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Best Back Brace for Lifting

Lifting increases the degree of force on the spine and supportive structures of the back, and repetitive lifting such as that of a new mother or as required for some professions can cause upper or lower back injuries from lifting.

Back braces for lifting support the low back and abdomen, which help to stabilize the tissues of the back. The wide belt of this brace for lifting injuries features elastic pulls at the side of the brace for added support.

The same can be said for the suspenders that you can opt to wear for dealing with back pain after lifting. Such straps promote better alignment of the back, which can help prevent or ease lower or upper back pain from lifting. These straps have buckles that allow easy length adjustment and the suspenders can easily and quickly be removed if desired.

This back brace for men is constructed of nylon mesh material that is both cool and comfortable. This material is also quite durable, so you can rest assured this lumbar back support brace for males and females will hold up to frequent use.

You also never have to worry about finding the right size. Whether you're a petite or plus size individual, this back brace comes in numerous sizes ranging from small to 3XL. (Refer to the sizing chart to determine the correct size for you.)

When considering this is brace for lower back injuries from lifting, the closure of this brace is at the front of the body so you do not have to engage in any painful twisting to secure it. Web tracking helps prevent the back support for lifting from slipping. The lumbar belt of this back brace with suspenders is tapered at the front, giving it a more comfortable fit. The back brace with straps comes in a simple black color and is also free of latex. Another great feature about this workers back brace is that it fits easily over or beneath your clothes.

Wearing an occupational back support can also help simply from the standpoint that it reminds you to exercise proper ergonomic practices when it comes to lifting. This is immensely important for preventing back injury from lifting.

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Treat Upper and Lower Back Pain from Lifting

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Back injuries account for nearly 20% of all injuries and illnesses in the workplace and cost the nation an estimated $20 billion to $50 billion per year.” While total elimination of workplace back injuries from lifting, carrying and lowering materials is unrealistic, there are steps you can take to limit your risk of back injuries from lifting. 

infographic on the proper lifting technique with with a back brace

Simply by wearing this movers belt, patients are reminded to use proper form. The suspender back support can also help you to keep the back straight as per proper lifting form detailed above. One of the most critical steps for preventing lifting back pain is using proper lifting techniques (Refer to the right graphic) that put the least amount of stress as possible on your lower back (the most commonly injured area). This includes bending the knees and getting as close to the load as possible. You should take care to keep the back straight and to use the legs as much as possible to do the heavy work. You should avoid twisting when lifting, lowering or carrying the load. When you are done with the task at hand, straighten the back slowly and take a few seconds to stretch.

This lifting brace with elastic side pulls also help alleviate pressure on the back. The lumbar and abdominal compression it applies can also help ease lower back pain when lifting, carrying, or lowering materials; it can even ease discomfort when you’re is sitting. The compression it applies also enhances blood flow, which in turn speeds healing of a lifting back injury.

This lifting brace eases pressure on the back and helps you to use proper form when lifting. The lumbar and abdominal compression it applies can also help ease lower back pain when lifting, carrying, or lowering materials or even when sitting.

Staying in good physical condition both in terms of strength and flexibility is also important when it comes to warding off a lifting injury. If you’re a plus size individual, you are more prone to back injuries as your excess weight forces your back and spine to work harder. Wondering if you’re considered obese? Check out this BMI calculator to easily determine your current weight status.

Maintaining proper posture is another best practice for avoiding upper or lower back pain on the job. This occupational back brace can help with that as well. Aside from lower back pain, there are many bad health effects of poor posture in which you can easily avoid with a simple fix such as wearing a posture brace

It is important to keep in mind that wearing a back brace when lifting does not somehow enhance your strength or endurance. Such assumptions can lead you to overdo it, injuring the back and again causing back pain when lifting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this brace used for?

Typically, this back brace with suspenders are for those who are frequently lifting such as warehouse workers, construction workers, or movers that are constantly straining their back. It can also be used to promote proper posture while lifting to prevent muscle pulls or tears.

How do I know which size to get?

Using a fabric or flexible tape measure, find the circumference around your hips at the widest part of your buttocks. This industrial brace support fits hip circumference 24”-64”

How do I put on the brace?

First, place the suspenders over your shoulders and release the elastic side pulls. Place the brace so that the bottom of the support is directly above your tailbone. If you’re wearing a belt, slide your belt through the Sta-Put belt loops and fasten it. Next, secure the brace by overlapping the front panels. You can adjust the suspenders depending on your level of comfort. Before you lift, grab the elastic side pulls with your hand and pull them forward and fasten the hook and loop strip. 

Can I wash the brace?

Yes, for best results, make sure to secure all Velcro closures before washing. Hand wash cold with mild detergent and line dry.

Sizing chart for lifting back brace safety belt - measure the circumference around your hips. S-3XL fits up 64 inch hip circumferences
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