Lightweight Walking & Jogging Knee Support Brace

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Looking for a no-fuss, cool brace for dealing with knee pain when walking or jogging? This lightweight knee brace is the ticket. It is constructed of hypoallergenic, sweat-resistant material that is specifically designed to release moisture and heat, making it a cool and comfortable knee brace for athletic activity.

Detailed Description

Knee Brace for Walking, Jogging, and More

Walking, hiking, climbing stairs or jogging with knee pain, to name just a few examples, is an all-too-common occurrence among those of all activity levels. This lightweight knee sleeve is geared specifically toward active individuals, though its low-profile design makes to appealing to just about anyone dealing with knee pain when bending and walking.

The cooling knee brace is made of a unique neoprene-alternative material that maximizes airflow. The highly porous material allows heat and moisture to easily escape for a cool, comfortable fit. The material of this cool knee brace is also hypoallergenic and soft.

Open-patella design of the small knee support improves its flexibility, making it a better knee brace for jogging. Plus this keeps pressure off a sore kneecap. The popliteal area at the back of the knee is closed for added support and compression. Also appealing, the seam of the jogging knee brace is located in this area.

The c-shaped buttress of the knee compression sleeve stabilizes the knee, which is especially helpful for those in need of knee support for walking downhill or uphill or running/walking on uneven surfaces, such as while hiking or trail running.

The buttress is compression molded and textured, helping to prevent it from sliding out of position. Plus one can move it to either the right or left side of the knee for either medial or lateral knee support.

The versatile strapping system of these braces for walking, running, etc., allows one to easily adjust the amount of tension it applies. The D-ring and Velcro closures of these straps and compact design of the breathable knee brace also make application and removal a breeze.

The support the sports knee brace applies can help with several knee injuries and conditions, including knee sprains or strains, patella subluxation, patellofemoral pain syndrome, or as part of rehab for a patella tendon injury.

The brace for joggers’ knee pain comes in eight sizes, ranging all the way up to 4XL. Thanks to its sleek design (it’s only six inches wide), the only measurement one must take to select the most comfortable knee support is the circumference of the knee joint.

Dealing with Knee Pain When Walking and Exercising

The knees are one of the joints in the body of which we ask the most. Simply walking increases the amount of force one’s body weight puts on the joint by three to six times. Activities like running, jumping, or moving downhill amplify that strain. Throw on the added weight of gear or extra pounds and it’s truly amazing how much force the knees can withstand.

Understandably, this can take a toll on the tissues of even a healthy joint. And if muscle imbalances, structural abnormalities, tight tissues or other injuries throw off the dynamics of how the joints’ elements works together, even walking too much might cause one knee pain.

This particular joggers’ knee support with its c-shaped buttress can help in instances where the kneecap is not tracking as it should, such as after one has sprained or subluxated the knee cap. A full or partial dislocation of the kneecap can leave one’s knee unstable for a period of time as this injury damages the soft tissues of the joint.

As one recovers from a sprained, subluxated or dislocated kneecap, this joggers’ knee support with a buttress can add some stability and support. Plus its buttress offers lateral or medial support to the kneecap.

Another condition that this brace can help with is patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS). This refers to pain at the front of the knee that is caused by a roughening, wearing down or softening of the cartilage beneath the kneecap.

One might especially notice the knee pain when walking uphill, climbing stairs, squatting, sitting with the knees bent or jumping. A catching, popping or grinding sensation when walking is also common.

Overuse, injury, misalignment of the kneecap or excess weight can all lead to patellofemoral pain syndrome. Besides taking a break from irritating activities, treatment for PFPS may include using a brace that stabilizes the kneecap, icing the joint, engaging in some physical therapy to improve strength and flexibility of the leg and in rare cases surgery.

Full or partial patellar tendon tears are other possible injuries that are often seen in weekend warriors—usually middle-aged adults attempting explosive-type moves without proper conditioning. A major tear to the tendon that connects the kneecap to the shin bone will likely require surgery to repair, but a small tear can usually be treated by engaging in physical therapy and wearing a brace for several weeks. This low-profile knee pain brace for athletes is an easy solution for doing so.

Key Features of Brace for Jogging with Knee Pain

Walking can be good for knee pain, but only if one’s kneecap is stabilized so that additional damage does not occur. This sleek athletic knee brace is a great solution for the many causes of knee pain when walking, running, hiking, jogging or engaging in other types of physical activity. Following is a list of its features.

  • Knee brace for treating patella subluxation/dislocation, patellofemoral pain syndrome, knee sprains and patella tendon tears
  • Knee brace for sports releases heat and moisture for a cool, dry fit
  • Material of the knee brace for athletes is hypoallergenic and soft against the skin
  • Lightweight, open patella knee sleeve covers no more of the leg than necessary (6 inches long)
  • C-shaped buttress of the knee brace for running can be moved for either lateral or medial knee support
  • Compression-molded, textured buttress keeps the minimalist knee brace elevated on the leg
  • D-ring and Velcro strapping system make it easy to apply, remove and adjust the patellofemoral pain knee brace
  • Seam of the athletic knee support is at the back of the brace, minimizing irritation
  • Black workout knee brace

Sizing Chart

SizeKneecap Circumference
Measurement taken at circumference of kneecap

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Lightweight Walking & Jogging Knee Support Brace

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