The cubital tunnel brace is a soft elbow immobilizer sleeping splint for ulnar nerve pain
The cubital tunnel syndrome brace sizing chart comes in two sizes fitting biceps up to 16 inches
Our cubital tunnel syndrome splint has 2 metal stays that help immobilize your elbow to prevent ulnar nerve entrapment
Our elbow immobilizer for ulnar nerve pain is 9 inches tall and can be worn on left or right arm
our elbow brace for sleeping is comfortable enough to be worn all day or night
wrap around straps make the cubital tunnel syndrome brace easy to apply and secure so it stays on while sleeping
Our comfortable elbow immobilizer splint prevents elbow from bending. Wear over a shirt for added comfort.
The BraceAbility elbow brace fits men and women to relieve cubital tunnel syndrome pain
using the instruction sheet to put on the cubital tunnel brace, slide brace over elbow, wrap bottom strap followed by upper strap

Cubital Tunnel Brace | Elbow Immobilizer Sleeping Splint for Ulnar Nerve Pain and Tendonitis Treatment

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Product Description

The 4 Top-Rated Features of This Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Brace

  1. Adjustable Fit for Men and Women

    This ulnar nerve elbow brace can benefit a range of adult men and women, from petite to plus size. Choose from the adjustable sizing options to find the perfect fit for you. The level of pressure, support, and compression can all be personalized for your specific needs during recovery from injury or surgery. Plus, you can use this brace repeatedly, interchangeably on the right or left arm as needed.

  2. Comfortable Day or Night Immobilization 

    Whether you need the arm immobilization brace when you are up and active, or during the night while sleeping, this splint is perfect for you. Thanks to the padded and supportive, yet lightweight and breathable neoprene materials, the cubital tunnel brace can be worn with ease throughout the entire day, or while relaxing or sleeping overnight. No need to worry about waking up with any elbow pain, the splint helps hold your arm in the correct position, without slipping or falling out of place as you sleep.

  3. Ultimate Elbow Protection and Support

    Use this elbow stabilizer for the ultimate level of pain relief, support, and protection from any further injury or dangerous movement as you heal. The ulnar nerve brace features rigid metal stays, that will comfortably support and hold your elbow in the best healing position, keeping the arm from bending while still allowing the use of your hands while you’re up and active. Thanks to this feature, you can go about your day, or sleep comfortably, without the need to worry about dangerous, painful movements that may cause further injury.

  4. Effective and Lasting Pain Relief

    Our elbow protector splint can be used for a variety of injuries, pain, and conditions. Use the immobilizer brace for:

    • Elbow fracture recovery
    • Cubital tunnel syndrome
    • Bursitis
    • Pinched nerve pain
    • Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)
    • Elbow surgery recovery
    • Arthritis
    • Damaged ulnar nerve
    • Tendonitis
    • Golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis)

    Speak with a doctor or medical professional to ensure this brace is the right choice for your specific injury, condition, or preferred recovery method before use. Check out our line of elbow pain treatment braces to find the best option for you.

    How Do I Use the Elbow Immobilizer for Cubital Tunnel Surgery Recovery?

    The recovery process following cubital tunnel release surgery will vary from person to person. In some cases, it may take several weeks, while in others it could take several months until the elbow and forearm muscles are feeling 100% again. Symptoms such as numbness and tingling will either improve quickly or could take up to several months to fully go away. If you want to ensure your elbow can make a full, quick, and effective recovery, wearing an immobilizer splint such as this one can be a huge help. This arm brace can support and protect your elbow from any painful, or potentially dangerous movements. Plus, thanks to the soft and comforting materials the brace is made of, you can wear this brace overnight, preventing movements that are out of your control as you sleep.

    Cubital Tunnel vs Carpal Tunnel: What’s The Difference?

