The BraceAbility hot and cold ice pack for knee is a simple compression wrap for knee pain
The sizing chart for the knee ice wrap is one size fits most fitting thigh circumferences up to 24 inches
to warm the heat gel pack microwave in 30 second increments until desired temperature. For cryotherapy, freeze for two hours.
the braceability gel pack compression knee brace is easily adjustable post surgery
Ice Pack for Knee | Wrap Around Cold Therapy Brace for Pain Relief & Post-Surgery Cryotherapy (Universal)
the wrap around ice pack is multipurpose, use on knee, elbow, shoulder or ankle
Use the instruction sheet to put on the hot or cold knee wrap

Ice Pack for Knee | Wrap Around Cold Therapy Brace for Pain Relief & Post-Surgery Cryotherapy (Universal)

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Product Description

Top 4 Reasons We Love This Knee Ice Wrap

  1. Adjustable & Universal Fit

    This versatile knee wrap comes in one universal size, designed to accommodate and adjust to a range of sizes. The patella brace will fit a thigh circumference of up to 24 inches and a calf circumference of 20.5 inches. Most men and women can benefit from this knee brace thanks to the adjustable tension straps. Pull and secure to your desired level f compression and support, perfect for adjusting to smaller or larger sizes depending on levels of swelling, or discomfort throughout the recovery process. You can also wear this reusable ice pack brace on your right or left leg. 

  2. Soothing Relief for Sore, Swollen Knees

    Made of soothing, medical-grade neoprene for soft and comfortable, yet durable support. If you’re dealing with irritating, painful inflammation in your knees due to an injury or surgery recovery, this relief brace is perfect for you. When it comes to relieving swelling, you can use the ice pack on and off for at least 72 hours, until the inflammation in your knee goes down. Follow that up with heating the gel pack to help regain mobility and movement in your knee to relieve and relax your joints, preventing any tightness or stiffness.

  3. Hot & Cold Therapy All In One Brace

    Whether you need to use heat, ice, or a combination of both on your knee, this compression therapy brace has you covered with the perfect, personalized recovery options. Remove the gel pack and either heat it in the microwave or leave it in the freezer for quick, effortless therapy all in one, cost-effective wrap. Enjoy up to 20 minutes of targeted hot or cold temperature therapy relief.

  4. The Ultimate Knee Pain Coverage

    The knee ice wrap covers your entire knee, relieving patellar pain both in front and behind the knee. Plus, thanks to the pressure straps, there is no need to worry about the brace slipping or sliding. You can wear your ice pack or heat pad on your knee while you’re up and active, walking, working, exercising, or whatever it may be throughout the day!

Heat and Ice for Knee Pain: Which Should I Use?

If you’re dealing with knee pain, you’ve likely heard to either use hot or cold therapy to help relieve inflammation and pain, but which one would be most beneficial for your specific injury or condition? Let’s break it down.

Using Ice for Knee Pain

Cold therapy is going to be your best bet for fresh injuries, especially those that leave your knee swollen. Using ice on your knee helps provide relief from inflammation, soothes swollen tissues, and numbs any uncomfortable pain caused by swelling.

Using Heat for Knee Pain

Hot therapy is great for chronic knee or muscle pain, tightness,s, and stiffness in your joints. Using heat on your knee will loosen and relax your muscles, alleviating tension.

In summary, the best practice will be to start off using ice to relieve any inflammation and numb from irritating aches and pains. From there, you should move on to heat to help bring back some flexibility and mobility to your knee to help fully recover. The best part about this knee wrap? You can use either ice or heat, which means you can use this brace for your full recovery process!

Frequently Asked Questions About This Swollen Knee Brace

  • What conditions / injuries does the therapy knee sleeve treat? Helps treat and manage pain caused by inflammation, arthritic knees, osteoarthritis, post-surgery, meniscus tears, torn ACL, and most knee injuries and conditions.
  • How do I put the ice wrap on? Insert cooled or heated gel pack into the pocket. With strap undone, position logo over the kneecap. Wrap calf strap around leg and fasten. Repeat to fasten the thigh strap. For a more secure fit, wrap the additional strap around knee.
  • How do I know what size to get? The adjustable wrap is a universal size, fitting most adult men and women. Refer to the sizing chart pictured above and measure the circumference around your knee to ensure the wrap will fit before purchasing.
  • Can I wear this knee brace over my pants? Wear this brace over your pants or directly against your skin as desired.
  • When should I wear it? After heating or cooling, wear in the therapy wrap in 20-minute increments, or as prescribed by a doctor or medical professional.
  • What material is this hot or cold wrap made of? Neoprene and polyester wrap, nylon-polyester blend fastener, glycerin, and sodium carboxymethylcellulose-filled gel pack in PVC coated nylon fabric.
  • How do I heat the brace? Place the flattened, room temperature gel pack in the microwave for 30 seconds. Reheat in 30-second increments until the desired temperature is reached.
  • How do I cool the brace? Place flattened gel pack in the freezer for at least 2 hours, then use in 20-minute increments or as medically prescribed.
  • Washing instructions: Remove gel pack. Hand wash wrap in warm water with mild detergent. Lay flat to air dry completely before reapplying.
  • Other features:
    • Use interchangeably for hot or cold therapy
    • Additional straps for adjustable levels of compression
    • Breathable fabric keeps skin cool and dry
  • Color: Black knee brace with blue gel pack

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Customer Reviews
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Michelle E.
United States United States

Ice Pack for Knee/Wrap Around Cold Therapy Brace for Pain Relief

I have tested this the wrap around ice packs for both knees and I am pleased so far. I will have double knee replacement surgery in two weeks. I needed to test the product before the surgery and I am pleased to say that this product will assist in pain management and healing process.

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Kenneth SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States
Robert M.
United States United States

Knee ice pack

Good, Just a little short. Circumference was fine. Could be a little longer to cover more area around the knee.

  • How is the fit? Too SmallSlightly SmallTrue to SizeSlightly BigToo Big
Mike M.
United States United States

Great ice pads!

I love these things, I bought 2, one for each knee! They work great! Ideally, I'd like to buy a few more ice packs so I can ice on and off every 20 min. I love the extra strap that goes across the middle. Keeps it firmly in place, I can walk around with them on! I am doing everything I can to postpone knee replacement surgery. I am SURE these will also come in handy once I do have the TKR.

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Carmen G.
United States United States

Great product

Very user friendly

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