Pull-on Padded Kneecap Pain Brace for Gardening, Dance, Yoga & Gymnastics


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Allergy Free & Latex Free Knee Brace Support

If you are one of the many people who have allergic reactions to latex, then this pull on knee brace is the knee sleeve for you. Reactions to latex can be mild to severe so this support brace prevents all of those reactions from happening.

This comfortable, elastic genu knee brace has stays (flexible splints) running vertically on the medial (inside) and lateral (outside) to stabilize the knee ligaments, preventing further knee injuries and knee pain. These stays help to add stability and support to the injured or hurt knee.

The pull-on patella brace helps reduce unwanted pressure in the hollow of the knee. This may be caused by a swollen knee or knee pain while kneeling down.

The allergy free knee support is 13 inches long so it covers the entire knee area. It is constructed of a knitted two-way stretch elastic material that provides the injured knee with comfortable compression.

This latex and rubber free compression knee sleeve is centered on the kneecap, or the patella, of the knee. The silicone knee pad is located around the kneecap to help support and compress the kneecap, providing patella stabilization while maintaining mobility and comfort. It features a contoured silicone ring that helps to distribute pressure away from the patella.

Bending Knee Pain Brace

Knees are highly prone to injury because they are the joints in our body that hold most of our weight. A person that is kneeling down on the floor, exerts force to knees and puts added pressure on the bursas, ligaments, meniscus, tendons, and bones of the knee. Kneeling or squatting can cause the bursa to swell and become inflamed.

If a person is experiencing pain in the knee after kneeling, it is recommended that they wear a padded knee brace to help cushion and reduce the pain. This padded knee pain brace can also be used by people that have already experienced bursitis and want to be able to prevent it from occurring again.

Knee bursitis can be called many different things including housemaid’s knee, roofer’s knee, carpet layer’s knee, etc. There are many different ways to injure your bursa, but working on your knees is a fairly common cause of bursitis. Some activities that require a lot of kneeling would be cleaning, gardening, carpentry, sports like cheerleading and gymnastics, exercise activities such as dancing or yoga, and work activities like construction, bricklaying, and so on.

Causes of Knee Pain When Kneeling or Bending

There are many things that could cause a person pain in the knee after kneeling or bending. Pain in a person's knee can be caused by everyday activities such as tying your shoe, or simply bending over to pick up something off the floor.

A few other causes of this kneeling knee pain could be:

  • Osteoarthritis: Inflammation of the joints, occurs when flexible tissue at the ends of bones wears down.
  • Working on their knees all day: If a person’s job requires them to be on their knees often, this could cause repetitive damage to the knee.
  • Torn Meniscus: The meniscus is the cartilage located on the top of the tibia. A tear can occur because of forceful twisting or moving.
  • Bone Chips: Occurs when a bone is broken and pieces of it get embedded into the knee cartilage, causing pain and swelling.
  • Knee bursitis: This is an inflammation of a bursa located near your knee joint. A bursa is a fluid filled sac that cushions your bones and the tendons in your knee.

The use of a cushioned knee pad brace can help to prevent this kneeling pain from occurring again, or even occurring in the first place.

Key Features of the Latex-Free Kneecap Brace for Kneeling and Bending

This padded compression knee brace can help with a number of knee injuries and protect the knee when one is kneeling or bending over repetitively.

  • Designed to help provide pain relief associated with kneeling or bending pain
  • Helps to apply compression to decrease swelling and inflammation
  • Contoured silicone ring helps to distributes pressure away from the kneecap
  • Spiral medial and lateral stays for added stability and support
  • Constructed of a flat knitted, two-way stretch elastic material that provides comfortable compression to the injured knee
  • This compression sleeve is allergy and latex free
  • Color: Black
  • Available in sizes XS-3XL
    • To determine which size you need, measure the circumference around your leg, 5 ½” above your kneecap and 4 ½” below your kneecap. The sleeve should have a snug fit to provide proper compression. If in between sizes, order the smaller size.
Sizing chart for pull-on padded kneecap pain brace. Available in sizes XS-3XL.
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