    You’ve heard of the terms, but what exactly is the difference between carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome? The two conditions are very similar, as they both are the result of nerve compression. However, the damaged nerve takes place in different locations, depending on the condition. Cubital tunnel is the compression of the ulnar nerve, causing painful symptoms directly at your elbow. On the other hand, carpal tunnel is the compression of the median nerve, causing pain in your wrist. But, don’t let carpal tunnel fool you, while most pain will occur in your wrist, it can also work its way up to your forearm to your elbow.

    Does This Splint Work for Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow Treatment?

    The first step to relieving pain caused by an elbow condition is to truly understand what the condition is and what may have caused it. Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, occurs when the tissue connecting the forearm muscle to the elbow becomes irritated. This is likely caused by overuse of the wrist and arm due to repetitive motions, such as playing tennis or other sports, working, or physical exercise. Golfer’s elbow, otherwise known as medial epicondylitis, causes pain on the inner side of the elbow due to repetitive stress or forceful wrist and finger movements. The treatment process for these two conditions is very similar, which includes rest, ice, pain relievers, stretching, and bandaging or splinting. This elbow protector brace comes in handy during recovery from these conditions because it prevents your arm from making any movements that may cause additional pain or injury. On top of that, it will also provide effective compression and support to your injured arm.

    Frequently Asked Questions About This Ulnar Nerve Brace

  • What conditions / injuries does this support treat? The splint is specifically designed to immobilize and prevent bending to protect during recovery from ulnar nerve entrapment, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, fractures, and dislocation.
  • Who can wear it? The adjustable carpal tunnel brace can be worn by most adult men and women.
  • How do I know what size to get? Measure using a flexible measuring tape and refer to the sizing chart pictured above to find the perfect fit for you before purchasing.
  • How do I put it on? Undo all fasteners and slide your hand into the brace. Slide brace up the injured arm until centered over the elbow. Wrap and secure the lower strap followed by the upper strap. For a proper fit, assistance applying may be required.
  • What is it made of? This tennis elbow splint is made of neoprene & nylon with rigid metal stays.
  • Can I wear this over my shirt? You can wear the splint above a thin shirt, but we recommend wearing it directly against the skin for the best beneficial compression.
  • When should I wear it? Wear the elbow immobilizer splint during the day or overnight as needed.
  • Can I apply this brace on my own? This arm wrap can be applied on your own, but depending on the severity of your condition, you may need assistance applying for a proper fit.
  • Washing instructions: Hand wash in warm water with mild detergent. Allow brace to air dry completely before reapplying. Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.
  • Other features:
    • Wear the splint interchangeably on the right or left arm
    • Supportive stays provide comfortable immobilization
    • The padded arm brace can be worn during the day or overnight
  • Color: Black

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Leslie H.
United States United States

Cubital Tunnel Brace

Very comfortable and easy to use

  • How is the fit? Too SmallSlightly SmallTrue to SizeSlightly BigToo Big
Jaymie SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

Gets the job done as expected, not allowing my elbow to bend past 90 degrees to prevent nerve damage. Thank you!

A BraceAbility Customer
Jaime W.
United States United States

It's a generous fit, feels good.

I really need it at night, because I have a tendency to hyper flex my elbows. I tend to take it off after an hour so. So, really, it's better for me to use it during the day. At least my elbow gets a rest.

BraceAbility Cubital Tunnel Brace | Elbow Immobilizer Sleeping Splint for Ulnar Nerve Pain and Tendonitis Treatment Review
Diane C.
United States United States

Cubical Tunnel Brace

I like the support, especially at night. My elbow was a hair less than 12” so I purchased L - 12-13”. It is a snug fit but feels comfortable.

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United States United States

It does what is intended for.

I am not going to say that I like using this brace or that it is super comfortable to sleep with, because it is not, I am waking up several times during the night; however, I started using it 2 weeks ago and my overall condition is much better, and my pain in the nerve, elbow and fingers have decreased tremendously. I can honesty say that I my discomfort and pain level due to Cubital Tunnel has reduced tremendously day by day. I couldn’t believe that this simple brace will do so much benefits. I have been sleeping much better every night as I get used to it though.

  • How is the fit? Too SmallSlightly SmallTrue to SizeSlightly BigToo Big