The BraceAbility bicep tendonitis band helps you recover from bicep tears or tendon injuries
sizing chart for the BraceAbility bicep band is one size fits most with biceps up to 15 inches.
Our bicep and tricep compression brace is made with warming neoprene to promote recovery
The comfortable black bicep brachii compresison brace is comfortable and supportive during all activities
Use our bicep wrap for muscle strain recover during they day or at night
Our upper arm brace is unisex and can be worn on your right or left arm over the bicep
at four inches tall our upper arm compression brace is tall enough to repair an injury but not be in the way
to apply the braceability bicep wrap, loosely fasten neoprene brace and slide up arm over injury, then wrap out strap around arm and fasten securely.

Bicep Tendonitis Brace | Upper Arm, Tricep Compression Band for Sore Muscle Treatment, Strains & Tears

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Product Description

Here’s Why We Love This Bicep Tendonitis Brace

  1. Ultimate Stabilization & Support

    One of the most important aspects of a successful bicep, tricep, or upper arm injury recovery is the limiting of painful movements. This can be extremely difficult to prevent on your own, especially if you’re an active man or woman! This brace can benefit you in the way that holds, supports, and stabilizes your arm in place, even while you’re working, exercising, or playing sports.

  2. Soothing Compression Reduces Swelling

    Unlike basic, thin upper arm sleeves, this bicep brace is designed with soothing warmth and recovery in mind. The bicep band is made of medical-grade neoprene which provides soothing warmth to your injured or weak muscles and tendons. Comfortable pressure and compression prevent painful inflammation and provide the ultimate support and stability while you’re actively recovering.

  3. Quick & Easy Application

    When you’re dealing with a bicep, tricep, or overall upper arm injury, applying a brace can be difficult. Simply wrap this compression brace around the injured area and secure using the pressure straps to find your perfect fit and level of compression. The discreet band is perfect for all-day use, thanks to the discreet style and fit.

  4. Recover While You’re Active

    If you’re looking to protect your weak arm, yet keep up with work, exercise, or sports while you recover, this arm support sleeve is perfect for you and your active lifestyle. Whether it’s post-surgery or bicep pain that acts up from time to time, this brace can be worn whenever you’d like to help protect and prevent further injuries and pain from occurring. Use for pain management and protection during any physical activity, including golf, baseball, basketball, weightlifting, softball, exercising, and more!

  5. Universal Fit for Men & Women

    One of the best features of this brace is its versatile fit. You can adjust the sleeve to fit your arm and the amount of pressure and stability needed for your injury or pain. The range of fit makes this bicep band perfect for teens to adults or elderly men and women. Plus, the arm cuff can be worn interchangeably on the right or left arm, making it perfect to use again as needed!

Is This Upper Arm Compression Sleeve Right for Me?

Tired of dealing with upper arm pain in your bicep or tricep? Finally getting over an injury, only to still feel pain or hurt your weakened arm again is one of the most frustrating cycles to get stuck in. However, if you want extra arm protection and support while you’re actively recovering, this bicep pain band is perfect for you. Use for a range of injuries, pain, and conditions such as:

  • Bicep or tricep tendonitis
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Brachii pain
  • Gouty tenosynovitis
  • Ruptured, torn, or strained tendon
  • Sore, aching muscles

Speak with a doctor or medical professional to make sure this arm support is the right fit for you and your injury or condition before wearing it.

If you’re an active person, who likes to play sports, lift weights, or whatever form of physical activity it may be, you’re in luck. This compression brace works to help heal, recover and protect your injured or weakened arm while you’re active. Plus, thanks to the medical-grade quality materials, you can keep using this brace as needed over time, especially during activities or exercises that require arm motion and movement.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Bicep Pain Relief Band

  • What conditions / injuries does this upper arm support treat? Use to help treat and manage pain caused by tendonitis, gout, brachii muscle pain, tendon strains, pulls, ruptures or tears.
  • Who can wear the tricep brace? The universal-fit brace can be worn by a range of teens to adult men and women.
  • How do I know what size to get? To determine if this universally-sized brace will work for you, find the circumference around your unflexed bicep, in inches, and refer to our sizing graphic pictured above. Band fits a bicep circumference from 11” to 15”.
  • How do I put it on? Undo strap and place directly over the affected area. Thread through the D-ring buckle and pull back onto itself to attach. Adjust for comfort without inhibiting circulation.
  • What is the elbow sleeve made of? The band is made of neoprene with nylon strap and medical-grade hook and loop fasteners.
  • Can I wear this over my shirt? Although you can wear this sleeve over your shirt, we recommend wearing it directly against your skin to receive the ultimate level of compression.
  • When should I wear it? Brace is designed for all-day wear. Speak to a doctor or medical professional before wearing overnight.
  • Can it be worn on my right or left arm? Wear the bicep band interchangeably on your right or left upper arm.
  • Washing instructions: Hand wash in warm water with mild detergent. Allow brace to air dry completely before reapplying. Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.
  • Other features:
    • Stability strap offers extra support
    • Perfect for active recovery protection
    • Works for both tricep and bicep pain
  • Color: Black

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Bill L.
United States United States

Satisfied customer

Brace worked great…got me back on the golf course after 3-month layoff

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Sharon S.
United States United States

Brace for upper arm

I love it. Needs to be a little longer on first layer to hold brace. Does the job while working in the yard. Thanks

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Mark B.
United States United States

Great arm braces

Very good and very easy. I saw reviews online and ordered direct.

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