Elbow brace for cubital tunnel syndrome treatment immobilizes the elbow at a 122-degree angle and it allows users to easily access any dressing on the elbow.
Sizing chart on the cubital tunnel syndrome brace - measure your height in inches. Small fits 5&
Cubital tunnel syndrome brace holds arm at 122 degree angle, preventing excessive hyperextension or straightening
Plus liner is made of a soft yet lightweight cloth material, allowing your skin to breathe
The cubital tunnel syndrome brace can be worn on your left or right arm
Removable liner in the cubital tunnel brace is made with a soft, plush cloth material, in hopes of enhancing your comfort during extended wear
Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Elbow Brace to Prevent Ulnar Nerve Entrapment & Hyperextension
you will need help applying the cubital tunnel support brace
You can wear our ulnar nerve entrapment treatment brace over dressing after surgery
Available in three different lengths, the cubital tunnel elbow brace fits both petite and tall body frames
The three different lengths of cubital tunnel brace fit differently on different size body frames
To put on the cubital tunnel brace slide your arm through the straps, resting the shell on your inner elbow. Then wrap the straps to desired fit.
How to put on the cubital tunnel splint instruction sheet
to clean the cubital tunnel splint, hand wash the shell with a damp cloth and mild detergent
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Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Elbow Brace to Prevent Ulnar Nerve Entrapment & Hyperextension

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Product Description

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Cubital Tunnel Brace for Ulnar Nerve Entrapment Treatment

You have probably been the victim of an assault to your ulnar nerve, which can occur when you hit your “funny bone”. Normally, the sharp elbow pain, tingling, and numbness only last a few seconds, but with repeated irritation, this pain and subsequent damage can last for days.

Your ulnar nerve covers a lot of real estate, traveling from the neck region of your spinal cord all the way down the forearm to your hand. It can become entrapped or pinched at numerous points besides the cubital tunnel of your elbow, though cubital tunnel syndrome happens to be one of the most common reasons for nerve entrapment neuropathy in your upper limb. (Click here to learn more about ulnar nerve injuries and pain)

What is Cubital Tunnel Syndrome? (Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Causes and Treatment)

Not to be confused with carpal tunnel arm pain stemming from compression of the median nerve in the wrist area or radial tunnel syndrome, where the radial nerve is compressed, cubital tunnel syndrome refers to irritation or compression of the ulnar nerve in the cubital tunnel area of your elbow. This area of the body is also known as your funny bone. (BraceAbility also stocks radial tunnel splints.)

A number of things cause discomfort associated with cubital tunnel syndrome to occur, such as:

  • Leaning on your elbow for a long period of time

  • Excessive pressure or stretching near your elbow

  • Fluid buildup or a blow to your elbow

  • Certain jobs or hobbies (e.g. bowling) that require repetitive or prolonged bending of your elbows

  • Conditions like diabetes can increase your likelihood of irritating the ulnar nerve

  • Pre-existing conditions like arthritis or bone spurs can also increase your risk

  • Sleeping with a pillow flexed hard between your head and shoulder

Besides being careful not to put pressure on your elbow as you go about your day, you might wear protective pads or elbow splints for ulnar nerve protection. If you work in front of a computer, it is important to avoid using the armrests on your chair and to exercise proper posture. You could also buy an ergonomic computer mouse for ulnar nerve pain. In addition, a nighttime brace for ulnar nerve entrapment can help prevent excessive bending of your arm while you sleep.

Your doctor may also recommend cubital tunnel syndrome treatment exercises to help the ulnar nerve slide through the cubital tunnel at the elbow more smoothly. Engaging in cubital tunnel syndrome treatment physical therapy can also help prevent your arm and wrist from getting stiff.

5 Reasons Why People Love This Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Elbow Brace

Wearing a cubital tunnel syndrome brace can help reduce ulnar nerve-related pain or symptoms including numbness or tingling of your ring finger and pinky finger (carpal tunnel symptoms of the arm affect the other fingers), weakening grip and finger coordination, and muscle wasting of the hand. However, this elbow brace has many features that help it stand out from other elbow splints on the market—both in terms of function, comfort, and fit.

  1. Holds Your Elbow at a Comfortable 122-Degree Angle

    This elbow splint was specifically designed to immobilize your arm at a 122-degree angle, protecting your elbow joint against excessive flexion (bending) or hyperextension (over straightening), to reduce tension on your ulnar nerve.

