This Minerva brace for neck and upper back injuries stabilizes the spine
Sizing chart for cervical thoracic halo brace. Available in sizes S/M-L/XL.
Minerva back support is constructed of a two-piece jacket
To apply this cervical thoracic orthosis, follow these 6 steps
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Minerva Orthosis Cervical Thoracic Halo Brace

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Product Description

Minerva Jacket Brace to Restrict Neck & Spine Movement

This Minerva orthosis supports the cervical and thoracic spine, as might be required for treating a number of injuries and conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Jefferson’s fracture without transverse ligament
  • Light wedge fractures
  • Occipital avulsion fractures
  • Traumatic spinal injury
  • Arthritis
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Acute pain

This Jefferson’s fracture brace is also effective for restriction and immobilization following surgery to the cervical or thoracic spine. BraceAbility offers a number of other thoracic and cervical braces, as well as back braces for post-surgical care for those interested in weighing their options.

How a Minerva Cast Brace Limits Flexion, Extension, and Rotation of the C-Spine & Upper Spine

The Minerva support is like a halo brace but with a softer headpiece. It is constructed of a two-piece jacket whose components are connected with unique, semi-rigid “quick adjust” straps that eliminate the risk of component shearing migration.

 The two-part design of this occipital avulsion fracture treatment product improves its ventilation. Also, both the chest and thoracic elements of this support are vented for increased ventilation. The two-piece design makes the spinal arthritis treatment orthotic easier to apply and take off, as well.

Extending out of the jacket of this spinal stenosis back brace is a molded, vented polyethylene component that supports the chin as well as a vented occipital component with an aluminum element that can be fitted to one’s cervical arch. Like the jacket, the chin and occipital components are two pieces connected with quick-adjust straps. There is also a band connected to the back of the head part that wraps around the forehead.

The upper components of the spine osteoporosis back brace work together to apply stabilizing forces under and around the chin and occiput area to restrict flexion and extension, lateral motion and rotation of the head and neck.

There is a large trachea opening so that one’s throat will not be impacted. And the yoke system of the upper body brace can easily be adjusted for an optimal fit.

All of the components of the thoracic/cervical brace that come in contact with the body are lined with a plush laminated foam material that can be removed if desired. This liner is latex free. 

Minerva Orthosis Uses and Instructions

Injuries to the cervical and thoracic spine are often more difficult to treat but also less common than those of the low-back. In the thoracic spine, specifically, there is very little space around the spinal cord; therefore, fractures, herniated discs, spinal stenosis and deterioration stemming from arthritis or osteoporosis all pose a greater risk of impacting the spinal cord and causing serious damage in the mid-back area.  

 Therefore, a more extensive upper body brace is needed to treat such injuries to the thoracic and cervical spine. In many cases, one that limits motion and holds the spine in proper alignment while it heals is necessary.

 In some cases, this halo-like brace must be worn at all times (at night, while showering, etc.) and the typical use period can range from six to 12 weeks. Needless to say, comfort elements are very important features for users of this upper body orthotic.

Ventilation at contact points and an effort to keep the design as open as possible serves another function as well. It is very important to keep the skin clean, dry and cool to prevent it from breaking down. Another feature of the brace that is helpful to this end is its many adjustable components. An ideal fit that does not chaff the skin is of high importance.

This brace for occipital avulsion fractures comes in two universal sizes: small/medium and large/extra-large. From there, additional adjustments can be made using the industry-leading quick-adjust straps.

Details and FAQs on this Minerva Brace for Spine Immobilization

This Minerva back support has a number of features that make it well suited for injuries or surgery to the cervical and/or thoracic spine. They include:

  • Immobilizes cervical spine and thorax
  • Treats: light wedge fractures, traumatic injuries, acute pain, spinal stenosis, spinal arthritis, osteoporosis, occipital avulsion fractures and more
  • Works well for post-surgery care
  • Multi-piece design for easy removal and application and breathability
  • Like a halo brace, but with a soft head piece
  • Occipital component has aluminum spine element for customized contouring to the arch of the neck
  • Chin, chest and thoracic elements are made of molded polyethylene
  • Further adjustments can be made via semi-rigid “quick adjust straps”
  • These straps eliminate component shearing migration
  • Components are vented
  • Large opening for trachea
  • Yoke system is highly adjustable
  • Contact areas lined with plush, laminated foam liner
  • Extra liners available
  • Liners are removable
  • Available in two sizes
  • Weight:
    • S/M weighs 1 pound 4 ounces
    • L/XL weighs 2 pounds 2 ounces.

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Customer Reviews
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What a great brace!

I bought this brace to be prepared if I ever break my neck/back and well it happened. I was on trampoline fell and hit my neck on metal. I broke the lowest neck and highest back vertebrae. After carefully removing the brace the hospital gave me, I applied the brace and felt saver immediately. I have to wear it for 8 more weeks and I will really enjoy them with this thing. If I break my neck again after this time, I definitely wear it again. Btw I'm 14 and small fits me perfect.


Great support

I have tried many other braces usually wear a cailiafonia collar but very warm to wear. I was hit by a car and having a lot of on going back and neck issues. So I purchased this brace. It felt great to wear held my neck very rigid with good comfortable support. A little bulky to sleep in but I'm sure I'll get use to it. But much cooler than other braces. Great brace with a lot of adjustment for comfort.

Brian r.

Excellent brace

Excellent brace This brace is so comfortable to wear even sleeping is great support upper back and neck The padding makes it easy to where all day Excellent customer Service I have tried many different braces this is the only one that I have found that I could wear all day I have MS so I have a lot of on going pain this brace is the only one that take it from a 7 to a 2 I highly recommend this brace to anybody who is a lot of pain

Redelsi L.
United States United States


Ladies and gentlemen. Unfortunately, it took longer with the feedback since the Minerva has now arrived in Cuba. I am very pleased with that product and its service.

  • How is the fit? Too SmallSlightly SmallTrue to SizeSlightly BigToo Big
David F.
United States United States

Sturdy well made ..

It is a very sturdy well made neck and back brace but it did not work out for me … I am sorry that I had to return it ..

  • How is the fit? Too SmallSlightly SmallTrue to SizeSlightly BigToo Big