Universal Sling and Swathe Shoulder Immobilizer

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Sling and Swathe Shoulder Immobilizer

There are a number of instances where one might need to immobilize the shoulder with a sling and swath. The sling piece cradles the arm, while the swath holds it secure against the body. This arm support sling effectively supports and immobilizes the shoulder. A few of the injuries and surgeries that require immobilization through an arm sling with swath include:

This sling for shoulder pain is constructed of soft foam material that is sensitive to pressure and conforms to the body. This ensures the shoulder subluxation sling is comfortable to wear—a necessity considering one may need to wear the cradle arm sling for quite some time. The material of the shoulder fracture sling is also free of latex to prevent irritation of the skin while wearing for long periods of time.

How tight the swath component that wraps around the body fits can easily be adjusted thanks to the crisscross design and contact closures at the front of the sling. The straps cross behind the back and are secured at the front of the sling in order to support motion of the affected arm. As you can see, this universal sling and swathe can be customized for an ideal fit.

The sling and swathe instructions are easy to follow. The fact that the contact closures are located at the front of the body makes the sling and swathe application quick and simple. The easy application process also prevents further strain or injury of the shoulder and arm.

The straps cross across the center of the back and secure at the base of the bandage arm sling. This ensures a strap will not slide off one’s shoulder. This also puts less pressure on the neck than a triangular bandage arm sling. Another benefit is that the crisscross straps promote better posture when wearing the sling and swathe immobilizer and it increases the support to one’s shoulder joint.

The universal sizing of the sling & swathe along with the fact it can be used for either arm helps reduce inventory. This, in turn, translates to an inexpensive swath and sling for customers.

Sling and Swathe for Shoulder Injuries

A sling and swathe bandage serves two functions:

  1. Supports the arm
  2. Holds arm close against the body

Doing so protects the shoulder in situations where excess movements could cause damage. This might include after a shoulder dislocation, a shoulder fracture, a rotator cuff repair, or other surgical procedures.

The straps of this particular sling and swathe splint go over the shoulder, cross in the back and secure at the front of the brace to the arm bandage sling. This style of shoulder sling and swathe promotes better posture, which can make it more comfortable to wear the bandage sling for an extended period of time. But even more important when it comes to recovering from such surgeries, this shoulder support bandage offers more support than other forms such as an arm sling triangular bandage.

Wearing a chest arm bandage gives the shoulder a chance to heal, but it can also lead to stiffness that compromises one’s range of motion. It is essential to follow a doctor’s instructions when it comes to any exercises or periods when one should shed the sling with swath support.

Swathe Arm Bandage Sling Details

This swathe and swing splint is an ideal solution for treatment of a number of shoulder injuries. Following is a breakdown of its selling points:

  • Cradle-style sling supports the arm and shoulder
  • Swathe around the chest holds the arm against the body
  • The swing/swathe support effectively immobilizes the shoulder
  • Swathe and sling is composed of durable foam laminate
  • Swathe splint is made of pressure-sensitive material for a more comfortable fit
  • Sling bandage for the arm is lightweight and seamless
  • Durable sling for shoulder support
  • Easy-to-follow instructions on how to apply a sling and swathe
  • Inexpensive arm sling with swathe
  • Can be hand washed with mild soap and warm water
  • Universal size fitting most- up to 54” body circumferences
Sizing chart for shoulder and arm sling. One size fits most body circumferences up to 54 inches.
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