Bort Ostomy Hernia Belt Stoma Support for Colostomy Bag

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Ostomy Belt & Stoma Support

There are a number of instances where one might be in need of an ostomy support belt that diverts urine, feces, etc. away from the body. A doctor might create a stoma if one goes through a colostomy, ureterostomy or an ileal conduit, for instance. The reasons one might need such procedures vary widely, from bowel obstruction, to traumatic injury, to cancer, to a urinary tract defect to many more.

Whatever the reason one is in need of a stoma belt, the qualities one hopes to find in such a product are quite the same. Besides being effective and not leaking, most are looking for a discreet colostomy belt that fits easily beneath one’s clothes.

This ileostomy belt certainly fits the bill. It fits smoothly against one’s body. Plus the non-elastic composite velour material of which the colostomy support belt is composed is soft against the skin. There is also a large special lining in the stoma area of the ostomy band that is well suited for this delicate area.  

The 8.7-inch tall ileostomy support belt comes with two supporting splints that help prevent the ostomy support belts from bunching up or shifting out of position. They all increase the supportive components of this abdominal brace for a colostomy bag.

The ostomy belly bands also come with a plastic reinforcing plate that can be inserted at the inner face of the support in the area of the stoma opening for additional support and protection. It also helps to hold the colostmy bag in a correct position.

Such features help the ostomy belts support the connective tissues when they are weakened after such surgical procedures. Check out the ostomy belt reviews for another take on their effectiveness.

The Bort stoma support belts can also help with paralysis and hernia of the abdominal wall. Learn the difference between an abdominal strain vs. a hernia.

The colostomy belt support can be washed at temperatures up to 194 degrees Fahrenheit, which is also a convenient feature.

Best Ostomy Belt for Care after a Colostomy, Ureterostomy, Ileostomy & More

Stoma/ostomy support bands are a necessity following a number of procedures that temporarily or permanently reroute components of one’s digestive tract so that urine or feces can be released from one’s abdomen rather than going through the entire digestive tract.

Procedures such as these can allow one’s digestive tissues such as the intestines or ileum to rest and heal. Or in some cases, such as if one’s bladder is removed or badly damaged, it may be a medical necessity.

In any case, wearing a stoma support belt allows one to get back to daily activity in the aftermath of the operation. The wide ostomy girdle protects and supports the tissues of one’s abdomen and back after surgical procedures. This can make one more comfortable moving about afterward.

In addition, the wide stoma belts along with its back panel and supportive splints will also have no trouble supporting the bag.

The colostomy belts fit smoothly against one’s skin and are not bulky. The white color of the ostomy support band is also ideal for discreet use.

The placement of the stoma area can be freely positioned as appropriate for the abdominal support needs of each ostomy patient.

Slits and Velcro adjustments also enable one to adjust the colostomy girdle to fit most stomas.

User comfort also comes into play when selecting the best ostomy support belt, as one will likely be wearing it for lengthy periods of time. The ileostomy support belts are composed of a non-stretch velour material that is comfortable against the skin and allows easy movement.  The stoma area, in particular, has a skin-friendly lining.

Note that this product is more than an abdominal belt for ostomy patients; it can also be used as an abdominal truss for incisional hernia care or a belt for any type of hernia; as ostomy patients are predisposed to developing parastomal hernias.

Key Features of Colostomy Belt Support

If you’re looking for a stoma belt for women or men, you need look no further. You will be hard-pressed to find a better buy for ostomy supports. Following is a list of the many selling points of this support belt for colostomy:

  • Color: White
  • Works with most standard colostomy bags. Bag not included
  • Material: 55% PES Foam, 225% Polyamide, 15% Cotton, 5% Spandex
  • Circular ostomy abdominal belt with stomarecess
  • Width of the stoma recess of the support belt for ileostomy is adjustable
  • Ileostomy abdominal support belt has a large, comfortable lining in the stoma area
  • Stoma-area of the abdomen belt for ostomy care can be freely positioned thanks to a Velcro layer
  • Belt for colostomy includes two supportive yet comfortable splints to support the lower back lumbar area
  • Back support belt for ostomy pouch includes a plastic reinforcing plate for extra support and protection
  • Urostomy belts hug the body and fit discreetly beneath clothing
  • Abdominal support brace for colostomy patients is 8.7 inches tall
  • Ostomy girdles are composed of non-elastic velour, a flexible material with a plush feel
  • Colostomy support belts are easy to apply thanks to their anterior, abdominal closures
  • Colostomy belts support weak tissues in the aftermath of surgery
  • Support band for ostomy patients (including ileostomy, ureterostomy or colostomy) hernias of the abdominal wall, paralysis of the abdominal wall
  • Also functions as a hernia support garment for incisional, parastomal and other types of abdominal hernias
  • This girdle for men or women with stomas can be hand-washed or washed on the delicate cycle in your washing machine at temperatures up to 194 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove pad and close Velcro closures before washing. Air-dry. Do not put in dryer or use high temperatures to dry.
  • Wear this support only when under strain, not during rest or sleep. Avoid hindering blood circulation. In case of numbness, loosen the support and remove it if necessary. If irritation or numbness continues, contact your doctor
Sizing chart for ostomy belt and stoma support. Available is sizes S-L.
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