The BraceAbility posterior long long arm splint has three aluminum splints to immobilize elbows
The sizing chart for the long arm posterior splint comes in three sizes, measure bicep circumference to choose size
The long arm splint for elbow fractures has adjustable straps for a removable arm cast
The full arm splint for elbow fractures holds the arm at ninety degrees for proper healing
The elbow fracture arm immobilizer has eight adjustable wrap around straps for a perfect fit
The arm and elbow splint for fracture pain relief has a removable neck strap to support the weight of injured arm
Wear the long arm immobilizer sling on your right left arm for ulnar nerve entrapment pain relief
Our posterior full arm splint helps with hyperextension, tendonitis elbow, or ulnar nerve recovery
the instruction sheet for the long arm splint
to clean the long arm splint, hand wash in warm water with mild detergent
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Posterior Long Arm Splint | Elbow Immobilizer Forearm Brace for Fracture Pain Relief With Support Sling

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Product Description

Top 4 Favorite Features of The Long Arm Posterior Splint

  1. Provides Ultimate Relief During Recovery

    Covering the entire arm, this posterior long arm splint is sure to provide the best level of support, protection, and pain relief following injury or operation. Use the elbow sling for comfortable immobilization from a range of full-arm conditions or injuries, such as:

    • Bicep tendonitis
    • Elbow bursitis
    • Post-surgery recovery
    • Ulnar nerve entrapment
    • Cubital tunnel syndrome
    • Fractures, sprains, breaks
    • Tennis or golfer’s elbow

    If you’re unsure if this elbow splint is right for you, speak with your doctor or medical professional before wearing it to ensure the sling will help with your specific injury, pain, or condition.

  2. Offers Adjustable and Personalized Fit

    While applying this arm sling immobilizer, you’ll find multiple adjustable straps along your wrist, forearm, and bicep. Simply pull and secure the support straps where you feel the most comfortable for a personalized level of pressure and compression on your injured arm. Then, adjust the neck strap sling to your preferred level of comfort and arm elevation, depending on your injury or condition.

  3. Designed for Full Arm Coverage and Protection

    Protect your upper bicep to your wrist after an arm injury or surgery to ensure no further damage. This posterior elbow splint offers comfortable, full-arm support and immobilization to prevent painful movements. In addition, it features three removable aluminum and heavy-duty plates along the arm to enhance protection and prohibit painful movement.

  4. Made of Comfortable Materials

    This elbow splint stands out compared to other stiff, hard plastic casts and splints, thanks to its comfortable padded materials. In addition, our long arm splint is soft against the skin, making it easy to wear all day without worrying about irritation. Wear the elbow brace while completing daily activities or kicking back to relax.

Full Arm Splint vs. Cast: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to arm injuries and post-surgical relief, casts and slings will come as no surprise, but what’s the difference between using a cast and a splint? A cast will wrap around the injury, applied and removed by a doctor, custom-made out of plaster or fiberglass. A splint is similar to a cast. However, a sling will provide support for more mild recovery and pain relief. While splints offer less support than casts, they are also faster and easier to use. Splints are like a removable cast in that you can take off, adjust and tighten as needed. Depending on your specific condition or injury, a sling may be an excellent option!

What Makes Our Posterior Long Arm Splint Different?

What exactly is a posterior long arm splint? Our long arm splint is designed to relieve pain and support and protect against multiple long arm injuries. Use this arm splint for comfortable immobilization and protection following fractures, breaks, dislocation, hyperextension, strains, and other damages. By keeping your arm in the fixed position, you prevent any painful movements and eliminate the possibility of a further injury occurring on your already weakened arm. This splint stands out thanks to how it covers the entire arm with padded, comfortable support. The elbow brace is comfy to wear and contains aluminum plates to hold the arm in heavy-duty support that will hold up over time.

Can This Arm Immobilizer Help With Forearm Strains and Pain?

Using your forearm is essential for hand and arm movement, so dealing with pain in this area can make daily activities difficult. Whether your forearm pain is an injury or nerve entrapment, this splint can provide essential protection, support, and immobilization you need to recover quickly. immobilizing your forearm is a great way to reduce pain. The splint relieves pain by wrapping your forearm in constant compression and pressure.

Speed Up Injury Recovery: How Long Does an Elbow Fracture Take to Heal?

When it comes to elbow fractures, there are different levels of severity. An elbow fracture will is classified according to not only the severity of the fracture but also the complexity. The recovery period will genuinely depend on how intense the elbow fracture is. In most cases, if you’ve experienced an elbow fracture, you will be in a cast or splint for at least three to six weeks. Most people who’ve experienced an elbow fracture can plan to return to normal activities in about four months, though the entire healing process can take a year or longer.

Can You Move Your Elbow if it’s Fractured?

Moving your arm can be extremely painful and challenging if you fracture your elbow. Therefore, practicing protection and immobilization is important for your arm to recover fully. Wearing an immobilizer splint is a great way to ensure you don’t make painful movements.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Elbow Fracture Splint

  • What conditions / injuries does this support treat? Use for various arm conditions and injuries such as bursitis, tendonitis, fractures, sprains, breaks, ulnar nerve pain, and post-surgery recovery.
  • How does it work? The long arm splint stabilizes the injured arm by decreasing movement and providing support to prevent further damage and pain following surgery or injury.
  • Who can wear it? The sling is available in adjustable sizes and will benefit most adult men and women.
  • What size should I get? Have a friend or family member help you measure using a flexible measuring tape. Refer to the sizing chart pictured above to find the best size for you.
  • When should I wear it? >Wear the elbow splint comfortably throughout the day. Ask your doctor or medical professional if you’re unsure of the proper time to wear this support for your specific condition or injury.
  • What is it made of? Polyester pouch, nylon straps, hook-loop fasteners, and an aluminum alloy splint. All components of the brace are latex free.
  • Can I apply this support on my own? While you can apply this splint on your own, we recommend having a friend or family member help for the best ease of application.
  • Can I wear this over my shirt? Yes, wear the elbow splint with most shirts.
  • Washing instructions: Hand wash in warm water with mild detergent. Lay flat to air dry before reapplying. Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.
  • Other features:
    • Wear interchangeably on the right or left arm
    • Made of comfortable, padded materials
    • Easily adjustable for a personalized fit
  • Color: Black.

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