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      7 products

      Our plus size lower back brace can help with lower back pain like arthritis or a herniated disc
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      The back brace for heavy lifting supports the tissues of the lumbar back and promotes proper lifting techniques, reducing stress on the back and easing pain.
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      Adjustable lower back and spine pain lumbosacral corset brace
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      Sacroiliac SI joint compression brace for coccyx tailbone pain relief
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      Lower back support brace for runners, athletes, and active people
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      the BraceAbility lower back pain brace is a white wraparound lumbar support
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      There are a variety of jobs that can cause major back problems. Whether you are moving heavy items in a warehouse, or have a sedentary desk job where you are sitting all day, it’s likely that at some point during your career you will face back problems. Why? Because our back is very susceptible to pain from diverse causes. Just standing for extended periods of time can cause your back muscles to cramp up, sitting in a desk chair with poor posture all day can strain your lower back, and you can completely throw your back out by improper lifting techniques. To begin understanding how to protect your back at work- let's first address what jobs most commonly cause back issues.

      The job you work at could be the cause of your back pain damaging your posture

      How Jobs that involve Lifting can Damage your Back

      If you work a job where you are constantly lifting heavy items (or people) you are probably not a stranger to back and spine pain. The most common back injuries caused by heavy lifting include muscle strain, chronic back upper pain, damage to ligaments, chronic thoracic back pain, pulled muscles, and chronic lower back pain. Occupations that commonly run into these problems include:

      Construction Workers: A study performed by the American Chiropractic Association showed that 70% of construction workers experience low back pain over a year period. Because construction requires heavy lifting, sudden movement, and movement while lifting - it’s no surprise construction workers tend to suffer from back pain.

      Nurses: It’s no secret as to why a nurse would likely suffer from back issues at work. On a day to day basis, nurses are constantly lifting and moving patients, which can be very hard on the body (especially the back and spine). On top of this, they have little to no rest time because of the urgency of their position.

      Warehouse workers and Movers: Similar to construction workers, men, and women who work in a warehouse or work as movers almost always experience some form of back pain. The heavy lifting that is required in these jobs places so much strain on the back that pain is often times unavoidable. It’s vital that warehouse workers and movers use safe lifting techniques to avoid extremely serious injuries.

      The Best Back Braces for Work and Heavy Lifting

      #1. Industrial Back Brace

      Those of you in need of a back brace for lifting will find long-term relief of lower back pain with this occupational support - great for manual labor jobs or jobs that are demanding on your lower back. The industrial strength lifting belt supports the tissues of the lumbar back and promotes proper lifting techniques, reduces stress on your lumbar spine, and eases the pain. This lifting belt is available in larger sizes up to 4XL for people with wide hips. Check out this page for more plus size back braces up to 6XL.

      #2. Lifting Back Brace with Suspenders

      Similar to the brace discussed above, this back brace for men who do heavy lifting can help relieve pain prevent pain from occurring in the first place or again. This brace is unique in that is has a wider range of sizes, so it can easily fit a plus size man with a bigger body frame, and has detachable suspender shoulder straps! This velcro back brace is also easy to put on and to adjust and is comfortable to wear all day while at work.

      #3. Compression Lower Back Support Brace

      This compression brace offers a more mild support for your back pain. This elastic girdle wrap type brace brings comfort and energy to the body while preventing pain in the back. The best thing about this brace is that it provides support while still allowing for the mobility you need to keep moving.

      #4. Back Support Corset for Women while at Work

      This back support belt which helps with lifting contours to the female body shape for maximum support! It features a pulley system that allows you to adjust the compression level you are looking for, making it a great way to relieve that back pain work has caused you.

      How your Job is Affecting your Posture

      If you work a job where your body is hunched over or you stand in the same place for extended periods of time, we have the right braces for you. Sedentary jobs can cause extreme back problems when you are holding incorrect posture. Bad posture is known for creating chronic lower and upper back pain for an individual. Aside from office workplaces where you are sitting at a desk, any job where you are constantly hunched over will create back pain because of the position you are holding yourself in. First off… what occupations are likely to run into these problems?

      Store clerks: If you’re a store clerk you may be confused why you are experiencing all this back pain. Well, people whose occupation requires them to hold the same position for extended periods of time while standing are often the most likely to have back pain! On top of this, if you are standing or sitting all day long with poor posture your back will feel even worse repercussions.

      Desk jobs: Similar to a store clerk the problems you experience with your back will be due to issues with posture. Having a sedentary job can place lots of stress on your back, especially if you are slouching. It’s important to move around over time if you are expected to sit at a desk for the majority of the day. Having correct posture will help to minimize back problems a person with a sedentary job may have.

      Landscapers and Gardeners: If you landscape or garden as an occupation you may suffer from back problems for many reasons. First, it is normal for you to stand or kneel in a hunched over position while trimming, pulling weeds, planting, etc. which places extreme stress on your back. Secondly, landscapers and gardeners are no strangers to heavy lifting. Landscapers and gardeners who often lift heavy stuff like bags of soil, mulch, rock, etc. may want to check out some of the braces in the above as well as below categories.

      The Best Posture Correctors to use at Work

      #1. Adjustable Posture Corrector

      It doesn't matter if you’re a sales clerk, receptionist, lawyer, or gardener...the posture corrector will work wonders for you. The posture correction brace works to change your muscles memory in order for you to hold yourself in an upright position. Once you have proper posture, the sedentary or hunched over work you have been doing will no longer cause you chronic back pain. The best part is this brace is completely adjustable!

      #2. Office Chair Pillow for Back Pain

      For those of you working a sedentary job, this desk pillow will be your best friend. This unique low back chair pillow can easily attach to any chair or seat. The pillow addresses back pain and supports the back to help you relieve proper posture.

      Whether your job involves lots of bending over, sitting, standing, climbing, lifting boxes, weights, people, equipment or building materials - you are in danger of hurting your back and spine on a daily basis. Now that you know what occupations are the most likely to cause back pain, and how to treat the back pain caused by those jobs...let’s talk prevention. First and foremost, if you work a labor job knowing proper lifting techniques is vital. If you don’t learn proper lifting techniques, we can almost assure you that you will experience chronic back problems.

      funny infographic on how to properly lift heavy objects

      So you may be asking yourself.. If I work a sedentary job how can I fix my bad posture? Take correcting your posture seriously now before it’s too late. Correcting your posture has so many health benefits outside of chronic back pain. Join BraceAbility in the 21 Day Posture Challenge as seen in the graphic below! Check out the graphic below to learn some fast do’s and dont’s for proper heavy lifting techniques. Once you’ve read those, learn the details on how to properly lift heavy objects.

      Calendar of exercises you should do over a month to correct or prevent bad posture