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Rigid Hinged Ankle Brace for Sports

When considering hinged ankle braces, this BraceAbility ankle support is an ideal choice following an ankle sprain or other such injuries as it brings together user comfort with function. Plus it comes with a highly affordable price tag.

When participating in many sports, athletes are constantly jumping, twisting, and move side to side very quickly. These repetitive motions tend to happen quickly, causing sprains or other injuries to the ankle. This brace can help athletes to recover from those sprains and strains, but it also can help them to prevent this injuries as well. Many athletes are wearing rigid hinged ankle braces to prevent ankle injuries in many sports such as football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, etc.

The footplate of this hinged ankle support is contoured to the shape of the foot so that it supports the arch. The neutral arch position also encourages speedy healing of the soft tissues of the ankle or foot.

Also in the interest of user comfort, the foam padded ankle support has three straps that are adjustable. The padding along with the adjustable straps ensures a customized, comfortable fit.

The hinged ankle support also protects against inversion and eversion movements, which can cause additional damage to the sprained ankle ligaments. Check out more ankle stirrups and hinged ankle braces.

Ankle Stabilizer for Sprains, Strains, Inversion, Eversion

An ankle sprain is a common injury, with an estimated 25,000 injuries occurring each day, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. A roll, twist or awkward turn of the ankle can either tear or stretch the ligaments of the ankle that are needed for stabilizing the joints and making sure the ankle does not move past its normal range of motion.

In most cases an ankle sprain can be treated via conservative treatments, such as taking over-the-counter pain killers, engaging in physical therapy to improve the strength, flexibility, range of motion and balance of the ankle once the swelling has subsided and wearing some sort of ankle support to prevent one from reinjuring the ankle when one gets back to normal activity of sports. Check out BraceAbility’s full line of ankle supports.

Following an ankle sprain, some individuals do not make a full recovery if the ligament healed in a lengthened position. Or the interaction of the bones with the surrounding muscles and ligaments might be compromised. When this occurs, the ankle is more prone to additional strains and “giving out.”

Initial steps for remedying ankle instability often involves engaging in strength exercises aiming at enabling other muscles to compensate for the instability created by the loose ligament(s). This is often done in conjunction with ankle taping or the use of an ankle support, such as the hinged ankle brace.

Unfortunately, this is not always enough to repair the injury. In such instances, surgery may be considered. Following surgery, one will need to wear a plaster splint, followed by a cast or a walking boot. An ankle brace with hinges is sometimes used as a transition orthotic as one moves from a boot or cast back into everyday activity and sports. Check out more post-operative foot orthotics.

Another situation where a hinged ankle support may be useful is in a stable fracture to the ankle or foot where nothing is out of place. This is contingent upon whether a doctor determines weight bearing is allowed as well as the location of the break.

Padded Ankle Support for Athletes or Everyday Wear

This ankle brace with hinges comes in four different sizes, ranging from a male or female size 4 to a male size 15. Some other selling points for this hinged ankle orthotic include the following:

  • Neutral arch support promotes healing of the sprained ankle

  • Foot plate provides support to the foot and ankle

  • Adjustable straps for a modified fit

  • Foam padding for maximum comfort

  • Protection against inversion, eversion movements

  • Contoured, hinged foot plate

  • Constructed of durable copolymer material

  • Latex-free as to not irritate the skin

  • Stabilizes ankle, prevents inversion & eversion, decreases anti-inflammatory medications, decreases pain symptoms, improves ankle joint function, and improves endurance
    Sizing chart for hinged ankle brace. Available in sizes XS-L.
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