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Prophylactic & Functional Knee Brace

This adjustable knee brace can help with both preventing and treating a ligament tear. Because of its versatility, it is dual-purposed as either a functional or prophylactic knee brace. More specifically it can help with tears, injuries, or reconstruction of the following:

 *Call our customer service line to ask about optional PCL and CI conversions

This particular knee brace stands out from other functional and prophylactic braces due to the fact that the aerospace grade aluminum frame is extremely strong, lightweight and customizable.

The low-profile design of this knee brace is lightweight enough that it can be worn during sports and athletic activity. It can even be used during contact sports, making it a popular prophylactic knee brace for football.

The functional knee orthosis has a posterior calf cuff that minimizes pressure on the tibia. The rigid top of the knee support reduces medial clearance difficulties, while also optimizing user comfort.

The cuff of this functional knee brace is highly adjustable so that it can be altered to account for changes in the thigh due to muscle atrophy and/or building of muscle. This component also helps keep the brace consistently suspended. The knee brace also includes a calf strap with silicone grips, serving similar benefits to the calf cuff.

The metal linkage hinge of this motion pro functional knee brace tracks the axis of the knee, which also helps with suspension. This feature also makes the knee brace for ligament tears comfortable to move about in or wear during athletic activities.

Adding to the comfort appeal of this ACL functional brace is the compression molded liners that are padded. This padding is constructed with user comfort in mind by the fact that they are covered in faux suede material. This product has all the features of the best knee brace for ligament injury, with the added bonus of an off-the-shelf price.

The functional knee brace for ligament tears is available in sizes ranging from S-2XL. Each size is available for either the left or right leg. To determine your size, measure the circumference around the following points: 6” above the kneecap, middle of the kneecap, and 6” below the kneecap.

Effective Prophylactic Knee Brace with Functional Capabilities

Following and leading up to surgery to repair a damaged ligament, one will likely need prophylactic bracing to support the knee and protect against further damage. In some cases, a doctor might recommend a prophylactic knee brace for ligament damage treatment without surgery for added support.

Functional knee brace reviews reveal increasing popularity of such products for the knees in high-risk sports like soccer, football, basketball or alpine skiing. Wearing a prophylactic/functional ACL brace is well worth it for some when you consider that the full recovery time for an ACL tear is often up to a year.

The effectiveness of a knee brace for torn ligament injuries hinges on a proper fit and function of the orthotic. This knee brace for ligament tear prevention has integrated slide guard protection, including features like silicone grips on the calf strap, a knee axis-tracking hinge, and adjustable thigh cuff and compression-molded liners that help keep it suspended.

The hinge ensures smooth movement during sports and athletic activity. The support is also lightweight and strong, optimizing it as a functional knee orthotic for participation in athletic activity. The knee brace additionally features a low-profile fit, so one need not worry about a bulky brace disrupting his or her performance.

Features of Ligament Prophylactic Knee Braces

This knee brace has a number of features that make it an ideal prophylactic or functional orthotic. Following are some of them:

  • Affordable, off-the-shelf knee brace
  • Functional knee brace for ligament tears
  • Doubles as a prophylactic knee brace for sports—contact and noncontact
  • Rigid top is adjustable for changes due to muscle atrophy, hypertrophy, and weight gain or weight loss
  • Rigid top cuff also reduces medial clearance issues
  • Upper cuff and knee-axis tracking hinge keep knee orthotic suspended
  • Made of aerospace-grade aluminum frame that is strong and customizable
  • Lightweight knee brace for ligament injury
  • Low-profile design
  • Metal linkage hinge with integrated slide guard
  • Posterior calf cuff will not pressure the tibia
  • Compression-molded, faux-suede liners that are padded
  • Calf strap has silicone grip material that helps with brace suspension
  • Optional PCL and CI conversions (call if interested)
  • Protects damaged, deficient or repaired knee ligaments, including the ACL, PCL, LCL, MCL and combined injuries
  • Stabilizing knee brace
  • Pre- and post-surgery knee brace
  • Available for either the right or left knee in sizes S-2XL. Based on one’s circumference 6” above the mid-patella | at the mid-patella | and 6” below the mid-patella
Sizing chart for prophylactic and functional knee brace. Available in sizes S-2XL.
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