Lightweight Slip-on Elastic Foot Wrap Bandage & Ankle Sleeve

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A Lightweight Foot Wrap you Can Wear Inside Shoes

Figure-eight ankle taping is a go-to method of treatment for many injuries as it supports and compresses both the arch of the foot and the ankle. This ankle injury wrap features a spiral design that accomplishes the same effect but with far less hassle.

You can apply this ankle/foot sleeve just like you would a sock—simply slide your foot in so that the heel fits in the opening. You can wear it on either the right or left foot.

The bandaging wraps around the ankle and the arch of the foot, supporting these areas while leaving the heel, sole and toes uncovered.  This improves its breathability.

The support is made of an elastic, latex-free material that is pretty similar to the fabric used in an Ace wrap for the ankle.

This stretchy fabric hugs the foot without wrinkling. Plus it’s thin, flexible and light. Therefore, you will hardly notice you have an ankle brace inside your shoes.

The dual tension elastic bandage provides light compression and support to the foot, stimulating blood flow that eases swelling and pain.

Why this Thin Ankle Sleeve is Ideal for Exercising and Athletes

This is great for treating existing injuries and for protecting an athlete against an injury in the first place. Just a few examples of ankle and foot injuries this ankle support wrap can help treat or prevent include:

  • Ankle sprain/strain
  • Tendonitis of the foot or ankle
  • Arthritis of the foot or ankle
  • Chronic ankle or foot pain
  • A swollen foot or ankle

The compression bandage can help prevent an ankle roll over when you’re out for a run or walk (injuries from walking are surprisingly common). It also provides lightweight ankle protection for sports like basketball, football, CrossFit, yoga, cycling, Pilates and more.

Some wear it on a daily basis to help with pain stemming from an old injury or arthritis, while others use it on an as-needed basis or during workouts.

What Injuries or Types of Pain will this Ankle Brace Treat?

Ankle and foot pain are incredibly common, with most people experiencing one or both of these at some point in their lives. When you think about all that we rely on these structures to do, it’s really remarkable we don’t injure them more often.

The high demand of certain sports and the risk they pose to the ankle joint have some turning to products like these foot bandages for athletic protection for an ankle sprain or strain, tendonitis, etc.

Following we take a quick look at some common foot and ankle injuries and explain why this kind of elastic foot support can help.

  1. Reduces Pain from Ankle Tendonitis

    This figure 8 ankle wrap can work wonders for those dealing with tendonitis that can cause pain at the top of the foot or on either side of the ankle, depending on the type. Tendonitis is often due to overuse of the tendon, which causes it to thicken and swell, leading to pain.

    Wearing this bandage on the foot is a simple way to deal with peroneal, extensor or posterior tibial tendonitis that affects the outer ankle, the top of the foot or outer ankle, respectively. 

    The foot wrap for tendonitis gently compresses the foot and ankle, which can reduce painful swelling and speed along healing.

    You can also look into wearing heel cups or wedge insoles to counteract any abnormalities in the way you walk or run that may be contributing to tendonitis.

    Other treatment steps for these overuse injuries include resting the feet, applying ice, switching to more supportive shoes and doing physical therapy to improve the flexibility and strength of these tendons.

    In some cases, you may have to spend some time in a CAM walker boot or rigid ankle brace to fully rest the tendons.

  2. Speeds Recovery from Ankle Sprains and Strain

    Treatment for an ankle sprain or ankle strain is pretty similar.  These injuries refer to overstretching or even tearing the ligaments (sprain) or tendons (strain) of the foot or ankle.

    While sprains and strains usually heal on their own, icing the painful region and wearing an elastic compression wrap can relieve pain and help you get back to normal more quickly. You’ll also appreciate the low-profile, elastic band of support as you ease back into a sport or exercise.

    For more severe ankle sprains or strains, you may need to wear a walking boot or ankle stabilizing brace for a while. Check out our full selection of ankle braces for more options.

  3. Healing After a Stress Fracture

    With each step you take, you put 1.5 times your body weight worth of force on the foot. If you’re running, jumping or climbing stairs that force is even greater. With that in mind, it shouldn’t be overly surprising that stress fractures are pretty darn common in the foot and ankle.

    A combination of rest, ice, compression and elevation (RICE) is usually enough for these tiny, hairline fractures to heal.

    Wrapping the foot in an elastic foot bandage like this is one of the best ways to help with the compression element of treatment for this common source of pain at the top of the foot or in the ankle vicinity.

    And the slip-on nature of this ankle brace is much quicker and simpler than taping the region.

  4. Helps with Poor Circulation and Ankle Arthritis

    The fact that this ankle sleeve for working out provides light compression to the foot also makes it a favorite for people with poor circulation to the region, whether due to diabetes, genetics or some other cause.

    Over time, this can lead to nerve damage for some individuals. So if your feet are always cold, it’s not something you should ignore. Compression stockings or slip on foot wraps like these can be an easy, inexpensive solution.

    The soothing compression and support the elastic straps provide is also a natural way of dealing with joint inflammation that is so problematic for people with arthritis.

Frequently Asked Questions about this Ankle Sleeve

  • What conditions / injuries does this elastic foot bandage treat? The versatile wrap can help with many conditions and injuries, including (but not limited to) an ankle sprain or strain, several types of ankle/foot tendonitis, chronic (long-term) ankle or foot pain, edema (swelling) or arthritis. The thin support offers great ankle protection while running or jumping, which makes it a good ankle support for exercising or sports.
  • How does it work?  The brace for an injured ankle/foot supports and compresses the arch of the foot as well as the ankle (much like figure 8 taping), which brings down swelling, provides pain relief and encourages healing. The light support it offers can also protect you from rolling your ankle.
  • When should I wear it? You can wear the elastic foot wrapper around the clock if you’re dealing with arthritis or chronic ankle pain. Or if you’re just looking for some extra protection for jogging or after a sprain you can put it on under your shoe on an as-needed basis. The flexible, lightweight support it provides also makes it a great ankle wrap for sports.
  • What is it made of?The foot and ankle wrap is made of flexible, durable elastic that won’t stretch out or lose its shape. It comes in one piece and does not contain latex.
  • Who can wear this brace?It is meant for people of all ages and sizes. The smallest size fits womens shoe sizes as low as 4 - 6 which may work for some children, while the 2X-large size fits mens shoes sizes 14.5+. Check out the diagram for more sizing details.
  • How do I put it on?Slide your foot into the cloth wrap as you would a sock and position it so that the heel of the foot fits in the cutout.
  • Washing Instructions:  Hand wash it in warm water using mild soap. Lay it flat to air dry. You should not use high temperatures to wash or dry this foot/ankle protector. 
  • Other features:
    • The low cost means you can buy two or more of these so that you have one on hand while you are cleaning the other.
    • The bandage consists of one piece of material, making it very easy to put on.
    • It provides two degrees of tension.
    • The wrap leaves the toes, heel and ball of the foot free for a cooler fit.
    • You can wear it on either the right or left foot.
    • Color: Beige.
Sizing chart for this ankle support wrap. Available in sizes S-2XL.
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