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Pediatric Ankle Brace for Sports & General Pain

Ankle pain in kids is a heart wrenching experience without the added burden of making them wear uncomfortable or cumbersome ankle braces for kids. This pediatric ankle support provides lightweight support and protection so that it can heal quickly and correctly so your child can get out of the brace and back to normal activity as quickly as possible.

This brace for ankle pain in children can help with ankle sprains, swollen ankles, instability and other sources of ankle pain. It can do so thanks to the figure-8 straps that secure the ankle. These straps are made of durable, non-stretch nylon. And the figure-8 configuration is a more efficient and lasting solution than said method of taping. It eliminates much of the potential for user error and is much easier and quicker to do. In addition, this ankle stabilizer for kids will not tug one’s leg hairs as may be the case with ankle taping.

This ankle brace for kids supports and protects the ankle via its dual figure-8 strapping system to protect the ligament complexes on either side of the foot. Taping takes time and skill, as incorrectly taping or taping the ankle too tight or too loose will do little good. The youth ankle support is composed of ballistic nylon that is quite durable and will hold up to impact or force. The kids’ ankle support also comes with ventilated spacer fabric for a more comfortable fit. A wide elastic compression strap also helps reduce any inflammation and holds this ankle brace for sports in place. It also secures the laces of the sports ankle support so that a child is not at risk of slipping on them. The lace-up design means the youth’s ankle brace fits securely and is easy to adjust. The functional yet comfortable elements of this product make it one of the best ankle braces for sports.

The black ankle brace for children can treat a number of ankle injuries, including (but not limited to): Ankle sprains/strains (moderate), Ankle instability, and Ankle weakness. The ankle support for kids can also be worn to prevent an injury from occurring in the first place, especially if one’s child is involved in a high-risk sport or has injured the ankle in the past. For instance, this could easily be used as a prophylactic kids basketball ankle brace. 

The ankle brace for a child is constructed of ballistic nylon that is thin but strong. But it also has a flex mesh tongue and Achilles area that increases the breathability and comfort factor of this toddler ankle brace. Also to that end, the small ankle brace has no seams to irritate the foot.A strap around the ankle of this brace for child ankle pain adds support and secures the laces of the brace so that they do not pose a tripping hazard. The lace-up design also means one can easily adjust the fit of this brace for kids’ sprained ankle injuries. See more lace-up ankle braces.

A thumb loop at the ankle also makes the children’s ankle brace easier and quicker to apply. This child-size ankle brace will fit either the right or left foot. It is also free of natural rubber latex.

Dealing with Ankle Pain in a Child

Trauma, overuse and growing pains can all lead to ankle pain in kids. Unfortunately, ankle injuries in children, especially kids’ ankle sprains, are a relatively common occurrence. But the good news is that in many cases, conservative, at-home methods are enough to ease a child’s ankle pain.

Over-the-counter pain killers can help with any discomfort and resting, icing, compressing and elevating (RICE) it can reduce a kid’s swollen ankle and pain.

A sprained ankle in children and other such injuries also make one more vulnerable to further injury. Therefore, It is important to protect against further damage by taping or wearing ankle braces for children when treating sprained ankle in kids and other injuries. 

An ankle sprain is a very common injury among children and adolescents that occurs when the ligaments of the ankle are overstretched or torn. This might occur by landing a jump awkwardly, stepping on an uneven surface or rolling one’s ankle or falling down—any motion that forces the ankle out of its normal position can sprain one’s ankle. Not surprisingly, sport participation increases one’s risk of injury as can a previous injury. Therefore, many opt to wear a youth ankle brace for football, for example, to protect against a sprain. See our full selection of sports braces. An ankle sprain causes pain, swelling, instability and bruising, with the degree of symptoms depending upon the severity of the injury.

While learning how to stabilize a sprained ankle via figure-eight taping can be quite a hassle and may take several tries to get it right (testing your patience and that of your child), this figure-8 ankle child ankle support provides the same benefits but in a way that is much easier and quicker to apply and adjust. When it comes to kids ankle braces, speed of application and a durable fit are important features. This ankle support for children checks both boxes. 

Massage can also also help as a component of sprained ankle treatment for kids by reducing inflammation in the immediate days after a child ankle injury and then down the road for loosening the muscles around the ankle and preventing the formation of scar tissue.

Key Features of Child Ankle Brace

When it comes to kids, twisted ankle injuries, sprains and more are relatively common occurrences, especially if your child is involved in sports. Thankfully, most such injuries can be addressed at home via simple methods such as following the steps of RICE and protecting the ankle via an ankle stabilizer for kids. Following is a breakdown of the many features that make this a good ankle brace for kids:

  • Small ankle support mimics support of a professional figure-8 tape job
  • Easier and quicker to apply than ankle taping
  • Anatomically designed ankle support for kids with figure-8 strapping system supports and protects the ankle
  • Figure-8 kids’ brace provides lightweight and low-profile support
  • Straps are composed of durable, non-stretch ballistic nylon that is designed to stand up to impact and wear
  • Tongue and Achilles area of this child ankle orthotic is breathable flex mesh material
  • Small ankle brace features a seamless design
  • Lace-up kid’s ankle brace ensures a secure and customized fit
  • Straps are secured via convenient hook and loop closures
  • Compression strap around the ankle secures the laces and holds the brace in place, while also reducing inflammation and promoting healing of pediatric ankle injuries
  • Indications: Ankle sprains and ankle strains, general ankle pain, ankle instability, ankle swelling, Support for sports to stabilize ankle and prevent re-injury
  • Ankle strap of this child-size ankle support also adds a layer of compression and support
  • Includes thumb loop for easier application and adjustment
  • Youth ankle wrap leaves the forefoot and toes free
  • Can  be hand-washed using mild detergent
  • Black child-size ankle brace
  • Pediatric ankle support works for either the right or left ankle
  • Free of natural rubber latex
Sizing chart for youth ankle pain brace - measure the circumference around your heel. 2XS-S fit ankle circumferences from 9
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