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What are Sacroiliac Joint Pain and SI Joint Dysfunction?

The Sacroiliac (SI) joints are essentially formed by the connection of the sacrum and the right and left iliac bones. The sacrum is located in the lower portion of the spine, below the lumbar spine. Because the SI joints connect the spine to the pelvis, these joints support nearly the entire weight of the upper body when one is standing, which can cause a large amount of stress across these joints. This extra weight and stress on the joints can lead to wearing of the cartilage of the SI joints and potentially arthritis.

SI Joint Dysfunction and pain occurs when the cartilage of the SI joints are damaged or worn away, causing the bones to rub on each other, which may cause osteoarthritis to occur. This is the most common cause of SI joint dysfunction. Osteoarthritis occurs most commonly in SI joints because it is a weight-bearing joint of the body.

Another common cause of SI joint dysfunction and pain is pregnancy. During pregnancy, hormones are released that cause the ligaments to relax to prepare the body for childbirth. Relaxation of the ligaments holding the SI joints together allow for increased motion in the joints which can lead to increased stress and wear of the joints. The additional weight associated with pregnancy can also place additional stress on the SI joints.

Women’s Sacral Belt for SI Joint Dysfunction Pain Relief

A sacral belt such as this is ideal for pain reduction and stabilization of the SI Joints. The SI belt wraps around the hips and pelvis to provide circumferential compression to the SI joints. This pressure will stabilize the joints, increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and promote healing. Not only does this women’s sacral belt provide support and stability to the SI joints, but the sacral region as a whole.

The women’s SI joint belt is constructed of soft pile laminate with a comfortable flannel lining. The material of the SI joint belt won’t irritate skin, and features a discrete design so it can be worn underneath clothing. This SI dysfunction belt also features elastic side pulls and contact closure, allowing the patient to achieve a customized fit and adjust the compression level as needed.

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction and Pain Treatment Options

In addition to the women’s SI joint belt, medical professionals recommend that patients utilize cold and heat therapy, and get plenty of rest to reduce further irritation of the joints. In many cases, physical therapy and exercises for SI joint pain are also advised to appropriately increase range of motion and strengthen the muscles around the SI joints.

An additional treatment option for SI Joint pain in women includes Sacroiliac Joint Injections. These injections most commonly contain corticosteroid and Novocain, providing excellent pain relief lasting anywhere from 6 months to a year. Patients have also received a series of 3 injections of hyaluronic acid and have reported significant SI joint pain relief. Phototherapy is another injection option that has been recommended for pain relief and treatment.

A last resort treatment option for SI joint pain is surgery for SI joint stabilization. This procedure is known as SI Joint Fusion. SI Joint Fusion has about a 70% success rate in terms of pain relief and treatment of SI joint pain. 

Sizing chart for women's sacral belt for SI joint pain - measure the circumference around your hips. Fits up to 48 inches hip circumferences
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