Tall Air Cam Walker Boot for Broken / Sprained Ankle

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Pneumatic Air Pump Walking Boot

A pneumatic boot is one that uses air to support and apply compression to one’s ankle and/or foot. The air cells of this pneumatic walker boot are easy to adjust. A user can customize the amount of compression and support he or she receives with a simple-to-operate knob.

The upright struts that make up the frame of the tall walker boot are polymer molded to fit the leg. This material is unique in that it is both durable and viscoelastic. For a user, this means the cam walking boot is beneficial for ensuring the brace fits the leg comfortably and the durable quality of the high ankle brace means it will resist damaging forces, as well.The fit of the brace itself can also be easily adjusted via its five Velcro strap tabs across the calf, ankle and foot.

The bottom of the frame is a rocker-style and the heel is low-profile. This is beneficial in that it promotes a more natural way of walking. This, too, is helpful from a recovery standpoint.

Inside the walking boot for fractured ankle care is a soft liner that protects the skin against any chaffing of the frame of the brace against the skin. The footbed of the high-top walking boot is wide and can easily be adjusted via Velcro closures. The toe is also open for increased breathability and a cooler fit.

The heel is cushioned, which makes the tall cam boot more comfortable to wear once one is able to move about. There is also a strap at the ankle for additional padding. Check out other cam walker boots.

Air Walker Boot for Fractured Ankle & Sprain Treatment

As noted previously, this walking boot for the ankle can be used for treatment of either an ankle sprain or a stable fracture where no bones or bone fragments have shifted out of place. A walking boot with a high top is also sufficient in many cases for treating stress fractures. It may also be an option following surgery to treat an unstable fracture. Learn about other common foot problems.

For stable fractures and sprains, following the steps of RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) with the aid of a medical walking boot is often sufficient in terms of treatment.  The tall walker boot for ankle fractures and sprains can immobilize the ankle and protect it against further damaging motions. The boot can also reduce the amount of pressure placed on the ankle. A period of crutch use is sometimes necessary for additional immobilization and limited or no-weight bearing, as well. All of this falls under the “rest” category of the acronym RICE.

The other steps of this treatment guide are largely focused on reducing swelling and discomfort. These include icing the injured region and applying compression. The liner of the ankle brace is helpful to this end as well. Elevating the leg can also help reduce swelling and pain.

While following these steps can get one on the road to healing, restoring full function to the leg and ankle will likely require some physical therapy exercises and stretches. 

Tall Pneumatic Walker Boot Features

This pneumatic boot walker is available in sizes to fit just about anyone. Other highlights of this walking boot for sprains and fractures include the following.

  • Adjustable air cells let you inflate and deflate the boot at any time to customize your level of stability and compression. Simply press the red button to inflate the pneumatic air cells. To deflate, open the cap of the smaller button beneath the red air pump and press to deflate.
  • Polymer-molded upright struts that conform to the leg
  • Treats pain & discomfort from ankle fractures & sprains
  • Cushioned heel to absorb impact
  • Strap for additional ankle padding
  • Rocker bottom makes it easy and comfortable to walk
  • Low-profile heel encourages a natural and comfortable walking gait
  • Wide footbed allows room for bandages around your foot
  • Simple Velcro closures for a secure, easy-to-adjust fit
  • Polymer plastic frame is lightweight yet extremely durable
  • Extra padded inserts are included to fill up extra room inside the boot in case it feels too large
Sizing chart for pneumatic air pump walking boot. Available in sizes S-XL.
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