit is a common complaint among parents on the hunt for youth ankle braces.

The lacing of the ankle braces is really long, which means they can be adjusted to fit many feet and ankle sizes. Some adults with very small feet are even able to use the brace.

The sizing flexibility also means the lace-up brace can be adjusted for changes in the size of your child’s ankle size due to swelling.

Don’t worry about the extra-long nylon laces causing your child to trip—you can cover them with the figure-eight straps.

Sizing and Usage Instructions for Ankle Brace with Laces

The child's ankle support is meant to be worn over a sock, sleeve or leg warmer, but inside a shoe. However, some users, such as those in gymnastics, say they prefer wearing the wrap without a sock for an even snugger fit.

The kids’ ankle braces work on either the right or left foot and they are meant to for children with shoe sizes falling between 2 and 4.5.  

If your child has larger feet or you worry that he or she will quickly outgrow the brace, you should check out the adult sizes of this support.

How a Pediatric Ankle Brace Can Help Heal a Sprain

Ankle sprains are a common injury among people of all ages. These occur when you move in a way that overstretches or tears the ligaments that support the ankle, resulting in pain, swelling, and instability.

This might happen if your child steps on another players’ foot, slips while walking downhill, or lands a jump at an awkward angle, as just a few quick examples.  Whether your child is involved in sports or simply loves to tear around the playground, there are plenty of opportunities for a sprain.

Some minor sprains heal with very limited treatment. Heat and ice therapy can work wonders!

But more severe ones may require stabilizing the ankle with ACE bandaging or an elastic wrap, wearing a lace-up ankle brace or splint or even immobilizing the joint with a boot for a while.

This ankle brace with laces and Velcro straps for added figure-eight support pairs the convenience of a brace without sacrificing the lightweight support that figure-eight taping provides.

Because frequent ankle sprains can lead to long-term stability problems, some kids in high-risk sports opt to wear an athletic ankle brace like this as a preventative measure.

This pediatric AFO can also give your baby the stabilizing assurance he or she needs to play with confidence after an injury.

Kids’ Ankle Brace Has Other Uses, Too

A sprain is just one of the injuries this ankle foot orthotic (AFO) can help with. Some other examples include:

We also offer heel cushions, plantar fasciitis night splints and compression socks/sleeves that can help treat some of these conditions.

FAQs on BraceAbility’s Laced Ankle Brace for Kids

  • What conditions/injuries does this lace-up foot brace treat? The lightweight design and figure-eight straps of this child-size ankle brace makes it great for treating or protecting against ankle sprains, heel pain from Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and other common sports injuries. It’s a popular foot brace for kids in sports like basketball, volleyball, soccer or baseball.
  • How does it work?  The brace itself supports the ankle and protects against movements that might injure or reinjure the joint. The stabilizing figure-eight straps that wrap around the ankle also apply compression that brings down painful swelling. And its lace-up design ensures a great fit.
  • When should my child wear the ankle stabilizer? This AFO brace is great whenever kids need extra ankle support. Right after a bad ankle sprain, around-the-clock use might be needed. But once inflammation has gone down, your child can likely cut back usage to just during higher-risk situations, like soccer practice or gym class. Some kids rely on the youth ankle support during athletics to protect the ankle or to boost their confidence after an injury. 
  • What is it made of?The ankle brace is constructed of a ballistic-type nylon that is strong, durable and lightweight. The non-stretch figure-eight straps are also nylon. The tongue of the support is a knitted, breathable material. Finished edges protect against skin irritation and plastic shoelace eyelets make lacing up the support easy. There is an elastic panel in the Achilles tendon area that helps keep the brace in place and makes it more comfortable. All of these materials are free of latex.
  • Who can wear this brace?This is meant for children with shoe sizes falling between 2 and 4.5 (which typically fits children who are between 6 and 10 years old). This ankle brace can easily be tightened, so if your child's shoe size is a 4 or 4.5, you may want to consider ordering a small size of the adult lace-up brace so they can grow into it. Adults with really small feet can also use the support.
  • How do I put on the figure-8 ankle brace?This brace should be worn over the sock but under the shoes. To put it on, follow these steps: 1) Detach the Velcro closures and unthread the laces from all but the bottom two eyelets. 2) Pull the brace all the way onto the foot so the heel rests comfortably inside the cutout. 3) Thread the laces through the eyelets from the bottom up; tie a double bow at the top. 4) Wrap the inside ankle strap over the laces, under the arch of your foot, and back around. 5) Wrap the outside ankle strap over the laces, under the arch of the foot, and back around. 6) Secure the short strap on the top outer side of the brace.
  • Washing Instructions: Close all Velcro closures and hand wash in warm water with mild soap. Lay it flat to air dry. Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry the support.
  • Other features:
    • It’s relatively cheap, especially compared to similar products from ProCare, McDavid or Mueller.
    • It’s much quicker to wrap up the ankle in this brace than to tape it, plus it leaves less room for error.  
    • The brace leaves toe and sole area of foot open.
  • Color: Black.
Sizing chart for children's lace-up ankle brace fits U.S. kid's shoe sizes 2-4.5
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