Sarmiento Brace for Humeral Shaft Fracture

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Sarmiento Brace for Humeral Shaft Fracture Treatment

This brace for a broken humerus bone applies compression to the soft tissue around one’s upper arm, which helps control the humeral segments as needed when one sustains a diaphyseal humerus fracture or some other break of this bone. A deltoid cap extension prevents this humerus brace from moving about.

The shells of the Sarmiento brace for humerus fracture treatment are constructed of rigid polyethylene material that is lightweight and durable. A closed-cell foam lining makes the Sarmiento humeral brace soft against the skin.

For additional comfort and light support, this Sarmiento long humeral splint comes with two stockinette undersleeves. These are composed of high-quality 100% cotton. Some instructions for treating a humerus bone break recommend wearing two sleeves for a period of time. Or if one will suffice, the pair of sleeves makes cleaning them more convenient.

The Sarmiento splint for humerus fractures is 13 inches long and extends from the shoulder to just above the elbow, enabling it to treat a number of types of fractured humerus bone injuries. For humeral condyle fracture care, check out our selection of elbow braces.

The splint is intended for the treatment of mid-humerus fractures (diaphyseal) or for deep bruises to the humeral bone. The brace can also protect and support the arm in the aftermath of humerus fracture surgery if one has a displaced spiral fracture of the humerus or multiple fractures, for example.

The shell of the arm brace for fracture of the humerus has numerous slats and holes that allow heat and moisture to escape. This improves the breathability of this arm brace for broken humerus treatment.

The strapping system of this Sarmiento brace for humerus fracture care allows one to easily adjust and customize its fit. There are two contact-closure straps around the upper arm, each of which can be tightened or loosened as needed as one’s humerus bone fracture care progresses.

Another nice feature is that the bottom of the humeral shaft fracture brace can be trimmed by a certified orthotist if needed and the lower strap moved up to permit a 90-degree flexion of the elbow. So if the brace is not an exact fit, there are steps one can take to remedy a slight miss on sizing.

There is also a strap around the shoulder of the humerus bone fracture brace that wraps beneath the opposite arm, securing the shoulder against the body and holding the brace in place.

The Sarmiento functional brace allows controlled movement, which studies have shown to be effective in helping one regain full range of motion and function after a humerus fracture. We go into more detail on the benefits of Sarmiento bracing in the section that follows.

There is also a cuff for the wrist that supports the arm and holds the elbow in a bent position that makes this into a coaptation splint for a humerus fracture if additional immobilization is needed. The straps of the cuff sleeve wrap around the neck, and a small pad protects the wrist from direct contact with the strap. This portion of the broken humerus brace can be added or removed as needed.

The plastic shells of this broken upper arm brace can be wiped clean using a damp cloth and disinfectant or soap. The removable liners can be washed by hand using warm water and mild soap. Note that the sleeves should not be washed or dried using high temperatures (since they are cotton, they may shrink).

Sarmiento Humeral Fracture Brace for Fractured Humerus Treatment

Medicine is an evolving science, and what was thought to be good or bad for treating injuries can change over time. Doctors now recommend weight bearing after an ACL reconstruction and encourage new mothers to be active soon after giving birth, whereas in the past rest and even bedrest were thought to best treatments.

For years, bracing was used to treat fractures of the humerus only after one had gone through a period of immobilization in a cast. But Sarmiento has shown that some long-bone fractures of the humerus actually heal better if they are treated via functional methods—i.e., early use and weight bearing.

A Sarmiento arm brace for humerus fractures “provide minimal support to stabilize the limb, but early function encourages gravity alignment of the bone fragments. This tends to correct varus and internal rotational malalignment which often develops in hanging casts or slings during acute care,” according to Gregory A. Zych, DO, Joseph B. Zagorski, MD, and Loren L. Latta, PE, Ph.D.

They go on to explain that those humeral fracture braces that are most effective allow adjustment to maintain circumferential soft tissue compression, as is the case with this Sarmiento arm brace.

Therefore, wearing a functional brace for a broken humerus bone may be a viable treatment option immediately after an injury—possibly with a thin layer of cast padding and a shoulder sling. Again, our humeral shaft fracture splint with its wrist cuff fits the bill.

Of course, this is not true of all injuries. For instance, those who have had broken humerus surgery where the bone is fixed in place will likely need the arm fully immobilized for a period. In such cases, a humeral fracture splint may again appropriate after time spent in a cast.

Obviously, one should rely on the advice of a professional as to the best course of treatment.

Details on Sarmiento Fracture Brace

This arm humeral fracture brace that extends over the shoulder is preferable to trying to correctly learn how to splint a humerus fracture or wearing an immobilizing cast, as it provides the support one needs after such a break while still allowing some movement of the arm and shoulder, helping one to make a full recovery. Following is a breakdown of its selling points.

  • Applies soft tissue compression around the humerus, controlling its segments
  • Humerus fracture brace from Sarmiento relies on gravity for returning one’s bone to its normal position
  • Shell of the deltoid brace is a rigid polyethylene that is lightweight and durable
  • Sarmiento cast/brace is laminated with closed cell foam lining
  • Three straps that secure the rigid components of the brace allow one to maintain this compression as swelling subsides and one’s arm muscles diminish
  • Two adjustable straps around the upper arm allow one to customize the fit of the splint for a shoulder/humerus fracture
  • The proximal humerus fracture splint has a strap that wraps beneath the opposite arm, limiting the motion allowed at the shoulder
  • Brace de Sarmiento allows some movement, which helps one to make a full recovery
  • Deltoid cap extension of the broken shoulder brace prevents it from migrating
  • 13-inch long upper arm brace
  • Contact closures secure this shoulder brace for a broken shoulder and upper arm
  • Cuff-style arm sling of this humeral Sarmiento brace offers additional support and immobilization
  • Arm sling that loops around the neck is easy to apply or remove
  • Intended for humerus bone break treatment or deep bone bruises
  • Studies have shown Sarmiento braces to be helpful with diaphyseal (mid-shaft) and distal humeral (lower third of the humerus) fracture treatment; in some cases, a Sarmiento shoulder brace may also be appropriate for a proximal break toward the top of the humerus.
  • Can be used after surgery to repair a femoral diaphyseal fracture
  • Upper arm long bone splints come with two stockinet liners
  • Stockinette undersleeves are composed of high quality, 100% cotton for light support
  • Liners are breathable and soft
  • Slats in the plastic material of the distal humerus fracture splint enhance its breathability
  • Sarmiento brace cost is relatively low
  • End of the splint may be trimmed by a certified orthotist and bottom strap moved up if needed for additional sizing flexibility
  • Care instructions: Plastic shells can be wiped with a damp cloth and disinfectant or mild soap; liner can be washed in warm water with mild soap. NOTE—do not use high temps to wash/dry
Sizing chart for sarmiento splint for humerus fractures. Available in sizes XS-2XL.
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