The BraceAbility Pediatric Walking Boot stabilizes your childs ankle and foot after an injury
The sizing chart for the pediatric fracture boot comes in sizes small through XL fitting toddlers to young women
The pediatric ankle stabilizing boot has vertical uprights for increased durability
The pediatric cam walker for kids broken foot can be worn on their left or right foot
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the kids walking boot has a rounded bottom that allows children to keep their natural gait
the pediatric walker for kids foot leg recovery comes in varying widths and heights
the childrens cam medical walker has all weather traction tread for securing walking even when wet
there are four adjustable straps on the kids walking boot that make it easy to apply
to clean the pediatric walking boot hand wipe the liner with warm water and mild detergent
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Pediatric Walking Boot | Children’s CAM Medical Walker Cast for Youth Fractured or Broken Toe, Foot, Ankle

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Product Description

Protect Their Little Feet

Wearing a protective and supportive walking cast boot such as this can be extremely beneficial when preventing any further pain or injury from occurring. Keeping kids still following a fracture, sprain, or break is often difficult, but keeping the weakened area safe and supported during recovery is important. If your kid has experienced a fracture, break, sprain, or another serious foot, toe, or ankle injury, you’ll find this pediatric boot a lifesaver during recovery.

Top Features and Benefits of The Pediatric CAM Boot

  1. Made of Lightweight and Comfortable Materials

    Soft, plush lining with a rigid, supportive outer shell for indoor or outdoor use. This lightweight boot features a rocker sole, allowing for pressure transfer away from the heel and ball of the foot. The pediatric walker boot is lined with deluxe, comfortable materials against your child’s skin, so there is no need to worry about uncomfortable itching or rubbing as you would with hard, rigid casts.

  2. Designed to Fit a Range of Children

    With multiple adjustable sizes available, this walker support boot can fit a range of children, from toddlers to teens. See the sizing chart pictured above for the exact size range based on kids shoe size, but the boot is designed to benefit children ages 1 ½ - 9 specifically. This walking boot features heavy-duty and high-quality fastener straps, making the CAM brace easy to adjust for a customized fit and desired compression level. Thanks to the durable straps, the boot is not easily taken on or off by the child, so you can ensure the foot support stays on when needed throughout the day.

  3. Ultimate Protection and Support During Recovery

    If your child recently broke, fractured, sprained, or injured their ankle, foot, or toe, this boot will be a lifesaver during recovery. The boot offers the ultimate level of comfort, support, and protection while the weakened area recovers. Plus, the walker boot features heavy-duty fastener straps that will prevent kids from ripping the AFO brace off during unwanted times.

  4. Use Interchangeably on The Right or Left Foot

    Designed with ease and the ability to reuse, this fracture boot for kids can be used interchangeably on the right or left foot. Make one cost-effective purchase that can be used time and time again. The adjustable straps make the brace easy to tighten and secure at the perfect level of compression and stability, to ensure a personalized, comfortable fit every time.

  5. Secure, Comfortable, and Adjustable Fit

    Adjustable fastener straps allow you to adjust the boot to fit your children. No need to worry about complaints of the boot being uncomfortable, scratchy, or painful to wear. Depending on the injury or condition, you can easily adjust the level of compression and support by tightening and securing the adjustable pressure straps to provide the perfect fit for your boy or girl. The boot also includes two pads; you can insert the pad if you’d like to help relieve any pressure on the weakened foot.

Understanding This Pediatric Cam Boot: What Is It and How Can It Help?

To determine if this is the right treatment option for your child, it’s important to understand how this walking boot operates fully. Different conditions and injuries require different braces, boots, and supports. This walker boot is made specifically for kids recovering from a break, sprain, or fracture within their ankle, foot, or toe.

What is a CAM Boot?

CAM stands for Controlled Ankle Motion. So, a CAM boot is a brace that helps control your ankle motions as you’re up and active. Immobilizing your ankle and foot following a severe injury is essential to proper healing without further injuries. Our pediatric walking boot helps immobilize the ankle and is perfect for severe ankle sprains, post-surgery, stable ankle fractures, and post-cast stability.

Children’s Walking Boot for Toe, Foot, and Ankle Injuries

Designed specifically for kids, this pediatric walking boot is essential for a safe and painless recovery from an ankle, foot, or toe injury. Children are prone to accidents and injuries as they learn and grow. Fractures, breaks, and sprains don’t only happen to adults but also to youth. This boot is made specifically for children, allowing them to walk and move around following an injury or surgery without worrying about further pain occurring as they recover.

