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Brace for Meniscus Tear Recovery

This meniscus brace allows one to receive both benefits of cold therapy and pneumatic compression, both of which are helpful when it comes to meniscus injury treatment as well as dealing with a number of other conditions including:

The cold therapy knee brace helps to protect, support, and provide compression to the injured knee. It is indicated to help diminish swelling and decrease pain and muscle spasms one may be experiencing.

The brace itself is composed of plush foam laminate that is comfortable against the skin. The brace can be applied with simple Velcro closures that also enable easy adjustment.

The pneumatic brace has a detachable pump that provides pressurized air for compression that is needed for dealing with post meniscus surgery pain. This allows the patients to customize the compression that is applied to the injured knee. To inflate, attach the tube with bulb to the valve. Move the switch to ON and pump the bulb to a desired compression, make sure not to over inflate. To deflate, press the button at the base of the bulb. When the desired compression is attained, switch to OFF position and remove tube with bulb from valve connection. It may also be deflated by removing the tube while in the ON position.

Another key component of therapy for meniscus tear or other injuries is applying ice. This brace makes doing so a simple process, as it includes two ice packs that provide cold therapy around the kneecap. There is also an optional stockinette sleeve that one can wear in between the cold therapy knee brace. For cold therapy treatment, it is recommended to wear the gel pack for 20 minutes and then take 20 minutes off.

These ice packs can be placed inside the brace to help to reduce swelling and pain by slowing down blood flow to the affected knee. They are reusable and feature non-toxic gel. The gel packs also have a soft fabric lining for maximum user comfort.

The optional cold packs can be kept in the freezer until the next use. It is recommended to place the gel packs in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours. 

Nonsurgical Treatment and Recovery from Meniscus Tear Surgery

Besides a patient's overall health, age and activity level, the type, degree and location of a tear will play into how to heal a meniscus tear. Around a third of meniscus tears occur in the “red zone” that receives good blood supply and can often be treated without surgery by following the RICE method and taking a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory.

For those with a knee cartilage tear on the inner two thirds of the meniscus (the “white” zone) that does not have good blood flow, surgery to trim the meniscus may be necessary (likely arthroscopic knee surgery).

After surgery, a doctor may recommend wearing an immobilizing brace to keep the knee from moving or some other post-op brace. Other components of meniscus tear rehab will probably include exercises to restore mobility and strength to the knee.

Meniscus Injury Treatment

This brace has a number of features specifically tailored toward treating a meniscus tear. Following is a breakdown of them

  • Provides compression, protection, and support to the injured knee
  • Includes 2 reusable gel packs
  • Gel packs have a soft fabric lining for cold therapy
  • Ice pack freezer gel is non-toxic
  • Made of plush foam laminate
  • Velcro closures for easy application and adjustment
  • Detachable pneumatic pump for customized compression
  • Includes optional stockinette sleeve for patient comfort
  • Open patella design
  • Helps with meniscus tears, ACL repair, after total joint surgery, patella realignment or during rehabilitation
  • Universal sizing (fits up to 24" knee circumference)
Sizing chart for cold therapy meniscus tear knee brace - measure the circumference around your kneecap. One size fits up to 24
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