Elastic & Compression Ankle Supports


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      9 products

      The BraceAbility compression neuropathy socks give quick relief from painful peripheral neuropathy and nerve damage with these socks for diabetic foot pain.
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      This waterproof ankle brace helps treat ankle sprains, strains, arthritis and tendonitis
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      Elastic ankle brace to support sprained ankles or during gymnastics
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      BraceAbility fun nursing compression socks with blue heartbeat pattern
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      At BraceAbility, we understand that the ankle is the most often-injured body part, and it's no surprise: it supports the entire body's weight especially during physical activities that involve forward motion and lateral movement. Movements that involve walking, running, turning, and pivoting can all lead to a badly twisted ankle and other injuries of the ankle. To put it simply, because the ankle plays a very vital role in almost all aspects of lower-body movement, protecting it from injury during strenuous and physically demanding activities is very important.

      Because of this, we have provided you a wide selection of elastic ankle supports and elastic ankle braces specially designed to treat almost any kind of ankle injury and condition. Most elastic braces are made of high-quality textile fibers that help provide excellent comfort and breathability and, in turn, prevents the accumulation of moisture. These elastic supports naturally adhere to the shape of the foot and ankle, thus providing freedom of movement.

      Ideal for Various Ankle Injuries and Conditions

      Needless to say, proper treatment of ankle conditions and injuries is important to prevent permanent disability. It goes without saying, therefore, that it is essential to choose properly the right elastic ankle brace or support for treatment. Here at BraceAbility, we offer a wide selection of elastic ankle braces that help treat a variety of ankle conditions, including ankle sprains, Achilles tendonitis, ankle swelling, chronic ankle instability, foot drop,  and peroneal tendon injury. We also have elastic braces that are perfect for post-operative use and elastic supports for preventative protection.

      So how can an elastic ankle brace help treat an injury like a sprain, for instance? Sprains occur when a ligament is torn or stretched (depending on the severity or grade), usually when the ankle is suddenly twisted too far or when the joint is forced out of its normal position. Ankle sprains often occur during sports activities or even while walking or running on uneven surfaces. A good-quality elastic ankle support provides superb protection, helps reduce pain, and expedites the healing process. An elastic ankle brace can even be worn to help prevent re-injury.

      Great to Use for Sports and Other Athletic Activities

      Sports and exercise are great for the health, but oftentimes when active people or athletes engage in extremely physical and strenuous activities, injuries can become unavoidable. The ankle, in particular, can be highly susceptible to various types of injuries depending on the sport that a person plays. Some of the most common sports that result in a high incidence of ankle injuries include running, baseball, basketball, cycling, golf, motocross, skiing, snowboarding, soccer, tennis, football, and volleyball.

      Elastic ankle braces help to provide support and stability for athletes and active people who play fast-moving sports and activities that involve a lot of running, jumping, pivoting, and quick lateral movements. These elastic ankle supports provide superb ankle protection and stability without compromising mobility.

      Recommended Elastic Ankle Support

      The ankle compression sleeve can bring comfort to your ankle within minutes and helps energize individuals who need extra joint support. This sleeve can significantly enhance comfort and mobility due to increased blood flow, regulation of temperature, and delivery of a greater supply of oxygen to the targeted area. Increased blood flow can help decrease swelling and increase mobility, leading to pain reduction.

      BraceAbility offers a variety of elastic ankle braces and elastic ankle supports depending on your needs. Not sure what elastic foot supports you require? No problem. Our customer service representatives are here to help. To speak with one, please call us at (866) 712.7808.