Range of Motion Knee Stabilizer for Athletes & Contact Sports


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Best Hinged Knee Brace for Contact Sports

This hinged knee brace can be set to varying degrees of flexion and extension control, as needed after a number of knee injuries.  The hinges are protected from contact with other players or snagging one’s clothes by a fabric cover.

The locking knee brace is made of CoolTex, a breathable neoprene alternative that is free of latex. This material is also lightweight and anti-microbial, making it ideal for a more active individual and/or one going through rehab.

The motion control knee brace features a wrap-around design that is easy to apply. This along with the anterior closures of the brace and the straps eliminate the need for any uncomfortable twisting when one’s knee is in a vulnerable state. The fastener closures also simplify the application and adjustment process.

The four fastener straps (two above and two below the knee) also help keep the brace suspended and the hinge positioned so that it is most effective in limiting the range of motion for knee injuries.

Adjustable Hinged Knee Brace for Athletic Protection

Following a number of knee injuries, one will need of a range of motion knee brace to protect the knee from additional damage, to support it during this weakened period and to allow healing to take place.

And while one might start with the ROM knee brace locked straight at 180 degrees, one’s doctor will gradually increase the degree of flexion allowed as one’s treatment progresses. Therefore, the easy access to the hinges and simple adjustment of them is a practical feature of this flexion-control knee brace.

Other components of treatment typically include elevating and resting the leg and applying compression and ice. Check out our selection of products for cold therapy knee injury treatment.

ROM Hinged Knee Brace Indications

Following are some of the features that make this knee stabilizing brace a good choice for dealing with a knee injury.

  • Knee  brace offers heavy-duty support
  • Covered range of motion hinge permits full flexion and extension control
  • Knee wrap is constructed of CoolTex, a breathable neoprene alternative
  • Lightweight knee brace
  • Hypo-allergenic material
  • Free of latex
  • Wrap-around design with closures at the front of the leg
  • Four fastener straps for optimal fit and brace suspension
  • Open patella knee orthotic
  • Discreet black color
  • Treats: instability, muscle/ligament weakness, muscle/ligament injury, degenerative joint disease (i.e., osteoarthritis)
  • Numerous sizes (including bariatric) also help ensure a good fit
Sizing chart for hinged knee brace. Available in sizes S-4XL.
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