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Groin Compression Shorts for Sports Hernia Treatment

These hernia support shorts are quite versatile in terms of application. They can ease the symptoms of a groin inguinal hernia, a sports hernia or strain, in addition to providing support for strained or pulled quadriceps or hamstring muscles.

Besides the general compression the hernia shorts provide, the product also features two straps for targeted compression and support, as needed for treating a pulled quad, a groin strain or hernia.

One of these straps wraps around the waist and upper thigh, compressing and supporting this area and alleviating hernia groin pain or hip flexor discomfort. This strap for sports hernia recovery is four inches wide and eight feet long—providing adequate coverage without restricting one’s movement.  

A second strap encircles the lower thigh, supporting the quadriceps and hamstring muscles. This strap is six inches wide.

Both of these straps can be detached, so if one needs a groin hernia wrap he or she can simply remove the strap that encircles the upper thigh and vice versa for a hamstring or quad injury.

The fit of these high-stretch straps for easing hernia symptoms in the groin is highly adjustable thanks to their hook-and-loop closures.

These hernia compression shorts are composed of anti-microbial material, which is great not only for sanitation purposes but also for odor management. The fabric of the brace for athletic hernia is also moisture wicking for a cool, comfortable fit—even when one is in the midst of a game or workout.

These shorts for pulled thigh muscles, groin strain or hernia care comes in a simple black color. Note that the straps of the groin hernia belt are also black. The white straps shown in some of the photos are simply for illustration purposes.

Other benefits of wearing these shorts after a sports hernia diagnosis include the pain and inflammation reducing compression they apply as well as the healing the enhanced blood flow to the covered region encourages.

What Is a Sports Hernia?

Before getting into why these shorts are a great option for sports hernia treatment without surgery, it is worth spending some time explaining what a hernia in the groin really is.

Sports hernias are different than an abdominal or groin area hernia. A sports hernia refers to strains or tears of the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons) in the lower abdomen or groin area. The medical community refers to it as an athletic pubalgia. Athletic pubalgia/sports hernia causes include a sudden change in direction or intense twisting motions that are common in ice hockey, soccer, wrestling, martial arts or football.

Signs of a sports hernia include severe pain at the time of the injury in the groin area that will likely fade with rest. But a return to the athletic activity and especially twisting movement will renew one’s groin hernia pain. A sports hernia does not cause the visible bulge that is one of the hallmark symptoms of a groin hernia of the traditional variety.

The painful bulge that is one of the main signs of a hernia in the groin (inguinal hernia) is caused by soft tissue (such as one’s membrane lining or a part of the intestine) protruding through a weak point in the abdominal muscle. Coughing, bending or lifting something that is heavy can cause symptoms of a groin hernia to worsen.

While surgery is often recommended for treating an inguinal hernia of the groin since they can have life-threatening complications, treating sports hernias generally requires no surgery.

Non-Surgical Treatment for Sports Hernia in the Groin

There are a number of steps one can take to treat a groin injury or hernia, many of which can be done at home and are relatively inexpensive.

Go-to steps of treatment for a sports hernia include a period of rest as well as icing and compressing the painful area. These compression shorts for hernia make doing so simple. (BraceAbility offers wraps for cold therapy, as well.)

The straps of the sports hernia belt ensure that you get even compression in the area where it’s needed, easing groin pain from a hernia.

Anti-inflammatory pain medications can also help reduce any inflammation and discomfort.

Eventually, one can engage in sports hernia physical therapy. Rehab for sports hernia care focuses on improving the strength and flexibility of one’s abdominal and inner thigh muscles. This is a major component of how to prevent a sports hernia injury going forward.

In some cases, a cortisone injection may be needed to ease hernia in the groin area symptoms. If that and other non-surgical sports hernia treatment methods fail to bring relief, surgery may be needed.

Wearing these compression shorts can make sports hernia surgery recovery more pleasant. In addition, the fact that the support is geared toward athletic use means one can wear them for added groin hernia support during sports hernia surgery rehab.

As noted, surgery is a common mode of treatment for a more traditional hernia by the groin. Leading up to this procedure or in lieu of it, the groin hernia truss can prevent the protrusion from worsening and help manage pain.

The compression it applies can also help with groin pain after hernia surgery. Groin hernia surgery recovery usually takes one to two weeks. As one is recovering, the compression shorts for inguinal hernia can help support the abdomen in the event you need to cough, sneeze, vomit, etc.

Generally speaking, one should wait four weeks before returning to strenuous exercise. When one does get back into the swing of things, the support provided by the sports hernia brace can make one more comfortable moving about.

Compression Shorts for Sport Hernia Treatment

Sports hernia pain, groin strains, hip flexor pain and other injuries in this region of the body can be tricky to treat due to their location. But these sports hernia compression shorts simplify the treatment process. Following is a detailed list of its features:

  • Sports hernia shorts support the groin, hip flexor, hamstring and quadriceps
  • Shorts feature two straps for hernia or groin strain care or thigh muscle strain
  • 8-foot long and 4-inch wide strap encircles the waist and upper thigh
  • 6-inch wide strap wraps around the hamstring and quadriceps
  • Highly stretchable straps provide targeted compression for groin pain and hernia treatment
  • Compression the shorts apply eases sports hernia symptoms by reducing inflammation
  • Enhanced blood flow to the lower groin hernia area speeds the healing process
  • Velcro closures of the sports hernia support make it easy to adjust the fit of the straps
  • Straps can be detached depending upon whether you need treatment for a groin hernia or a pulled hamstring
  • Indications: Inguinal/sports hernia or groin strain, hip flexor pain, quadriceps/hamstring strains
  • Athletic hernia wrap is moisture wicking
  • Can also provide the support and compression needed after surgical groin hernia repair
  • Geared toward athletic use so it can be used during sports hernia therapy
  • Anti-microbial material of the sports hernia wrap helps with odor management
  • Shorts for abdominal sports hernia care are composed of nylon and spandex for a lightweight fit
  • Nylon makes this hernia treatment groin support quite durable
  • Spandex ensures the brace for groin strain or sports hernia is flexible and hugs the skin
  • Breathable material makes this comfortable for sports hernia rehab without surgery
  • Can be used for recovery from sports hernia surgery or inguinal surgery recovery
  • The shorts for sports-related hernia treatment are low-profile and  fit easily beneath one’s clothes
  • Women’s or men’s hernia shorts
  • Black inguinal hernia compression shorts
Sizing chart for groin compression shorts. Available in sizes S-2XL.
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