Sling & Swathe Immobilizer for Dislocated Shoulder, Broken Arm or Humerus Fracture


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Why You Need This Immobilizer for Dislocated Shoulders

Need to protect and secure your shoulder following an injury or surgery? An arm sling and swathe will protect and support your shoulder by immobilizing the joint. The sling piece cradles your arm, while the swath holds it secure against your body.

There are a number of instances where you might need to immobilize your shoulder with a sling and swath. A few of the injuries and surgeries that require immobilization include:

  • Broken clavicle or collarbone
  • Proximal humerus break
  • Rotator cuff repair
  • S/P glenohumeral acromioplasty


the braceability sling and swathe shoulder immobilizer is perfect for separations, dislocations, and fractures

Without a sling, you could move your arm incorrectly or bump into something on accident and re-injure your shoulder. And nobody wants that! So we’ve created an affordable sling to keep your shoulder safe while it heals. Compared to more expensive slings, this brace offers the same features and more at a small fraction of the price.

4 Unique Features of This Universal Arm & Shoulder Sling

  1. One Size Fits Most

    The universal sizing of the sling and swathe fits most adults (up to 54” body circumferences) and can be worn on your right or left arm. The texture of the fabric allows fasteners to adhere to any part of the sling for a customizable fit.

    Toddlers, children, and youth need special care for their growing bones and muscles, especially after an injury. Arm slings for kids are important because they protect your child from their own movement and outside forces following an injury. Try our pediatric shoulder splint to aid your child’s healing process and prevent further damage.

  2. Made of Soft, Padded Foam Laminate

    This sling for shoulder pain is constructed of latex-free, soft foam material that is sensitive to pressure and conforms to your body. This ensures the shoulder subluxation sling is comfortable to wear—a necessity considering you may need to wear this medical arm sling for several weeks. The soft, padded foam wrap and sling are breathable and lightweight for all-day comfort.

  3. Criss-Cross Shoulder Straps

    Shoulder straps cross at the center of your back and secure at the base of the bandage arm sling. Similar to a harness, this prevents the straps from sliding off your shoulder and put applies less pressure on your neck than a triangular bandage arm sling so you won’t get hurt. Another benefit is that the criss-cross straps promote better posture.

  4. Includes Swathe for Maximum Immobilization During Recovery

    Designed to cradle the arm and hold it securely against your body, eliminating unwanted swinging and movement for maximum support and immobilization—wearing a waist and arm bandage gives your shoulder a chance to heal.

the braceability shoulder sling and swathe has features that make them great for all day support

4 Tips for Wearing an Arm Sling for Shoulder Immobilization

  1. Dress Accordingly

    Getting dressed doesn’t have to be an impossible mission! Try wearing shirts that button or zip all the way down. Loose t-shirts and sweaters are also much easier to put on than tight-fitted clothing. Dressing aids can be extremely helpful during recovery. Consider buying a dressing stick or button hook.

  2. Use Pillows for Cushion While Sleeping

    Sleep on your back and use pillows to prop your entire upper body and injured arm at night. If that’s too uncomfortable, try elevating just your injured shoulder with a pillow for a good night’s rest. If necessary, loosen the straps while you sleep and reposition or adjust the length of straps in the morning so your elbow is bent at a 90° angle.

  3. Ice Your Shoulder

    For a quick recovery, make sure to apply ice to your injured shoulder regularly. Check out our shoulder ice wrap for hands-free support.

  4. Wash Your Sling Regularly

    We recommend hand washing this sling once a week in warm water with mild soap. Allow the brace to air dry completely before reapplying. You might want to consider buying two slings since air drying can take awhile. Different types of arm stabilizer slings might be washer-friendly—make sure to check the tag.

you need to wear the proper clothes and follow the correct process when wearing the braceability sling and swathe

Frequently Asked Questions About This Rotator Cuff Sling & Swathe

  • What conditions/injuries does this arm sling and swathe treat? Helps treat and manage shoulder pain caused by instability, separation, fracture, dislocation, strain / sprain, rotator cuff injury, collarbone or proximal humerus breaks and post-surgery. May also offer relief for stroke patients or work as an arm cast holder.
  • How does it work? Specifically designed to cradle the arm, holding it securely against the body to support and immobilize your shoulder.
  • When should you wear it? Can be worn all day for shoulder immobilization and support. Ask your doctor how long and how often to wear a sling and whether you need to wear it while you sleep
  • What is this shoulder brace made of? Latex-free, foam laminate with fastener closures.
  • Who can wear this brace? The universal, full arm sling fits most adults.
  • What size should I get? Using a soft / flexible tape measure, find the circumference around your bicep and chest. For the best result - have someone take your measurement for you. Universal size fits up to 54” body circumferences. Refer to our sizing chart for further instruction.
  • What are the dimensions of this orthopedic shoulder immobilizer? The body swathe (belt) is 5” tall.
  • How do I put on this separated shoulder sling? Position the sling against your rib cage. Place your affected arm through the sling. Bring straps up and over your shoulders. Criss-cross both straps against your back. Attach the straps to the front of the sling to support your affected arm. Secure your arm against your body by attaching the swathe strap to the sling. Place one end of the strap to the sling. Encircle your affected arm, bring around your back, and under your non-affected arm. Secure the loose end to the front of the sling.
  • Washing Instructions: Close all fastener components and hand wash in warm water with mild soap. Lay flat to air dry completely before reapplying. Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.
  • Other features:
    • Can be worn on your right or left arm.
    • Body swathe can be overlapped if too long.
    • Entire brace is fastener compatible body for a customizable fit.
  • Color: Black.
Sizing chart for shoulder and arm sling. One size fits most body circumferences up to 54 inches.
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