  2. Three Adjustable Straps Ensure a Secure Fit

    Three medical-grade straps help ensure a secure and stable fit for proper immobilization during recovery. Plus, the open style eliminates compression at the elbow where your ulnar nerve is most vulnerable, which is critical for a quick recovery.

  3. High-Density Shell and Plush Liner

    An effective cubital tunnel splint must have adequate strength to keep your elbow joint in place so that it does not allow excessive flexion or extension. The hard, polyethylene shell on this brace protects your elbow from damaging movements, as well as impact or compression of your ulnar nerve. And it is lined with a soft, plush cloth material, in hopes of enhancing your comfort during extended wear.

  4. Can Be Worn at Night While Sleeping

    The use of “night splinting” is becoming increasingly popular, especially when it comes to treating carpal tunnel and plantar fasciitis. This cubital tunnel syndrome brace can be worn throughout the day or night for pain relief.

    However, you should always consult with your doctor before purchasing any elbow sling, brace, or splint. Depending on your symptoms, your physician might recommend keeping your elbow straight while sleeping.

  5. Provides Post-Surgical Support and Protection

    If the conservative modes of cubital syndrome treatment fail to bring relief, you want to consider surgery to reduce pressure on your ulnar nerve. Depending on what type of surgical procedure you undergo, you might need to wear an elbow brace for ulnar nerve protection for several weeks after. The unique design of this elbow splint permits easy access to any dressing after surgery.

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Frequently Asked Questions About This Arm Immobilizer & Ulnar Nerve Splint

  • Who can wear it? With sizes ranging from S (Small/Medium) to L (Large/X-Large), anyone from petite women to large-framed men can wear this cubital tunnel brace.

  • How do I know what size to get? To determine your size, find your body height, in feet and inches. Refer to our sizing graphic in addition to all of our other images before purchasing. If you have notably long or short arms relative to your height, please order a size up or down accordingly.

  • What conditions does this elbow brace treat? This brace is ideal for Cubital tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve entrapment, elbow hyperextension, post cubital tunnel surgery, and other elbow overuse injuries. (For lateral epicondylitis, view BraceAbility’s full collection of tennis elbow sleeves and armbands or check out BraceAbility’s medial epicondylitis braces for golfer’s elbow. BraceAbility also offers elbow tendonitis braces.)

  • How do I put it on? For the best fit and proper immobilization, you will need help applying this splint. Loosen straps and locate the top of the splint, marked with the BraceAbility logo. Slide your arm through the splint. Secure the middle strap by wrapping it around the entire unit and attaching to itself just above your elbow. Tighten and attach the strap near your wrist at your desired comfort level. Reposition the fastener-compatible square for a tighter fit. Repeat to attach strap near your shoulder.

  • How do I apply the brace alone? Follow the same steps as if someone were helping you. Loosen the straps and locate the top of the splint, marked with the BraceAbility logo. Side your arm through the splint, centering it over your elbow crease. Secure the middle strap by wrapping it around the entire unit and attaching it just above your elbow joint. Tighten and attach the strap near your wrist. Repeat to attach the strap near your shoulder.

  • Can I wear this elbow splint over long sleeved shirts? This elbow brace can be worn over long sleeved shirts. In fact, some people prefer the added layer of fabric between their arm and the splint.

  • How tall is this elbow immobilizer? The plastic shell length varies by size. Size S (Small/Medium) is 10'', M (Medium/Large) is 11 3/4'', and L (Large/X-Large) is 12 3/8'' tall.

  • What material is it made of? Made of a high-density polyethylene shell, medical-grade fasteners, and a plush cloth liner.  

  • When should I wear it? This brace can be worn throughout the day and at night while you sleep for elbow immobilization. However, you should consult with your doctor and follow their instructions.

  • Washing instructions: Pull tight to remove the fastener-attached liner from the plastic shell. Hand wash the liner in warm water with mild soap, allowing it to air dry completely before reattaching. Wipe the plastic shell with a damp cloth and towel dry.

  • Other Features:

    • Can be used for the left or right arm.

    • Medical-grade fastener is 10X stronger than standard, retail-grade fastener

    • High-density plastic shell shields your elbow from impact and compression  

  • Color: Black.

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