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14 products

Elbow brace for cubital tunnel syndrome treatment immobilizes the elbow at a 122-degree angle and it allows users to easily access any dressing on the elbow.
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the braceability bursitis elbow pad brace
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The cubital tunnel syndrome brace by BraceAbility helps treat ulnar nerve entrapment relieving elbow pain
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Elbow immobilizer and stabilizer night splint for arm straightening
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Elbow and forearm post-surgery immobilizer and fracture splint
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The cubital tunnel brace is a soft elbow immobilizer sleeping splint for ulnar nerve pain
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the braceability copper elbow compression sleeve relieves pain from tennis elbow and tendonitis
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One of the best ways to keep your elbows in peak physical health following injury or long-term usage is to wear an elbow support customized for your situation and physical condition. The use of an elbow brace is particularly helpful to let you continue playing your favorite sports despite the mild soreness. This is especially practical for tennis, basketball, volleyball and other sports that require consistent overhead action. The proper brace is also a critical part of a successful physical therapy regimen.

Common Injuries That May Cause Elbow Pain

There are a large number of conditions that may benefit from the use of a brace. Two of the most common conditions, tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow, are named for the sports that frequently contribute to their occurrence. Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is the inflammation of the tendons attached to the bony outside edge of the elbow. Interestingly enough, only 5% of tennis elbow sufferers develop the condition as a result of playing tennis. This condition is treated through a number of methods, including ice, medication and surgical intervention. Braces are an extremely common treatment for tennis elbow.  We have several tennis elbow braces in stock.

Golfer’s elbow, also known as medial epicondylitis, is very similar to tennis elbow but occurs on the bony inside portion of the elbow rather than the outside portion. Just as in tennis elbow, playing golf may certainly lead to this condition, but most cases of golfer’s elbow are caused by other activities. Braces are an especially effective way to treat and prevent golfer’s elbow.  BraceAbility has a large selection of golfers elbow braces.

Other elbow injuries that may benefit from the use of a brace include elbow sprains or physical therapy following broken elbows. Damage or inflammation of the elbow tip itself is known as olecranon bursitis and may occur for a number of reasons, including trauma, infection or other medical conditions.

Diseases and Conditions That May Cause Elbow Pain

One of the most consistent and common conditions that can affect arm comfort is arthritis in the elbow, which occurs in many forms that benefit from the use of an elbow brace.

The various types of arthritis include:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Psoriatic arthritis
  • Gouty arthritis
  • Reactive arthritis, also known as Reiter’s disease

They typically cause pain in the elbow joint, decreased the range of motion, and inflammation.

Infections of the skin or elbow joint may also lead to pain in the elbow. Cellulitis, or infection of the skin, may occur as a result of common bacteria entering through a wound. It may occasionally develop into olecranon bursitis when not treated promptly or properly. Infection of the joint, known as septic arthritis, may occur in diabetic patients or patients with suppressed immune systems. During the treatment and recovery period following these conditions, a brace may be worn to help minimize pain.

Other conditions such as surgery or tumor growth may necessitate the use of a brace for protection during the recovery period. Elbow braces may also be utilized as part of a therapy program for a larger or systemic condition that is affecting much of the body.

Choosing the Right Elbow Brace for Your Arm

For more serious conditions or as part of a physical therapy program, the perfect brace for your arm can be determined by working with your medical professional. They may be able to give excellent advice and specifics regarding what types and sizes of braces are ideal for you.