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Elbow Pain Wrap with Padding

This wrap for the elbow features memory foam padding that contours to the elbow. This pad protects the elbow joint and is quite comfortable against the skin.

The brace for elbow injuries itself is composed of premium-grade, soft-loop neoprene. This material is the soft against the skin.

In addition, neoprene holds in heat, making this a soothing wrap for elbow arthritis treatment. The warmth of the arthritis elbow sleeve eases pain, reduces stiffness, and improves one’s range of motion.

The padded elbow wrap also applies lightweight compression and support, which is helpful for treating a number of elbow injuries. These include:

  • Arthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Tendonitis
  • General elbow pain

The protective padding of this support also makes it a good elbow brace for sports.

One can easily secure the arthritis elbow wrap using its contact closure straps. Any excess hook can be trimmed for a customized fit. The contact closures on either side of the elbow also allow a wide range of adjustment in terms of how tightly the elbow splint fits.

This brace for elbow bursitis, arthritis or tendonitis is open at the inner part of the elbow. This makes for a more comfortable, functional fit.

The elbow bursitis wrap comes in one universal size that fits elbow circumferences ranging from 8 inches to 14 inches. This eliminates the hassle of sizing and, as previously noted, the two straps of the wrap for elbow bursitis pain are highly adjustable and can be trimmed as needed.

Another benefit of this being a universal elbow support brace is that it cuts down on inventory, which ultimately translates to savings to the customer. For that reason, this is an inexpensive wrap for elbow pain.

Wrap for Treating Elbow Arthritis and Bursitis

Elbow arthritis and elbow bursitis are two different conditions that can be treated in much the same manner.

Elbow osteoarthritis refers to degeneration of the cushioning cartilage at the ends of one’s bones that are necessary for smooth movement of the joint. Over time, this can break down and erode, leading to painful bone-on-bone rubbing, swelling, stiffness, restricted motion and possibly instability.

Elbow bursitis refers to inflammation or irritation of the thin, slippery sac that is positioned between the loose skin and pointy bone at the back of the elbow (the olecranon) that enables the skin to slide easily along the underlying bone. The olecranon bursa will then fill with fluid, resulting in swelling and pain as well as redness and warmth if an infection is present.

A blow to the tip of the elbow, prolonged pressure on the joint, infection of an injury in the or certain inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis can all lead to elbow bursitis. Certain professions that require long periods on one’s elbows, such as heating and cooling technicians or plumbers, are at higher risk of developing elbow bursitis.

Whether one is treating arthritis of the elbow or dealing with olecranon bursitis, wearing a padded splint for the elbow can help. The memory foam padding cushions the joint and protects it against pressure.

The neoprene elbow wrap provides warmth that soothes pain and stiffness stemming from arthritis. The compression the support provides is also great for reducing swelling, as needed for elbow bursitis treatment.  

Wearing the elbow arthritis wrap also acts as a helpful reminder to avoid putting pressure on the joint.

Other elements of treatment for osteoarthritis and bursitis include activity modification—specifically, avoiding activities that require repetitive overuse of the elbow or putting direct pressure on the joint. If one does participate in a sport or activity that tasks the elbow, be sure to take periods of rest during or after it.

Anti-inflammatory pain killers and heat and ice therapy can help reduce inflammation and pain associated with bursitis or osteoarthritis of the elbow. In some cases, a corticosteroid injection may be needed to relieve one’s elbow pain.

When it comes to treating osteoarthritis, orthotic aids to lessen strain on one’s joints can help slow the progression of the deterioration.

Key Features of Padded Elbow Wrap for Arthritis or Bursitis

Elbow braces are an important component of elbow bursitis or osteoarthritis care. Following is a list of the features that make this one of the best elbow wraps for these conditions.

  • Memory foam pad of this brace for elbow pain protects the elbow joint
  • Padded arthritis elbow wrap contours to the elbow
  • Elbow orthotic treats elbow injuries, tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis
  • Elbow protection sleeve for sports
  • Premium-grade neoprene elbow brace warms the elbow
  • Soft-loop material and memory foam pad of the elbow tendonitis brace are comfortable against the skin
  • Contact closure straps make the elbow injury brace easy to apply and adjust
  • Closures on either side of the joint allow a customized fit of the brace for elbow injuries
  • One can trim any excess strap material as needed
  • Universal elbow support splint fits elbow circumferences ranging from 8 inches to 14 inches
  • Elbow pain brace leaves the elbow crease open so one’s movement is not restricted
  • Relatively cheap arthritis brace
  • Black padded wrap for bursitis of the elbow
Sizing chart for padded elbow bursitis and arthritis treatment brace - measure the circumference around your elbow joint. Fits 8
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