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Yoga Wrist Support Wrap

Many yoga poses, exercise moves, and sports put a lot of force on your wrist, which can lead to injuries and pain. This is often caused by muscle imbalances or poor form. Correcting form and switching up poses to avoid direct pressure on your wrist for long periods of time can help lower your risk of an injury.

If you already have exercise-related wrist discomfort, you may benefit from a more immediate solution, such as wearing a wrist support band.

This workout support wrap helps protect your wrist against further injury when it is in a vulnerable state. It is flexible enough that it can be worn comfortably while engaging in yoga, CrossFit, Pilates, gymnastics, golf, tennis, and more.

Lightweight compression therapy, provided by the brace, increases circulation to promote healing, aiding in the recovery of a variety of conditions and injuries, including:

braceability offers an athletic wrist wrap for yoga, pilates, gymnastic, and CrossFit

6 Reasons Why People Love This Exercise Wrist Brace for Yoga, Golf & CrossFit

This exercise wrist brace has a variety of functional and comfortable features that help it stand out from other sports, yoga, or CrossFit wristbands and bracelets on the market. Following we expand on several reasons why many workout enthusiasts consider this the best wrist support for gymnastics, golf, and more.

  1. Moisture Wicking

    The proprietary, open-cell foam material truly wicks away sweat, pulling moisture off your body and through to the other side of the band. This is a great feature to eliminate skin breakdown and sensitivity, in addition to being hypoallergenic, latex, and neoprene free. Thanks to the open-cell foam, this fitness wrist wrap is also breathable and lightweight.

  2. Non-Slip Material

    Non-slip backing holds the golfer's wrist brace securely in place without bunching or sliding, providing comfortable, all-day protection. This unique, adhesion property allows the wrap to grip to your skin, regardless of how sweaty you are, making this the ultimate CrossFit, biking, golfing, tennis, bowling, cheerleading, TRX, or tumbling accessory.

  3. Sports Injury Protection

    The gymnastics injury wrap is designed to provide stabilization and support to your wrist, lower forearm, and lower hand, making exercise more comfortable and helping to avoid re-injury.

    More convenient than yoga wedge equipment or wrist cushions and more comfortable than a splint, tape, or glove, this flexible wrist protector is the perfect tool for push-ups, working out, weightlifting, golfing, tennis, bowling, yoga, cross training, basketball, powerlifting, and more!

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  4. Easily Adjustable Compression

    The wrap-around design is easy to manage with one hand and ensures a tight fit without impeding blood flow. The compression provided by this yoga wrist guard helps reduce painful inflammation and encourages blood flow that speeds healing. Simply pull tighter or loosen the strap for comfortable compression.

  5. Universal Design

    Choosing the correct size has never been easier—Unlike many wrist braces for yoga, there is no need for extensive measuring and attempting to guess your size. This gymnast wrist support is highly adjustable in terms of fit and therefore only comes in two universal sizes, only differing in length.

    Size S/M is 24 inches long, fitting most average sized adults and kids, while size L/XL is 30 inches long, fitting most large men and plus size, bariatric patients. Its universal style allows the padded support bracelet to be worn by both men and women on the right or left wrist.

  6. Full Range of Motion

    Designed with athletes in mind, this downward dog yoga wrist guard for dance, pilates, and cheer allows for full use of your hand, speeding up the healing process without interfering with your workout routine.

    This unrestrictive wrist brace loops around your wrist and across your palm, leaving your fingers and thumb free. Because the flexible, stretchy wrist stabilizer permits a full range of movement, athletes often prefer it over rigid splints that provide complete immobilization. Of course, you should always check with a medical professional for advice, regarding your particular injury.

the wrap around wrist support can be used for all sorts of sports

Frequently Asked Questions About This Gymnastics Wrist Support Brace

  • What conditions/injuries does this workout glove treat? Use during yoga, golf, tennis, gymnastics, CrossFit, and sports for relief from symptoms of arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), tendonitis, sprains, and strains.
  • How does it work? This wrist wrap sleeve is a versatile prop designed to stabilize and support your wrist without compromising finger mobility, minimizing pain and promoting healing.
  • Who can wear this brace? The right and left wrist brace fits a wide range of people, including adult men and women, as well as some kids.
  • What size should I get? Choosing the correct size has never been easier—There is no need for extensive measuring and attempting to guess your size. Size S/M is 24 inches long, fitting most average sized adults and kids, while size L/XL is 30 inches long, fitting most large men and plus size, bariatric patients.
  • Are these sold as a pair? There is only one wrist wrap per package.
  • Can it be worn on either wrist? Yes, its universal design allows the brace to be worn on your right or left wrist.
  • When should I wear it? You should always follow a doctor’s instructions regarding usage. But generally speaking, you can safely wear this brace at the gym, while playing sports, or whenever you need extra support or protection.
  • What is it made of? Proprietary hydrophilic, open-cell foam with non-slip, medical-grade nylon and spandex backing. All components are hypoallergenic, latex, and neoprene free.
  • How do I put it on? Place hand through loop, which acts as an anchor while wrapping. Once hand is through loop, make sure white, non-slip backing is facing up, so when wrapped, non-slip material rests against skin. Pinch any excess loop material around wrist, then wrap band diagonally across palm and around backside of hand. Continue wrapping down to wrist, around it, and attach.
  • Washing Instructions: Hand wash in warm water with mild soap. Allow wrap to air dry completely before reapplying. Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.
  • Other features:
    • Support your wrist without limiting finger mobility
    • Easy, one-handed application, adjustment, and removal
    • Hypoallergenic, latex, and neoprene free
  • Color: Beige (nude)
the sizing for the yoga wrist wrap is small medium and large extra large
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