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The pulling, tearing, or straining of your abdominal muscles is a very common injury. This stomach muscle strain wrap helps speed up your injury while also compressing and supporting your abdomen muscles. This 12-inch tall binder provides maximum stomach coverage for men. (women typically prefer our 9-inch tall binder).

Best Men’s Support Binder for Abdominal Muscle Strain or Pulled Muscle in the Stomach

What exactly is a muscle strain in your abdomen wall?

Muscle strains are also referred to as a muscle pull or tear. Strains, sprains, and tears to the abdomen is an extremely common injury among individuals. A muscle strain essentially occurs when there’s a tear somewhere in your abdomen muscle. Muscle sprains can occur from an over strenuous workout, fatigue, using improper lifting techniques, and other similar activities that may cause stress on your stomach. Athletes especially are more prone to such injuries to the stomach as they’re frequently turning, bending, and moving around. 

Do you think you have an abdominal strain? Symptoms that are specific to abdominal strains, pulls, or tears include:

  • Discomfort especially when you move, twist, or turnMuscle spasms or cramping
  • Bruising in your stomach
  • Weakness in your stomach muscles

What’s the Difference Between a Muscle Strain and Hernia?

Differentiating between a muscle strain and hernia can be a difficult and frustrating task as they both cause similar pain in the abdomen. Although they seem similar, they inherently are very different and have diverse treatment/causes.

An abdominal hernia occurs when an internal part of your body bulges out of its normal region. Abdominal hernias can be caused by many different factors including aging, the excess weight placed on your stomach, post stomach surgery, chronic coughing, and even being pregnant puts you at a larger risk of stomach hernias.

Symptoms that are specific to an abdomen hernia include:

  • A bulge or bump in your stomach area
  • Sensitivity around the infected region
  • Pressure and discomfort
  • Pain especially when coughing

Although the only way to completely heal a hernia is to endure surgery, it’s advised to wear a hernia support binder after surgery or before as it helps dramatically reduce your pain and compresses the bulge from protruding more. Luckily for you, we have a wide selection of hernia truss belts for all types of hernias!

Features of this Pulled Stomach Muscle Treatment

  • Elastic Band Helps Provide A Large Amount of Compression

This abdominal brace for lower, mid, or upper stomach recovery is comprised of elastic material, allowing you to tighten the band to your optimal compression level. Depending on your condition, increasing the amount of tightness that is applied to your abdomen may be a key component in the healing process. In addition, you can loosen the compression level throughout recovery to prevent dependency on the wrap working for your abdomen muscles.

  • Frontal Soft Foam Panel of the Stomach Muscle Strain Brace

The tummy wrap for guys features a soft, foam panel that rests against your stomach in the front. This helps ease the tension applied to your injury and adds to the luxury of the brace. This foam liner makes it comfortable to wear beneath your clothing as the material won’t irritate or rub on your skin.

  • Easily Adjusted and Applied Without Assistance

To apply the brace, you simply secure the Velcro closures of the foam liner to your ideal compression level. These closures are found in the front of the brace, allowing you to apply and hold the brace by yourself without assistance.

  • 12” Tall Binder Allows Ideal Coverage

This belly binder for abdominal muscle support is specifically made to help completely support your abdomen region. That’s why we made this abdominal garment 12 inches tall. Whether you're a tall man or women, this treatment band will give you full coverage!

If you’re a shorter man or a woman, this girdle is available in a 9” tall panel too for those who are in need of more petite abdomen coverage. Typically, the 9” tall option fits women more comfortably and is ideal for them compared to the 12” binder.

  • Stitching Helps Prevents Rolling or Bunching

The faggoted stitching located in between each of the four panels of the lumbar brace prevents any rolling or bunching up of the brace. You don’t have to worry about being frustrated every time you sit down or move around.

Why Do I Need This Abdominal Binder for a Pulled Ab Muscle or Abdominal Strain?

There are numerous ways to help decrease your stomach pain caused by a pulled muscle in your abdomen. Wearing a male stomach binder such as this one will not only help support your injured muscles but assist them on the path to recovery. Applying compression to your strained muscle will help reduce any swelling and promote blood flow. The compression brace will also take some of that work and toll off your abdomen muscles, which in turn can help them return back to normal. 

Aside from wearing abdomen compression braces for recovery, there are other regimens to get your abdomen back to normal. Some include:

  • Rest
  • Ice and heat therapy
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Physical therapy
  • Light to moderate exercise (depending on the severity of your condition)

Other Conditions This Men’s Stomach Wrap May Help:

For those who have orthostatic hypotension (low blood pressure when you sit or lie down), this brace can help lift your stomach region. In addition, if you’re considered obese or have endured weight loss surgery such as liposuction or a C-section, this binder can help promote weight loss and flatten your stomach. This good postoperative brace for men can even be worn after an appendectomy, cholecystectomy, and laparoscopy.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Pulled Abdominal Muscle Relief Wrap

What conditions does this stomach compression wrap help treat?

This men’s stomach wrap can be worn to help treat common abdomen muscle injuries such as a pulled, strained, or torn muscle. It can also be worn post weight loss surgery and other abdominal surgeries.

How do I know which size to get?

For men - Using a fabric tape measure, measure the circumference around your waist at the narrowest part of your torso. This binder fits waist circumferences 24” to 64”

For women - Using a fabric tape measure, measure the circumference around your hips at the widest part of your buttocks. This wrap fits hip circumference 24” to 64”

(Use sizing chart as a reference)

How tall is the brace?

This abdomen binder is 12” tall.

How do I put on the abdominal wrap?

First, open the binder and position the brace in the middle of your back. Stretch the left side of the abdominal belt (foam liner) and pull in the right Velcro portion to the left of the brace in the front of your torso in order to secure the wrap.

How do I adjust the compression level of this stomach belt for men?

You can tailor the level of compression you’d like by simply re-adjusting the Velcro closure strap so the elastic bandage is stretched tighter on your abdomen.

Can I wash the brace?

To clean the brace, close all Velcro closures and hand-wash in warm water with mild soap. Air-dry the recovery binder, do not use high temperatures to wash or dry the brace.

Sizing chart for mens abdominal binder fits waist circumferences up to 64 inches
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