8 Nearly Impossible Yoga Poses: Advanced Yoga Positions for Experts

We all love to see those crazy yoga instructors bending and twisting themselves into unbelievable knots. So we decided to try some of these impossible poses and capture the hilarious pictures. These poses are not advised to be tried, or at least attempted, at home; advanced yoga poses should only be practiced under the supervision of a yoga instructor. They can actually help guide you through the motions safety. The silhouette of the yoga pose is how it’s “supposed” to look and on the left is our attempt at it, so sit back and enjoy!!

destroyer of the universe kala bhairavasana flexibility yoga pose

Destroyer of the Universe

We call this one, Creator of Happiness. Between all the laughing this as good as it got. Her leg is totally behind her ear, right? You would really have to be flexible to get your leg that far.  

half lotus crow yoga pose balancing on hands

Half Lotus Crow

half lotus side crow for love handle yoga pose

Half Lotus Crow

It's more along the lines of: Half Lotus Can’t. Yes, it is as hard as it looks. Two different people attempted, and this is what we got.  

hand stand bow yoga pose

Hand Stand Bow

The Ankle Grabber. Let’s give her credit because she was pretty close!

downward facing frog pose yoga from mandukasana


Also known as the Pancake. She got it! And she is still smiling through it, most people would be crying.  

big toe pose for yoga to stretch your back

Big Toe Bow

We call this the Big Toe Bow because she nailed it!   

one legged inverted staff eka pana viparita dandasana yoga pose for hips

One Legged Staff

Okay, so the concept is there! We like to refer to this one as The One Legged Bridge.   

firefly insect tittibhasana yoga pose for balance


He gave it his best shot; it is a lot harder than it looks! He looks like he is in a lot of pain trying to do that! Our photographer refers to this one as the Dog Squat.   

Okay, but in all seriousness why should you do yoga? We did have a lot of fun trying to do all these crazy poses, but there are actually a lot of reasons why you should start practicing yoga.

Yoga is essentially designed to help attain positivity and gain focus, serenity, and peace. Here are a few reasons why you should practice yoga:

  • It’s an excellent workout: There are many different levels, and speeds for every individual.
  • It can be a great stress reliever: The relaxation helps to lower the level of stress hormones.
  • It can help your breathing technique: Yoga teaches people to take slower, deeper breaths.
  • It can increase your flexibility: Yoga helps to improve your flexibility. It increases your range of motion, while also reducing aches and pains.
  • It can improve your sleep: There are some poses that are actually meant to be done right before you go to sleep.
  • It will improve your posture: A lot of the breathing and positions require a straight back. Check out these easy moves for improving posture.
  • It will improve your strength: Yoga will help to develop both your physical and mental strength. You work on this so you can sit longer in meditation.
  • It can help you reach inner peace: Meditation can help you to get in touch with your spiritual side.

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