braceability one size black shoulder sling for a broken arm or, collarbone, and rotator cuff injuries
this sizing for the rotator cuff immobilizer is one size fits all for people from 4 foot tall to 6 foot 5
Our shoulder immobilizer is waterproof so you can have your arm in a sling while in the shower or pool while swimming
BraceAbility is offering on patented new shoulder sling that can be used on either shoulder to prevent a sore neck
adjust the shoulder strap and wrist strap on the arm immobilizer with one hand
The BraceAbility Shoulder Sling leaves the elbow free to breath and is waterproof unlike traditional arm slings
the torn rotator cuff and shoulder support sling can be used on the left or right arm by men, women, or children
The Shoulder Sling is effective in relieving pain from shoulder dislocations, clavicle breaks, nerve injuries, broken arms, and more!
The adjustable shoulder sling without a pocket can be worn on your right or left arm
The medical-grade materials on this support strap for ac separation make it a great recovery brace
Our waterproof arm sling can be worn while in a pool or showering to support a broken arm
Simply slip the support strap over your head and over an arm to immobilize your arm or shoulder as shown on instruction sheet

Waterproof Arm Sling | Comfortable Right or Left Universal Shoulder Support for Adults & Kids

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Product Description

Is This Shoulder Immobilizer Arm Sling Right for You?

We understand the uncomfortable feeling and pain associated with arm and shoulder injuries. An injured arm or shoulder requires constant rest as well as care. This arm sling shoulder immobilizer strap is committed to providing you effective relief while you recuperate from an injury, recover from surgery, or seek to alleviate shoulder, arm or wrist pain.

What Does It Do?

This shoulder stabilizer is specifically designed to help in the healing process for a variety of injuries including:

  • Shoulder dislocation and subluxation
  • Torn rotator cuff
  • Clavicle or collarbone breaks
  • Fractured humerus
  • Neuropathy or other nerve issues
  • Broken arms
  • AC separation
The BraceAbility Shoulder Sling was specifically designed for dislocations, subluxation, rotator cuff injuries, and collarbone injuries

It is ideal for clavicle breaks and nerve issues because it applies pressure to the collarbone, holding it in place and allowing it to heal with fusion. This results in a much stronger bond.

Some people may also find this sling effective for aiding in the recovery of stiff or frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis or periarthritis), shoulder bursitis, sprains, pinched nerves, and tendonitis. Please consult a health care professional if you have questions regarding treatment for a specific condition.

How Does It Work?

The design gives users the freedom to wear it in a variety of ways, depending on what is needed for your specific injury. It can be worn over either shoulder and on either arm to target a range of shoulder injuries.

When applied, it holds your arm at the level you adjust it to, allowing it to heal in the proper orientation.

Looking for complete immobilization? Check out our Sling and Swathe Immobilizer for shoulder injuries!

The Shoulder Sling vs. Traditional Medical Arm Sling

Many people receive a “traditional” or “basic” sling after shoulder surgery or following a visit to the hospital or doctor. This shoulder strap will perform a similar task as those basic slings, but with many added benefits!

Top 6 Best Advantages of This Rotator Cuff Sling

  1. Unique, Patented Design

    This design is the most versatile sling on the market. Truly a breakthrough in the orthopedic world, since it is the first sling that can be worn over your injured or non-injured side. This has many advantages for certain injuries and conditions, such as clavicle breaks, AC separations, dislocation, nerve issues, and more.

    The reason it helps with these conditions is in the fact that using the weight of your own arm, puts the right amount of pressure to stabilize the area. Along with the fact that most patients complain about their “good” side hurting due to the strap pressure from a traditional sling, now they can switch it from side to side.

    Plus, this brace leaves your elbow free! If you suffer from elbow bursitis, regular slings can irritate the elbow as you wear them.

  2. Non-Irritating to Neck and Shoulders

    Regular slings support your arm by putting pressure on the side of your neck, which after some wear can be painful and irritating. This strap moves that pressure over to your shoulder and can switch sides to your other shoulder so that one shoulder isn’t forced to support that burden alone.

  3. Cooler than Solid Slings

    The low-profile design is also much more freeing than an average, traditional sling. It leaves your arm uncovered to avoid overheating. Ideal for hot weather, working out and getting air to your injured arm or shoulder.

    Specially designed with all-day wear in mind, it is made of a soft elastic material, which is comfortable next to the skin. The elastic strap uses medical-grade fasteners and a heavy-duty metal buckle, ensuring they will hold strong throughout the day.

  4. Waterproof Arm Sling

    Perhaps “waterproof” isn’t the best phrasing, as this sling will still absorb water. However, it is water-friendly, meaning it is safe to get wet. Great to wear in the shower, bath, pool, and at the beach!

  5. Universal Fit

    It can be worn on the right or left arm, suitable for men, women, and children. The one size fits most style is designed to fit people ranging from 4’ to 6’5” tall.

  6. Easy One-Handed Adjustment

    It can be very difficult to put on shoulder slings by yourself post-surgery or with a painful injury. One of the greatest parts of this brace is that, unlike many shoulder slings, it is fully adjustable with just one hand. This strap system can be quickly adjusted throughout the day to change the size and fit of both the shoulder strap and wrist strap.

our shoulder sling is water safe keeps your arm cool and comfortable compared to a traditional arm sling

Frequently Asked Questions About This Shoulder Sling Brace

  • What conditions / injuries does this shoulder sling treat? Specifically designed to help in the healing process for a variety of shoulder injuries including subluxations, dislocations, rotator cuff problems, clavicle or collarbone breaks, and nerve issues. Also stabilizes your shoulder following surgery.
  • How does it work? Stabilizes arm, shoulder, and rotator cuff when recovering from an injury or surgery. It is also ideal for clavicle breaks and nerve issues because it applies pressure to the collarbone, holding it in place and allowing it to heal with fusion. This results in a much stronger bond.
  • When should I wear it? This sling is perfect for showering and is a great transition after a full immobilizer or regular sling.
  • Can I sleep with it? A shoulder brace can be an asset to relieving nighttime pain. Consult your doctor to determine if this is the right sleeping sling for your injury.
  • What is it made of? Made of soft, medical-grade elastic with hook and loop closures and a durable metal buckle. Contains latex.
  • Is it waterproof? Though it is not “waterproof,” it is water-friendly. Great for showering, bathing, and the pool.
  • Who can wear this brace? Has a large size range for one sling: fits most men, women, and children between 4’ to 6’5”. 
  • What size should I buy? One size fits most. Please refer to our size chart before purchasing.
  • Can I put the arm sling on by myself? Yes, The Shoulder Sling is very easy to put on and adjust with one hand.
  • How do I put it on? With wrist loop in front of body, slide strap over unaffected arm and head. Place hand of affected arm into wrist loop and tighten until snug. Adjust fastener on shoulder strap to lift arm further.
  • Does this arm sling work for either arm? Yes, the arm sling is reversible for use on the left or right arm as needed.
  • Can I tighten it while wearing it? Yes, the front-facing buckle allows the wearer to easily adjust strap length and wrist loop size for correct positioning.
  • Washing Instructions: Secure fastener and machine wash on delicate with like colors. Lay flat to air dry completely before reapplying. Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.
  • Other features:
    • If hand should be elevated, rotate strap around to bring hand up
    • Adjust shoulder strap to opposite shoulder as needed for comfort
    • Strap lays between your breast instead of over them, which is important for shoulder positioning and comfort
    • Perfect transitional sling after a full immobilizer
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 2 oz.

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