Runner's Knee & Jumper's Knee Braces

Runner’s Knee 

Runners’ knee is a general term referring to a wide number of conditions that cause knee pain (this term is not exclusive to running). Any activity that requires frequent bending of the knee can cause the pain around the knee cap, swelling, grinding or popping sensation associated with runners’ knee. Learn more about this and how to treat a sore knee from running.

Considering that runners’ knee actually refers to a number of conditions with causes ranging from overuse to trauma to misalignment to flat feet or weak thigh muscles, BraceAbility offers a variety of knee braces for runners and for treating runners’ knee.

Jumper’s Knee 

Jumper’s knee is a painful condition that is especially common among athletes whose sports involve jumping, such as basketball, volleyball or track and field. It can also affect athletes whose sports involve repetitive or explosive motions of the knee. Those with jumper’s knee experience pain, inflammation and stiffness in the area just below the kneecap where the patellar tendon lies.

This is because the aforementioned motions of the knee can cause small tears to the patellar tendon that connects the kneecap to the shin bone, causing the painful, performance-disrupting symptoms. If left untreated, jumper’s knee or patellar tendinitis can disrupt life outside of the court or field. Get more information about jumper’s knee.

Thus, it is important to address the condition. The simplest means of treatment involve taking time off from the stressful activity and icing the affected region. Also, in terms of both treatment and prevention, it is a good idea to engage in jumper’s knee exercises and stretches.

Knee Brace for Running & Jumping

BraceAbility stocks a number of knee braces for running. One that many have dubbed the best knee brace for running and other types athletic activity is the Incredibrace athletic knee sleeve.

Why is this one of the best knee braces for running? Well for one, this is our top-selling runner’s knee brace. This is in part thanks to the fact the unique bamboo, charcoal and geranium blend of the fabric increases blood and oxygen flow. This helps reduce swelling in a more timely fashion and promotes healing. This also eases pain.

The compression material of this running knee brace is also moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, odor-wicking and lightweight. All of these qualities are ideal for athletic activity.

Another “feature” that makes this the best knee support for runners is its surprisingly affordable price tag. And because this running knee support is designed with an active individual in mind, the brace is designed to guard against migration. Plus the knitted material of this knee brace for runner’s knee is lightweight, breathable and machine-washable.

Low-Profile Knee Treatment

Nobody wants to wear a bulky knee support for running. Our short runner's knee brace is specifically designed for the active individual. One important selling point is its sweat resistant quality.

In terms of function, this knee brace running aid has a c-shaped buttress and a versatile strapping system that supports and guides the kneecap. This treatment for runner’s knee is therefore ideal for patella tendon injuries as well as kneecap troubles such as patella subluxation or patella-femoral syndrome.

Knee Band for Running/Jumping Knee Pain Treatment

An even less restrictive knee support running option is wearing one of the many knee straps or knee bands BraceAbility sells. These knee straps for running are aimed at treating discomfort stemming from the patellar tendon that connects the kneecap to the shin bone. Therefore, these knee bands for runners are also a good solution for treating jumpers’ knee or patella tendonitis, which also involve overstressing this tendon. Learn more about the condition.

The most popular of these is the patella band. This runners’ knee band consists of a D-ring strap with a Velcro closure and a pressure pad for easing discomfort.

A similar but slightly more affordable knee strap for running and jumping is the Osgood Schlatter's knee strap. The durable neoprene provides tension control to the patellar tendon. It features bi-lateral strapping and a pull-up design. These features of the running knee band prevent it from shifting out of position.

Knee Pain Running Treatment

Sometimes knee pain from running treatment requires more rather than less restriction for a period of time. In such instances, one might consider the popular U-shaped patella stabilizer brace. Many consider this one of the best runners’ knee brace products thanks to the multi-faceted support the brace provides.

This brace for runners’ knee has a U-shaped patella stabilizer for treatment for runners’ knee and other injuries. The rigid knee brace for runners’ knee care stabilizes the ligaments and tendons of the knee while ensuring the patella is positioned correctly. Bariatric sizes of this runners’ knee support are also available. Check out BraceAbility’s full line of bariatric supports.

Its buttress is constructed of neoprene that applies compression and warmth to reduce swelling and promote healing and a unique strapping system for keeping the patella tracking properly. See more braces for patella dysfunction.

Hinged Knee Brace for Running

A hinged knee brace for running protects against side to side motions of the knee while permitting up and down motions. Plus the material of such braces often provides warmth and compression to the knee. See more hinged knee braces.

A lower-profile knee running brace option for the aforementioned conditions is the short patella tracking knee brace. Wearing this short, hinged knee support while running protects against patella subluxation, promotes proper patella tracking and tacks down the patella tendon to protect against patella tendonitis.

A feature that sets it apart from other runners’ knee braces is that it is made of CoolTex moisture-wicking material. This has obvious benefits when one is running with a knee brace.

How to Treat Runner's Knee

Exactly how to treat knee pain from running will vary depending upon the diagnosis and the individual, but it is probably a good bet care will include following the steps of rest, ice, compress and elevate (RICE).

The best runner's knee pain treatment is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. This involves warming up and stretching before engaging in activity and gradually working up to increases in distance or intensity. It is also important to pay attention to any pain—these are warning signals that should be heeded.

Another important element for prevention or runner knee treatments is to wear supportive running shoes. Knee pain does not always stem from the knee itself. Flat fleet, overpronation or an unusual gait, for instance, can all cause knee problems.

For this reason, attention to running shoes’ knee support is important. Many stores have tools and people that can help one find the best running shoes for knee support. This might involve analysis of gait, pressure points and what sort of running is done.

BraceAbility offers several other compression products that can help with circulation, warmth and reducing lactic acid buildup while one is running.  

Jumper’s Knee Supports as Preventative Measures

Besides getting you back to the athletic activities you enjoy and accelerating the healing process, wearing a jumper’s knee brace or a jumper’s knee strap can also be a preventative measure. The added support can help ward off overloading the knee and causing secondary injuries.

Wearing jumper’s knee brace can also help prevent or delay the need for more extreme treatment options, such as knee replacement or surgery to repair patellar tendonitis. 

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