lace-up ankle brace for arthritis, lateral pain, high sprains, and instability
The sizing chart for the ankle brace comes in five sizes from XS-XL fitting up to mens shoe size 12.5+
The BraceAbility lace-up ankle brace comes with shoe laces that help apply even compression all the way through your ankle
The figure-8 brace ankle support helps prevent lateral ankle pain while reducing chronic ankle instability
Our rolled ankle brace fits inside shoes and socks to prevent plus size ankle pain
Wear a lace-up ankle brace for ankle instability or for torn ligament
Wearing a figure-8 lace up brace can help stop eversion ankle sprains
Our lace-up ankle brace can be worn on your left or right foot to treat a rolled ankle or sprain
For the easiest application, loosen all of the laces in the high ankle brace so it can slide on easier
Mens lace-up ankle brace for arthritis to treat sprained ankles hide_on_site
Plus size ankle brace fits overweight ankles to help people walk to lose weight hide_on_site
Wear a womens ankle brace to prevent rolled ankles during sports or around the house hide_on_site
Lace-up sleeping ankle brace to stabilize injured ankle your while in bed hide_on_site
The instruction sheet for the lace up ankle brace is simple, slip the brace on, tie the laces, and wrap figure-8 straps

Ankle Arthritis Brace | Lateral Pain, High Sprain, Instability, Rolled or Twisted Tie Up Lace Support

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Product Description

Why Do I Need This Lace Up Ankle Brace?

If you are experiencing an injury or chronic ankle pain, you are likely in need of support that can help you not only relieve that sharp pain but also protect against further injury as you work to strengthen your ankles.

This tie-up support provides support and protection for many conditions and injuries, such as:

  • Sprains
  • Ankle arthritis
  • Lateral malleolus pain
  • Anterior ankle injuries
  • Sore ankles
  • Ankle tendonitis
  • Strains
  • Weak ankles
  • Instability
  • Posterior ankle injuries

lace-up ankle brace to help prevent ankle sprains, strains, or general instability

It can also help to reduce excessive inversion and eversion of the ankle.

Not the support you’re looking for? Check out our wide selection of ankle braces.

How Do I Treat My Ankle Injury?

Following an ankle injury that results in a tear to a ligament (or several) of your ankle, you will likely need to follow the steps of RICE treatment to reduce swelling and promote healing. This includes rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

The rest component might include a period of time on crutches and/or wearing this figure-8 brace to support your weak ankle. This durable support can also apply compression that is helpful for reducing inflammation. Check out our selection of ice and compression therapy products.

The figure-8 wrapping of this support at the ankle also makes it well suited for treating instability. However, wearing a brace is not a long-term solution.

For permanent relief, your best bet will be to engage in physical therapy and strengthen the muscles. This low-profile, breathable brace can help provide support during any such period of rehabilitation. However, in some rare cases, surgery may be necessary to repair the damage done to your ankle. We offer a line of ankle boots to help with the post-surgery recovery.

Does this Figure 8 Support Help With Ankle Arthritis?

The pain from arthritis and osteoarthritis in your ankle can cause stiffness, soreness, and swelling. Wearing this supportive lace-up ankle brace can help relieve the pain you are experiencing due to arthritis in your ankle. This support works to prevent pain and swelling so that you can get back to your daily activities and leave your ankle pain behind!

5 Reasons People Love This Sprained, Rolled, or Twisted Ankle Support

    1. Provides Comfortable Universal Support for Both Men and Women

      This ankle stabilizer brace can be worn on the outside of your sock on both the right and left foot and comes in sizes ranging for both men and women.

    2. Support and Protection Provided, Even While You’re Sleeping!

      This support can be worn while you are sleeping to help relieve any soreness and pain experienced while you sleep.

    3. Can be Worn Comfortably and Discreetly Inside Your Shoe

      Thin, yet durable, and comfortable, this figure-8 ankle support will easily fit inside of your shoe, supporting you while you perform your daily activities. It is also black in color, making it discreet and helping you to avoid stains, unlike a white ankle brace.

    4. Designed With Active People in Mind (No Matter What Your Activity Is!)

      No matter what your daily routine looks like, this ankle brace was made with protection and support in mind. Whether you are on your feet all day, walking, running, participating in sports such as tennis, basketball, volleyball, and football, or working out, your ankle will get the support it needs no matter the case!

    5. Protects Your Ankle Against Rolling and Instability

      Non-stretch figure-8 straps supply the best support for your ankle. Providing all-around ankle protection will stop your ankle from rolling side-to-side and help avoid both eversion and inversion ankle injuries.

    Frequently Asked Questions About This Tie-Up Ankle Splint

    • What conditions / injuries does this ankle brace treat? Use for strains, sprains, instability, supporting injured or weak ankles, rehabilitation, and protection during sporting or recreational activities.
    • Does this come with one or two braces? Each package comes with one ankle brace.
    • How does it work? Specifically designed to protect your ankles during physical activity or injury rehab by keeping them stable and supported. The adjustable figure-eight strap helps provide added support and compression.
    • Who can wear this brace? Available in sizes ranging from XS to XL, fitting a wide variety of adult men and women, as well as some teenagers and kids.
    • Does this brace fit both right and left ankles? Yes! This brace can be worn on both right and left ankles.
    • Do I need to wear a sock under this brace? We recommend you wear a tall sock for physical activity, as it will reduce the chances of rubbing from sweat and movements.
    • What size should I get? To choose your size, view our sizing graphic in the images above.
    • When should I wear it? Should I wear this brace at night? We recommend you take this brace off when sleeping to allow for proper blood flow and time to stretch your ankle out.
    • Will a brace weaken my ankle? Like with any brace, your ankle could weaken when you become reliant on wearing it for prolonged periods. Use this brace for extra support and strength through rehabilitation.
    • Are you only supposed to wear an ankle brace after an injury? Braces provide extra support after an injury and are most times recommended to help get you back on your feet.
    • What is it made of? Made of thin yet strong ballistic-type nylon, durable-nylon figure-8 straps, and a stockinette tongue with an elastic posterior panel for a comfortable fit. All components are latex free.
    • How tall is this ankle? This ankle brace is approximately 7 inches tall when applied.
    • How do I put it on? Undo all straps, loosen the laces, and slip your foot into the brace. Wrap each figure-8 strap over your ankle, under your foot, and back around. Secure the straps to the sides of the brace. They should cross in front, forming an X. Secure the ankle straps at the top of the brace. They provide extra security to keep the figure-8 straps in place.
    • Washing Instructions: Close all fasteners and hand wash in warm water with mild detergent. Allow the brace to air dry completely before reapplying. Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.
    • Other features:
      • Adjustable non-stretch figure 8 straps provide the ultimate support for both your outer and inner ankle bones
      • Can be worn for a variety of sports and other activities
      • Eliminates the need for constant ankle taping and wrapping
    • Color: Black

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