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      5 products

      Padded 90 degree soft nighttime dorsiwedge boot splint
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      The BraceAbility compression neuropathy socks give quick relief from painful peripheral neuropathy and nerve damage with these socks for diabetic foot pain.
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      Nighttime splint for achilles tendon, calf stretching, and ankle dorsiflexion
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      The BraceAbility sleeping foot drop brace is a sock style ankle brace
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      The main functions of ankle stirrup braces and hinged ankle braces are to help protect the ankle and give much-needed support to prevent injury or to help provide stability to injured ankles and aid in the healing process.

      Those who benefit the most from ankle stirrup braces are athletes who play sports that result in a high incidence of ankle injuries and those who are recovering from ankle sprains or strains or even those who just want excellent stability for the ankle.

      Treat Acute Ankle Sprains with an Ankle Stirrup or Ankle Sprain Brace

      Sprains happen when a ligament is stretched or torn. The ankle is the most frequently sprained body part, and this type of injury occurs when the ankle is suddenly twisted too far or when the joint is forced out of its normal position (for instance, when you land awkwardly on your foot and twist your ankle after jumping). Ankle sprains usually occur during sports activities or even while walking or running on uneven surfaces.

      Depending on how serious a sprain is, hinged ankle braces or ankle stirrup braces are usually required for treatment. A patient may be asked to wear a brace or a padded plaster, plastic, or ankle stirrup splint from ten days to six weeks. A perfect ankle stirrup brace for sprained ankle provides superb protection, helps reduce pain, and speeds up the healing process.

      What Is Ankle Ligament Instability and How Can Hinged Ankle Braces Help?

      The ligaments and tendons help hold the ankle and foot together. When the ligaments of the ankle are injured as in cases of ankle sprain or strain, for example, they are torn or stretched out, weakening them long after the recovery period. In ankle injuries that are untreated or when multiple sprains are suffered over a short period, ankle ligament instability is often the result.

      How can hinged ankle braces and ankle stirrups help treat ankle instability? Wearing hinged braces or stirrup braces during the healing process or after post-recovery can help protect and stabilize the ankle during load bearing.

      The Benefits of Using a Volleyball Ankle Brace

      The sport of volleyball is exciting and fast-paced. However, there is also a lot of jumping involved especially for those who play close to the net—just imagine a volleyball player landing awkwardly on another player's foot, which is, needless to say, a surefire recipe for a badly twisted ankle. Is it, therefore, not a surprise that ankle sprains are the most common injuries that volleyball players encounter during their playing careers.

      Wearing ankle stirrups for volleyball helps provide that much-needed stability for the ankle and also promotes proprioception, the process by which your body can vary muscle contraction as an immediate response to incoming information about your body in space. And while proprioception is essential in all everyday movements, it is even more important while doing complicated sporting movements, which are specifically done by athletes like volleyball players where precise joint coordination is necessary.

      The hinged ankle brace is designed to improve mobility and provide superb ankle support. It is a comfortable stirrup brace that promotes proprioception during gameplay. This hinged ankle brace is the perfect choice for volleyball players or for people who are simply looking for the best comfort available in a medically designed ankle stirrup brace.

      BraceAbility offers a variety of hinged ankle braces and ankle stirrups depending on your needs. For nighttime use, try an ankle splint as an alternative to an ankle stirrup.