Inflatable Cold Therapy Compression Knee Brace with 2 Gels


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Inflatable Cold Therapy Brace

Knee conditions can be a burden and cause a lot of problems in our everyday life. It is important to get help from a professional for the best treatments and procedures to follow in order to live a healthy life. To minimize pain in the affected knee, BraceAbility offers the Inflatable Cold Therapy Brace.

A Cold Therapy brace can help protect, support, and provide compression to the knee that is experiencing pain. Featured on the inflatable knee brace is a detachable pump bulb for patients to apply their own desired compression to the affected knee. This way, patients can customize their compression to have as much or as little that they want.

This brace is indicated to help diminish swelling/edema, decrease pain and reduce muscle spasms, as well as, be used for post-op application, physical therapy or athletic training programs. The inflatable cold therapy brace is ideal for those who are dealing with any of the given conditions and more. Applying compression, protecting, and supporting the knee is why this specific knee brace is the best choice when it comes to needing both compression and cold therapy to reduce any knee pains. Individuals suffering from knee osteoarthritis have also found this brace and cold therapy useful. View all of BraceAbility's knee OA braces. These braces are great from stage one to four of knee OA. Learn about the 4 stages of knee OAand the proper treatment for each.

BraceAbility offers many different types of knee braces for a variety of conditions. All of them help to protect and support the knee in the best way possible while adding compression. One similar knee brace with cold therapy is the meniscus tear knee brace for those who are dealing with patella realignment, total joint surgery, rehab, or an ACL injury to the knee joint.  

The latex-free cold therapy knee brace comes in universal sizes, meaning one size fits patients up to 24”.

Gel Packs

Included with the inflatable cold therapy brace is 2 gel packs that help to reduce swelling and pain by slowing down blood flow to the affected knee. Wearing the gel packs is optional, however, they help to prevent swelling and decrease pain by numbing it. For proper healing, it is recommended to wear the gel pack for 20 minutes and then take 20 minutes off. 

The optional cold packs can be placed inside the inflatable knee brace for extra support and protection while helping to ease the pain. These gel packs are reusable and can be kept in the freezer until next use. The gel inside is non-toxic but is not to be ingested. If the gel pack is at all punctured or torn, through away immediately for safety reasons

First, place the gel packs in the freezer until frozen - minimum of 2 hours. Attach the gel pack inside the knee splint, make sure the seams line up over the kneecap opening (Applying the gel packs in optional). Locate the top of the knee splint and place the opening over the affected kneecap. Secure the 2 compression straps to the desired fit. To inflate, attach the tube with the bulb to the valve. Move switch to “ON”, pump the bulb to your desired compression - make sure to not over inflate. To deflate, press button at the base of the bulb. To deflate, move the switch to “OFF” and remove the tube with the bulb from the valve. 

BraceAbility offers braces of all sorts that include gel packs

Inflatable Cold Therapy Brace Features

  • Latex-free material
  • Provides compression, protection, and support
  • 2 gel packs included
  • Cold therapy helps to slow down blood flow to the affected knee
  • Indications: diminish swelling/edema, reduce muscle spasms and decrease pain
  • Black in color
  • Plush foam laminate
  • Fastener compatible with rigid aluminum stays
  • Detachable pump bulb for the desired compression
  • Lightweight, open patella
  • Affordable, high-quality knee brace
  • Universal sizes - fits up to 24”
Sizing chart for inflatable cold therapy brace fits kneecap circumferences up to 24 inches
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