Back Braces for Women


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      8 products

      Our plus size lower back brace can help with lower back pain like arthritis or a herniated disc
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      Women's back brace support for female lower back pai
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      Adjustable lower back and spine pain lumbosacral corset brace
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      The spondylolisthesis back brace relieves lower back pain
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      the BraceAbility lower back pain brace is a white wraparound lumbar support
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      Back Braces for Women

      Here at BraceAbility we have numerous back braces designed specifically for women. Whether you are suffering from a clavicle injury, or need a maternity brace, we have you covered. Obviously, a woman's body is much different from a man’s. Because of this, braces made specifically for women will be much more efficient in the treatment of back issues. In fact, some doctors and scientist claim that back injuries are more common in women than men. For instance, compression fractures and osteoporosis of the back are much more common in females. Compression fractures of the back happen when your vertebrae, or bones of the spine break. The major cause of compression fractures is osteoporosis, which is your body failing at making new bones. Other back conditions that are more common with women include issues with pain from pregnancy, for obvious reasons. Chronic back pain from pregnancy can also create issues with SI joint pain. For all these reasons and more it is extremely helpful for women to be able to use braces for treatment that are created for their specific anatomy.

       Symptoms of female back pain and how to choose the right brace for your injury

      Continue reading for more information on the back supports for women shown in the graphic above.

      Back Brace for Women’s Posture Improvement

      Posture correction is extremely popular because of it’s unbelievable health benefits. Because of this, BraceAbility created a posture brace for women. This brace is breathable and lightweight, making it a great option for females. Because its design is so sleek, you can wear this upper back and shoulder support anytime during your busy day to day life. This brace for women’s posture support is made like a backpack, making it a one person job to put on and take off. It is universal in size so you can adjust it to your perfect fit. This woman's back brace for posture will help relieve your neck and back tension, correct your posture, all while giving you higher energy levels. Check out the women’s posture support brace.

      Read more on posture correction and all of it’s wonderful health benefits. If you are looking to improve your posture quickly, consider joining BraceAbility in our 21 Day Posture Challenge.

      Lower Back Support Braces for Women - Including Plus Sizes

      There are many causes of lower back pain in women. Whether it be from lifting heavy objects, putting pressure on the sciatic nerves, or a strained muscle, we have your solution. Because your lumbar or lower back is in charge of supporting the weight of your upper body, it is very common for women to experience lower back problems. Check out this woman's back brace made specifically for lower back pain. This female lower back brace acts almost as a back support belt for the female's lower back. This support belt also helps to encourage good posture. The lower back support brace can treat a variety of conditions, including pelvic inflammatory disease, kidney stones, and urinary tract infections. The best part is that the brace comes in a large variety of sizes, including up to a 4XL. Read more on obesity back pain.

      The back support brace helps to treat:

      Another lower back support option for women is this back brace for sleeping. The brace for lower back pain in women is designed to treat moderate to severe lower back pain. In addition this brace comes with a pocket that can hold a gel pack for hot or cold therapy. This woman's lower back support is useful because it can be worn at night, not interfering with your daily life.

      Women’s Back Brace for Collarbone or Clavicle Injuries

      The collarbone is one of the most commonly broken or fractured bones. Typically, clavicle injuries are seen in children and young adults. However, as women age, it becomes more common for them to fracture their collarbones. Because of this BraceAbility offers the collarbone back brace for women. If your injury is a simple break that does not require realignment of the bone, simply immobilizing the region with a brace will help the bone to heal and recover. This brace has soft straps and is free of latex.

      SI Joint Belts For Women

      This sacral belt is designed to treat and reduce SI joint pain and dysfunction, specifically in women. SI joint pain and dysfunction occurs when the cartilage of the SI joints are damaged or worn away, causing the bones to rub on each other. As these bones rub on to each other osteoarthritis often occurs. Another common cause of SI joint pain is pregnancy. During pregnancy, hormones are released that cause the ligaments to relax. SI joint pain is also common after pregnancy. This relaxation of the ligaments allows for increased motion and stress of the joints. Because of this, the SI joint belt is a fantastic form of treatment for women. Essentially, the belt reduces pain by stabilizing your SI joints. The belt easily wraps around the hips and the pelvis to provide circumferential compression.

      To read more about SI joint pain.

      Abdominal & Rib Binders for Women After Surgery

      Most likely you are a female looking for a post surgery abdominal brace because you’ve had a c section. Wearing a binder to support your stomach after giving birth, and especially after a cesarean section, is highly recommended. This post-birth abdominal binder applies even compression across your midsection, supporting your abdominal muscles and rib cage. If you have just had hernia surgery to fix an umbilical or abdominal hernia, this binder will also protect your incision and allow your muscles to heal properly. The compression applied by this belly binder will help to reduce inflammation, which is needed to get the healing process underway.

      You can also wear this brace in:

      • Post abdominoplasty

      • Post hernia repair

      • Post liposuction

      • Post bladder surgery

      • Post laparotomy

      • Post bariatric surgical procedures

      Women’s Thoracic Spine and Upper Back Support Brace

      This women’s spinal hyperextension back brace is extremely supportive. The brace applies pressure to three different areas of the body - the sternum, the midback and the front of the hips. This brace supports a women’s thoracic spine (upper and mid back) while limiting flexion. On top of this, the thoracic back brace for women encourages proper posture and spinal alignment, which will help reduce most back pain. Because of the three - point pressure system this brace is essentially a pain killer.

      This thoracic spine and upper back brace helps to treat:

      • Compression fracture

      • Kyphosis

      • Other spine curvature disorders

      • Spine disc damage

      • Osteoporosis

      • Unwanted spinal flexion of the thoracic and lumbar spine

      Lower and Mid Back and Spine Brace For Women

      Are you looking for a lower back support brace for women? Lower back and spine (lumbar back and spine) braces for women can be tough to find. This adjustable lower and mid back brace is ideal for treating a large variety of lower back problems. Trauma, aging, and structural abnormalities can become a major issue with women’s lumbar back or spine. Women commonly suffer from lumbar mechanical back pain, spondylolisthesis, degenerative discs, facet syndrome, and bulging or herniated discs. This brace is wonderful because of it’s modular step-down system. This women's lower back brace is highly recommended for pre and post operative care.

      If you are looking for a low-profile back support, this corset back brace is the perfect fit. This lumbar support for women’s lower back pain has a lightweight design to enhance mobility while maintaining stability. This brace utilizes the mechanical pulley system for compression of your lower lumbar region. If you are experiencing any type of lumbar back and spine pain this is a terrific option for you.

      Back Brace for Pregnant Women

      Are you pregnant and looking for abdominal support? We offer a pregnancy back support and maternity belly band. Pregnancy can put a lot of strain on a female's back. The belly sling provides much needed support to one’s growing belly during pregnancy, relieving pressure on the low-back. This brace is easy to apply and adjust, making it the perfect fit for pregnant women. If your pregnancy is giving your back a lot of discomfort, this brace will give you the added support you need to achieve pain relief.