Youth Knee Braces for Kids


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      4 products

      Short and lightweight patella tracking brace for runner's kneecap pain, dislocation, and subluxation
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      The slip-on knee brace provides lightweight knee support and compression that can stabilize the joint and relieve inflammation and pain.
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      Non-slip knee wrap for athletic support and arthritis pain relief
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      As many a parent can attest, most children are high-energy individuals who are always on the move. Plus, today’s youth are increasingly involved in organized sports. With such activity comes the risk of injuries to the knees and other areas of the body; even growth spurts can cause painful conditions such as Osgood Schlatters Disease.

      BraceAbility offers a number of kids’ knee braces that are not only sized to fit a child but also are designed with a kid’s needs in mind.

      Most Popular Kids’ Knee Brace

      A popular choice when it comes to knee braces for children are knee sleeves. In fact, compression sleeves are sometimes worn to enhance performance, speed recovery times, keep the legs warm or simply for an added layer of protection. Thin, flexible and lightweight, compression sleeves are a big hit among children.

      Not surprisingly, the top-seller among BraceAbility’s selection of knee braces for kids is a simple slip-on knee sleeve that applies light compression to the joint. This supports a weak or sore knee and reduces the swelling that accompanies many knee injuries.

      The support’s elastic material of is quite flexible, making it a good knee brace for kids in sports. It can be used to treat sprains, bursitis, tendonitis of the knee, or jumper’s knee, to name just a few of its applications.

      More Kid’s Knee Sleeves

      Another versatile option is the youth knee compression sleeve for kids and teens. This youth knee support is constructed of neoprene, which provides lightweight support, soothing warmth and compression. This material is durable as well as comfortable against the skin (key features with children’s orthotics).

      This child-size knee brace differs from our top-seller in that it has an open patella. This increases its flexibility and keeps pressure off of a sore kneecap.

      This knee support for kids can help with a number of sources of patella pain, including knee sprains or strains (moderate), patellar tendonitis and arthritis.

      Knee Bands for Kids with Osgood Schlatters or Patella Injuries

      The best, least invasive home treatment option for kids with patellar tendonitis is a knee band. Let’s back up - What is patellar tendonitis, you ask? Don’t worry, it sounds scarier than it actually is. It occurs when the tissue connecting your kneecap to your shinbone becomes inflamed, and it is actually quite common. You may have heard the phrases jumper’s knee or runner’s knee…. These are all basically the same thing.  The name “jumper’s knee” is commonly used when diagnosing children who have damaged their patella from repetitive motions of the knee in sports activities, such as kicking or jumping

      Osgood Schlatter's is a similar yet different condition which typically affects children going through growth spurts, particularly those involved in sports that involve running, jumping and quick direction changes. You can read more about Osgood Schlatter's disorder.

      Regardless of what patella injury your child has, a knee band is a great remedy to try. Basically, it is just a strap that wraps around the bottom of your kneecap and has a pressure pad which applies compression to the inflamed area.  Because our knee band is small, lightweight, and comfortable against the skin - your child might not mind wearing it. BraceAbility sells several knee bands for adults too.

      Youth Knee Brace for Patella Tracking

      Tracking issues with the patella are another issue that can send parents in search of kids’ knee braces. If the kneecap is not moving as it should within the patella groove, it can irritate tissue around the knee, causing pain and inflammation that only serve to worsen the problem

      This might be caused by weak thigh muscles, connective tissues/muscles that are too loose or tight, repetitive stressors to the knee, previous kneecap dislocations, traumatic injury, an abnormal gait or congenital structural abnormalities, for example.

      Long-term treatment of such injuries should involve efforts to correct the underlying issue if one is to blame. You can also incorporate a patella-tracking kneecap stabilizer into your child's treatment. This style of pediatric knee brace supports the joint and helps the kneecap track as it should.