Metatarsal stress fracture foot brace and walking boot
Sizing chart for foot stress fracture boot. Available in sizes XS-XL.
Stress fracture walking boot has a lightweight, low-profile design
Metatarsal stress fracture shoe has additional padding for a secure fit while walking
Velcro straps allow for quick and easy application and adjustment of metatarsal stress fracture cast
the fractured foot boot is very light weight
Boot can also help with fractured toes, sprained feet or ankles, plantar ulcers, and post bunionectomy
To apply this short fracture boot follow these 4-step instructions
How to put on the short fracture boot instruction sheet
hand wash the metatarsal stress fracture boot by hand with warm water and detergent
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Metatarsal Stress Fracture Foot Brace Walking Boot

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Product Description

Foot Stress Fracture Boot

This walking boot for a stress fracture in the foot bones (metatarsals) has metal reinforced uprights that provide ultimate protection and support to the foot and ankle. When these areas are injured, they are vulnerable to additional damage. This stress fracture foot boot keeps this from occurring.

Metal is not the most comfortable material to have rubbing against one’s skin. Therefore, this metatarsal stress fracture boot has a deluxe foam liner that acts as a buffer between the hard components of the boot and one’s skin.

The liner of this boot for a stress fracture in the foot does not enclose the toe. The open-toe design increases the breathability of the boot for metatarsal stress fractures and it prevents any rubbing of the toes against the end of the boot. This makes it an ideal walking boot for stress fracture of the toes.

The footbed of this foot brace for metatarsal stress fracture care is wide to allow for swelling or bandaging and simply to make the foot orthotic more comfortable. There is also an extra strap for additional padding at the ankle where more movement is required.

The bottom of the boot is rounded in an arched rocker fashion. This enables one to move about in a more natural, energy-efficient way than one might in a flat-bottomed boot. The low-profile of this walking boot is also helpful to that end. This particular BraceAbility stress fracture boot is 11 inches tall and surprisingly lightweight.

Besides stress fracture foot treatment, this cam (controlled ankle movement) walker boot can also help with strains and sprains of the foot or ankle, diabetic ulcers, after a bunion surgery and for other less serious foot and ankle injuries.

Foot Brace for Stress Fracture Care and More

A metatarsal stress fracture refers to a tiny crack or a severe bruise within one of the bones of the foot (typically the second or third metatarsal). This is a relatively common injury, especially among runners or those in sports that involve a lot of running, such as soccer or basketball.  A stress fracture in the metatarsal is usually caused by overuse or repetitive activities. Specifically, a sudden increase in physical activity is often to blame.

Metatarsal stress fracture treatment is typically conservative in nature. But note—it is important to undergo treatment for stress fracture foot injuries, as ignoring the injury can lead to a full-blown break to the foot bone and a recovery period that is longer, more complicated and more expensive.

Resting, icing, compressing and elevating the foot are good initial steps for stress fracture metatarsal treatment. These methods provide pain relief for the stress fracture in the foot by reducing inflammation and swelling. A doctor might recommend a brief period on crutches for non- or limited weight bearing, as well as the use of a foot boot for stress fracture care. 

Using a stress fracture foot treatment boot can reduce stress on the foot and ankle and lower the chance of additional injury setting back one’s recovery. A period of rest and orthotic usage can give the weight bearing bones and their supporting tissues a chance to heal. Indeed, not doing so is often the culprit for this foot injury in the first place.

Avoid further injury—preventing knee, hip, and back pain—due to leg length discrepancy when wearing a walking boot with the Evenup Shoe Balancer. The Evenup is the easy way to “even up” leg length from your hip to the sole of your foot, making walking with a boot safe and pain free.

evenup shoe balancer for BraceAbility walking boot


Avoiding activities that stress the feet and legs is also an important component of treatment for a stress fracture in the foot.

In the rare case that surgery is necessary, this surgical shoe for stress fracture care can also protect one’s foot and help during the recovery process.

Boots for stress fractures can also treat sprains of the ankle or foot. Treatment for such injuries often involves following the steps of RICE and possibly a period where one limits pressure on the foot and ankle via a walking boot for foot stress fracture care. A doctor can recommend whether a high-top or short walking boot for stress fractures is more appropriate for one’s ankle sprain.

The metatarsal stress fracture brace’s ability to reduce pressure on the foot also makes it useful for the treatment of diabetic plantar ulcers. Pressure on the foot can make it difficult for such wounds to heal.  Shoe insoles can also help with the treatment of ulcers by more evenly distributing pressure across the foot.

The medical boot is also helpful following some surgeries, such as a bunion removal (bunionectomy). This is because the post-operative shoe for stress fractures and more immobilizes the foot and reduces pressure on it. Orthotics for treating bunions are also available for those wishing to forego the knife.

Key Features of BraceAbility’s Short Fracture Boot

Finding the best walking boot for metatarsal stress fracture treatment is no easy task, but this particular foot splint for stress fractures checks many boxes in users’ wish list. Following is a breakdown of the features of this brace for foot stress fracture treatment:

  • Stress fracture walking boot has a lightweight and low-profile design
  • Wide footbed of this stress fracture foot brace/walking boot allows for bandaging and swelling
  • Wide foot area also makes this boot helpful after surgery to repair a bunion
  • Open-toe design of this orthotic for foot stress fracture treatment increases its breathability and will not irritate the toes
  • Metatarsal stress fracture shoe has an added ankle strap for additional padding
  • Easy-to-adjust straps allow for quick and easy application and adjustment of metatarsal stress fracture cast
  • Arching rocker design of cam boot for stress fractures enables a smooth, energy-efficient gait
  • Metal reinforced uprights make this stress fracture foot brace durable
  • Metal components of this stress fracture metatarsal boot enhance its protective qualities
  • Deluxe foam liner makes this shoe/boot for stress fractures more comfortable
  • This stress fracture foot support can also help with fractured toes, sprained feet or ankles, plantar ulcers, after a bunionectomy and for other less serious foot and ankle injuries
  • The liner of the boot can be adjusted for less or more stress fracture foot compression
  • Relatively affordable medical boot for a stress fracture on the foot
  • Weight
    • XS weighs 1 pound 13 ounces
    • S weighs 1 pound 15 ounces
    • M weighs 2 pounds 2 ounces
    • L weighs 2 pounds 4 ounces
    • XL weighs 2 pounds 14 ounce 

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Carole J.
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Happy customer

Very good. I was delighted it arrived quickly. Good quality. Thanks y’all!

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Elisabeth C.
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Has made such a difference!!!

Wow!!! This is the boot I needed. Switched from the one they put me in and what a difference… so glad I found your site. Great boot for my 5th Met Fracture!

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Sue C.
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Metatarsal boot

Good thank you !!!

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Lynzie D.
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Very pleased

It fit well it wasn’t heavy Easy to walk in Able to keep my balance

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BraceAbility Metatarsal Stress Fracture Foot Brace Walking Boot Review
Laura K.
United States United States

Foot walking boot

It was a positive experience

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