Kids medical walking boot for foot, toe, and ankle fracture recovery

At-Home Metatarsal Fracture Recovery for Kids

If your child has experienced a metatarsal fracture, it’s important to take careful recovery steps at home to help ensure your boy or girl has no further pain or injury. A metatarsal fracture is a break or a thin, hairline crack in one of the metatarsal bones of the foot. This type of fracture usually happens to kids when the child jumps or changes direction quickly, twisting his or her foot or ankle the wrong way. With children, it’s hard to keep them and their weak feet fully protected. Keep reading to learn the best tricks to ensure you prevent your child from further foot and toe injury following a fracture.

Children’s Foot Fracture Recovery Tips and Tricks

  1. Keep Weight off of the Injured Foot

    To have a successful recovery, follow your doctor's instructions about how much weight your child can put on the foot and when your child can return to his or her usual activities. This boot features a rocker sole to help keep unwanted weight off the injured foot as your child walks around throughout the day.

  2. Ice as Needed to Reduce Swelling

    If your child’s foot, toe, or ankle is swollen following the injury, try ice or a cold pack on the affected area for 10 to 20 minutes. This should be done every 1 to 2 hours for the next few days following injury or until the swelling goes down. Try to prop the foot up on a pillow, keeping it above your child’s heart level to help reduce swelling.

  3. Use a Protective Splint

    Use a walking boot such as this to help ensure your child’s foot is completely protected, especially as they begin to walk and move independently. This will help ensure the weakened area in the foot, toe, or ankle is protected, supported, and free of pain during recovery. After the foot has recovered, try a lightweight pediatric ankle brace or foot support to help your child safely transition back into school, walking, sports, or other activities.

    A metatarsal fracture in the foot may take from 6 weeks to several months to heal. It’s extremely important to give your child's foot time to heal completely to avoid pain or re-injury. Take it slow, and don’t let your kid return to usual activities until your doctor says he or she can.

Pediatric Plaster Cast vs. Youth Walker Boot: What’s Better For My Kid?

If your child has broken, fractured, or severely sprained their foot, toe, or ankle, you may be wondering what the best form of treatment during the recovery process will be. Let’s break down the key differences and when you want to use a cast or a walking boot for your child's injury.

After treatment, orthopedic casts are hard plaster or fiberglass shells surrounding a broken bone. The cast's extremely rigid and durable materials are used for immobilization and stabilization of the break or fracture so the area has a chance to heal fully. If the break is severe, surgery may be required, and the weakened bone could break further if stabilization isn’t applied, so a cast will likely be used for the first few weeks. Following removing a cast, you’ll be recommended to wear a walking boot for extra protection and security.

Walking boots are specifically designed in a lightweight yet durable matter. The orthopedical boot is similar to a shoe, but it is used to help stabilize the foot and ankle following a fracture. With less severe fractures or following a cast, a walking boot will help keep weight off the weakened area and prevent further pain or injury.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Pediatric Fracture Boot

  • What conditions / injuries does this support treat? Use to help treat, manage, and prevent further pain following toe, ankle, or foot fractures, breaks, and sprains.
  • What ages can wear it? Based on shoe size within the toddler to little kid sizing scale, anyone within the foot size range can benefit from this boot. However, it was designed specifically for children ages 2-10.
  • How do I know what size to get? Refer to the sizing chart pictured above to find your accurate size before purchasing.
  • What is the kid's boot made of? This boot comprises a polyester PU foam liner, EVA insole, nylon plastic shell, and hook and loop fastener with rubber outsole.
  • When should my child wear it? Use the toe, foot anytime, or ankle needs to be immobilized, supported, and protected. Can be worn throughout the entire day for support. Ask your doctor before wearing this while sleeping.
  • How do I put the walking boot on? Undo all fasteners and place foot into liner, sliding heel to back of boot. Wrap liner across foot and fasten. Feed straps through D-ring and fasten, starting at toes and working up.
  • How does this pediatric walker work? The walking boot supports and protects your child's foot, ankle, or toe following an injury or surgery to prevent further injury and pain.
  • How tall is the fracture boot? The children's walking boot height ranges from 7 ¼ to 11 ½ inches based on the size.
  • Washing instructions: Handwash all components in warm or cold water with mild detergent, allowing it to air dry completely before reapplying. Do not bleach.
  • Other features:
    • Wear on the right or left foot
    • Range of kid-friendly sizes
    • Comfortable, soft inner lining
  • Color: Black.

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