Back Supports for Women: Choosing the Right Brace to Treat Female Back Pain

Obviously a woman's body is much different from a man’s. Not only our women's bodies different from men, but women tend to suffer from different medical issues and pain than men. When it comes to the back (cervical, thoracic, and lumbar) this is no exception. There is no shortage of activities a female goes through on a day to day basis that may cause back pain. Whether it be pregnancy, hunching over a keyboard, to wearing high heels. Because of the unique differences between men and women, braces made specifically for females and female back pain are MUCH more effective in treatment.

The majority of women will experience their chronic back pain from lifting something incorrectly or straining a muscle or specific area. However, there are some medical conditions that doctors generally agree tend to occur more often in women. For instance, compression fractures and osteoporosis of the back are more common in females. Compression fractures of the back happen when your vertebrae, or bones of the spine, break. The main cause of compression fractures is osteoporosis. Other back conditions that are more common with women include pregnancy pain, for obvious reasons, and SI joint pain.

Here at BraceAbility, we know how difficult it can be to decide which back brace will work best to cure your back pain. If you’re a women reading this article you have taken the right first step by searching for braces specifically for you! Now let BraceAbility do the rest by reading the graphic below and aligning your back issues with the right brace for you.

Use this list of back braces to determine which style of back brace you need for your specific injuryPosture Correctors for your Upper Back & Shoulders

Do you slouch while sitting or standing? Most women do and don’t even realize it. There’s a good chance you are hunching over while sitting at your desk at work, browsing Facebook on your smartphone, cooking, and even while taking a walk. The danger of having bad posture is that it can lead to more serious back and health problems. For example, migraines, low energy levels, and chronic neck and back pain.

BraceAbility's posture corrector helps prevent poor posture by gently pulling your shoulders back. This trains your muscles so that your back naturally holds itself in a straighter position. Here are some of the main back conditions the posture corrector can help with:

  • Helps relieve chronic back pain by aligning and strengthening your back
  • Helps back muscle spasms by supporting your back
  • Helps during recovery after a c-section by strengthening your abdominal muscles
  • Prevents kyphosis by aligning your back and preventing a spinal curvature

Maternity Supports for Pregnant Women

Are you pregnant and experiencing back pain (especially lower back) and fatigue? This is very common among pregnant women as you are supporting so much more weight than normal. Pregnancy often places a strain on your lower back and can be very painful.

BraceAbility's maternity support brace provides the much-needed support for your growing belly. The brace will help to relieve pressure on the lower back - which is footing much of the strain

Female Abdominal Binders for Hip, Waist & Stomach Pain

A lot of female back pain can be attributed to weak ab muscles. Often times this can be from inflammation in the hip and ab regions or because of a c-section.

BraceAbility’s abdominal binder for females is a great way to treat ab and hip issues, that also may be affecting the lower back. If you’ve recently had a c-section, hysterectomy or other surgery with an abdominal incision, or are suffering from pain caused by inflammation of the area, this is the perfect binder for you.

  • Helps fix hip and abdominal inflammation by applying compression to the area
  • Relieves hip pain by supporting the hip and lower back muscles
  • Post c-section care by applying compression across the midsection

Cervical & Thoracic Spine Braces

Your thoracic spine (or mid back) is a very common place to suffer from back pain, especially in women. This area of the back is a common place for osteoporosis and compression fractures. Because of this, it’s important women have a great treatment option that is focused on the mid back.

At BraceAbility we have the thoracic spine brace. This brace is a backpack-like design, making it easy to apply and wear. The brace offers so much support to the back that it can treat a variety of conditions including:

  • Treats kyphosis by applying compression and stabilization to the thoracic spine
  • Helps relieve osteoporosis by providing compression and alignment across the back
  • Help treat compression fractures through the support applied throughout the spine
  • Prevents chronic mid-back (thoracic) pain by compressing the entire back

Lumbar Corsets for your Lower Back

Your lumbar, or lower back, is a common place to experience chronic back pain. Whether it be from poor posture (straining the area), to carrying a heavy box, this area of the body is susceptible to pain. Females often experience strain in this area from a variety of things, whether it be carrying a heavy purse or holding a child.

At BraceAbility we have the lumbar corset for lower back problems. This brace is amazing because it contours to the shape of your body! The brace features a pulley system that lets you adjust the level of compression you are experiencing based on your condition.

  • Treats chronic lower back pain by giving adjustable compression to the area
  • Helps with abdominal inflammation by providing mild support to the hips and abs
  • Treats and prevents mild lumbar back compression fractures

Elastic Back Wraps for Women

Because lower back pain is so common it’s important women know how to treat their specific pain. There are a variety of conditions or issues that may be causing your lower back pain,  and mild compression around the area can do wonders.

At BraceAbility we have the elastic back wrap for lower back pain. This brace is unique because it hugs and supports the lower back and abdomen, treating and easing the lower back pain in women. The support can easily be applied and is adjustable thanks to the wrap-around design.

  • Treats chronic lower back pain by giving adjustable compression to the area
  • Provides support and compression for abdominal inflammation
  • Gives support during pregnancy in the abdominal, lower back, and hip regions

Sacroiliac Belts for SI Joint Pain

Your sacroiliac joint is formed by the connection between the bone in the lower portion of the spine, and the bones that make up the pelvis and connect the spine to the pelvic bone. This part of the body can be put under a great deal of stress. Many women begin to have SI joint problems with pregnancy.

At BraceAbility we have the SI joint belt to treat pain in the SI joint. The brace stabilizes the SI joint by applying direct circumferential compression to the area.

  • Treats SI joint dysfunction by providing stabilization and pain relief to the area
  • Supports the SI joint during pregnancy
  • Stabilizes the lower back to sacrum to treat any type of pain in this area
You can learn more about women's back problems and the best braces to treat them here.

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