Youth Wrist & Thumb Splint for Children

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A Comfortable Thumb / Wrist Support for Kids

The healing process for a wrist injury to a child is extremely essential. Finding the right wrist support for your child that is their size can be a challenge. This youth wrist splint is perfect for different sizes and is made just for them. It’s comfortable material is ideal for children of all ages.

This splint immobilizes the wrist and thumb by securing the velcro straps to your kid’s ideal comfort and doesn’t restrict any swelling. It’s lightweight material works well with children’s everyday activities and doesn’t irritate the skin.

Are you deciding whether your young child needs a wrist or thumb splint? Consider some of these symptoms before taking further action:

  • Large amount of swelling
  • Difficulty moving the wrist
  • Pain when trying to move the wrist, crunching or popping with bending/straightening, or turning the palm up and down
  • Bruising
  • Extreme tenderness or pain when touching the bones around the wrist
  • Refusal to use the hand or put weight on it

What’s a Buckle Fracture & How Do You Treat it?

Torus fracture, also commonly known as “buckle fracture,” often occurs in children. Adolescents tend to have softer bones, resulting in the top layer of the bone one side to compress, bending the other side away from the growth plate. A treatment option for this incomplete fracture can be wearing BraceAbility’s wrist and thumb brace.

Advantages of using our wrist splint instead of a cast, to treat your child’s buckle fracture:

  • Removable and adjustable which is especially important in not constraining their swelling that occurs
  • Doesn’t require a medical saw to get rid of the cast, which most children can be afraid of
  • Soft, comfortable material in comparison to the plastic cover

Do you think your child has a different wrist or thumb injury? There are two main categories in which children’s wrist injuries fall under:

  • Acute Injury: This is a result of one particular fall or trauma, usually occurring at or around the growth plate. Some examples of acute injuries are wrist sprains, hand fractures, finger fractures.
  • Overuse Injury:These injuries occur overtime due to repetitive activity. Some examples are chronic wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tendonitis.

Need a brace for a different injury or area for your child? BraceAbility has other pediatric size braces available.

Features of the Youth Wrist Splint

This pediatric wrist and thumb spica splint is a great alternative to a permanent cast and allows room for swelling. Following are a list of other features to this wrist splint that help add quality, comfort, and support during your child’s time in a brace.

  • Rigid aluminum splint (removable) to immobilize the thumb and wrist
  • Splint is made of polyester/nylon laminate with a comfortable, felt lining
  • Soft, elastic cuff underneath the laces allows for extra breathability
  • Removable, allowing your adolescent to take off to bathe
  • Latex free
  • Dual lacing closure
  • Easy velcro straps
  • Wrist and thumb stabilizer for the right or left hand comes in a black color
  • Allows fingers to move freely and without constraint
  • Treats a wide variety of wrist thumb injuries including wrist sprains, strains, and general wrist pain

Does your child need a larger size? Check out our adult broken thumb splint for other options!

Sizing chart for youth wrist splint fits kids' wrist circumferences up to 5.5 inches
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