Elastic Knee Supports


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      4 products

      Plus size large compression knee sleeve is available in sizes up to 6XL
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      The incrediwear knee sleeve is an athletic bamboo brace to help provide sports pain relief
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      The slip-on knee brace provides lightweight knee support and compression that can stabilize the joint and relieve inflammation and pain.
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       What is an Elastic Knee Support?

      A knee compression support is essential for those looking to prevent a knee injury or recovering from a specific type of knee condition. The elastic knee band is the ideal solution for dealing with pain in the knee joint region due to its added support and limiting the chances for damaging rotation or hyperextension of the knee.

      Made out of flexible, lightweight and comfortable material, the compression knee support has a variety of styles. A few types of elastic knee braces include open patella, latex free, knee supports with splints and hinges, as well as, knee sleeves with pads for extra comfort and support, etc. Many of the compression knee sleeves are designed for those looking to be mobile and comfortable while providing support allowing patients to heal or prevent a knee injury.

      Benefits of Wearing an Elastic Knee Bandage

      Wearing an elastic knee support can help benefit you by preventing injury or supporting and sustaining injuries that have already occurred. In the BraceAbility Blog, you can find more information about the benefits of knee braces for rehabilitation and how important it is to find the correct brace that is needed for the specific condition. Braces can be used to increase blood flow, provide extra support, and reduce pain, therefore, they are very important in providing comfort while experiencing knee pain and knee injuries or going through the healing process. An elastic knee brace will firmly hold the knee joint in place when taking part in a strenuous activity.>

      What Conditions Does a Flexible Elastic Knee Brace Help With?

      Elastic knee braces and wraps can be worn in many different situations, knee injuries, and knee conditions. Coming in a range of sizes from child's elastic knee brace to obese individual sizes, there is an elastic knee brace for everyone. The elastic knee brace can be worn for situations and conditions including arthritis pain, athletic activities, such as cheerleading, gymnastics, or dance and for those with larger thighs and legs as well as many other knee pain situations or conditions.

      Wearing a compression knee band can be helpful for people dealing with joint pain or wanting to prevent potential pain in the knee. Being aware and careful of how much your knees can handle is important. Knee problems are common in people of all ages and especially those involved in athletics, with the help of an elastic knee support, the pain and discomfort  a knee injury produces can be minimized over time.

      Knee Compression Sleeves for Sports & Athletes

      Elastic Knee Brace for Walking and Running

      Putting weight on your knees can lead to problems and  take a toll on the bones, tendons, and muscles that make up this joint. An elastic knee brace that provides compression and stays in place while walking long distances and  running can prevent injuries to the knee while exercising along with taking away unwanted pain.

      Runner's knee is a condition that typically occurs while running. Resting the knee is important in this situation, as well as, purchasing a knee brace to support the knee while exercising in the future. Read up about kneecap pain on the BraceAbility blog to better understand the different types as well as causes of knee pain that can occur through Runner's Knee.

      Comfortable Athletic Knee Sleeves & Wraps

      This athletic knee sleeve is a compression knee brace made for everyday wear. Its the perfect knee brace for athletes like basketball players, or sports enthusiast with active lifestyles looking to protect the knees from injury or reinjury. A meniscus tear is popular in those who are active and will need extra stability.

      Latex Free Knee Support

      The knitted, Latex-Free material makes the kneecap stabilizer brace a padded, breathable, pull-on knee brace. It is designed to fit comfortably, support, and compress the kneecap while maintaining mobility.

      Elastic Cotton Knee Sleeves

      Another unique knee bandage is the elastic cotton knee sleeve designed for easy wear and includes a closed patella and pull-on style. This is a flesh colored elastic knee support made of the finest most comfortable fabric. This wrap allows for a snug fit to create maximum compression.

      Baker's Cyst is a common knee condition involving swelling behind the knee. Having a flexible and elastic brace will help compress the area while still allowing movement during the healing process.

      Child's Elastic Knee Braces

      BraceAbility offers many kids' knee braces made of lightweight, flexible and comfortable material allowing the children to be active while supporting, healing, and protecting their injured knees. A popular pediatric elastic knee brace for children is the youth knee compression sleeve.This child size elastic knee brace incorporates flexibility, comfort, and support to the knee region. A low-profile design makes this knee sleeve fit easily and discreetly beneath clothing. The comfort of the knee support makes it easy for children and teens to wear throughout the day.

      Plus Size Knee Braces

      Our knees play a very important role for our body by carrying our weight. If we are carrying around extra weight, we are adding extra pressure to our knee joints. Many problems can occur if we exert too much pressure to our knees. It is necessary to get the proper amount of blood flow and oxygen to the knee, if we don't, that can lead to pain and other problems. Take a look at the compression knee sleeve, this is a plus size knee sleeve for those looking to better support their knee, reduce pain in the knee region, or heal their knee injuries.

      There are many ways to help treat knee pain caused by obesity. Check out the BraceAbility Blog about knee pain and obesity to learn how knee pain and obesity are connected and ways to treat the conditions.