The incrediwear knee sleeve is an athletic bamboo brace to help provide sports pain relief
Sizing for the incredibrace athletic knee brace is size medium through 3XL
Our moisture wicking knee brace for working out provides supreme comfort
Our bamboo brace is a lightweight knee sleeve the provides cool and odor-free compression
The BraceAbility incredibrace knee sleeve reduces pain by increasing circulation to your injured knee
Our 12 inch tall sports knee brace is tall enough to help heal your leg but too tall that it reduces range of motion
Using an incredibrace knee sleeve gives athletes faster recovery times to get back on the field sooner
Flexible stays on the side of our athletic bamboo knee sleeve prevent rolling down
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Incrediwear Knee Compression Sleeve

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Product Description

Incrediwear Knee Sleeve Review: 5 Best Features & Benefits

  1. Accelerated Recovery

    Due to increased blood flow, and delivery of a greater supply of oxygen to the targeted areas, this knee support sleeve can enhance your overall mobility. While staying mobile, you will promote an accelerated recovery to get you on your feet quicker, and keep you there longer!

  2. Long-Lasting & Durable

    Users report high satisfaction in the overall quality of this running knee brace. Whether it’s used for preventative measures, recovery healing, or just added compression, it will support you longer with its strong active charcoal.

  3. Flexible Bamboo Charcoal

    Incrediwear’s signature fabric blend is embedded with semiconductor elements to provide effortless comfort and exceptional durability. This form-fitting recovery sleeve provides effortless comfort thanks to its 3D weave design, perfect for anyone experiencing discomfort related to circulatory issues, sports-related injuries, or other knee conditions.

  4. Odor Absorbing & Moisture Wicking

    With anti-microbial, odor absorbing, and moisture-wicking technology, this bamboo brace is sure to keep you cool and odor-free while living your active lifestyle. Get back to life with this comfortable, lightweight support designed with an active lifestyle in mind.

  5. Promotes Natural Healing

    Created with flexible and lightweight material, this compression brace encourages natural healing. There is no added padding, buckles or straps to disturb your knee’s natural positioning.

Incredible Sports Brace for Athletic Knees

Knee injuries are a fairly common occurrence while engaging in sports, athletics, or physical activities, making it extremely important to protect the knees from injury or re-injury. Wearing protective knee braces and supports is the most common way to ensure safety from knee injuries. The Incredibrace Knee Brace is the ideal athletic support for sports enthusiasts, athletes, or for those with active lifestyles who want excellent knee protection or effective treatment for minor knee injuries caused by physical activity. The Incrediwear Knee Brace makes a great basketball brace, football knee support, a runner's knee compression sleeve, and more!

The incrediwear athletic knee brace is made with a lightweight bamboo compression material for all-day comfort and breathability

Incrediwear Lightweight Knee Sleeve Protects & Treats

This comfortable, compression knee support can be used to help relieve pain and provide protection for multiple conditions and injuries. Athlete or not, the Incredibrace can be used for many reasons beyond sports, such as:

Not sure if this is the right knee brace for your pain? Take our Product Recommendation Quiz and get a better idea of what support will work best for you.

How Will This Sleeve Relieve My Exercise-Induced Knee Pain?

Working out, playing contact sports, and staying active in general can all lead to a range of knee injuries and pain. Use this athletic knee support to ensure you are not only alleviating sore knee pain but also protecting from further injury while you recover and begin to build back your strength. This sleeve reduces any swelling, as well as stabilizes, and offers extra support when needed. If you are in need of more support, we offer a wide variety of knee sleeves, wraps, and braces. Check out our line of Athletic Knee Braces for Sports for more options.

Frequently Asked Questions About Incrediwear’s Knee Brace for Working Out

  • What conditions / injuries does the knee sleeve treat? Use this compression sleeve for all kinds of knee pain such as arthritis, tendonitis, knee strains or sprains, joint pain, ligament injuries, sports support, recovery compression, and other knee injuries.
  • Who can wear it? This lightweight knee sleeve is available in sizes up to 3XL, fitting a wide range of men and women.
  • How do I put it on? Simply slip your foot through the top of the brace and slide it up your leg until the sleeve is centered on your knee.
  • How do I know what size to get? Using a soft tape measure, sit in a chair with your leg extended straight in front of you. Measure the circumference of your leg 4.5 inches above the mid-patella. To get the most accurate measurements, we recommend having a close family member or friend assist you. Refer to our sizing graphic in the photos above to choose the right size.
  • Can I wear this brace over my pants? We do not recommend wearing this brace over your pants. To experience active charcoal compression, the brace should sit against your skin. If pants are necessary, try over a pair of compression leggings.
  • When should I wear it? This lightweight knee sleeve can be comfortably worn all day while sitting, standing, and during physical activity.
  • What material is this brace made of? Made with a blend of 49% Polyester, 25% Nylon, 21% Cotton, and 5% Spandex.
  • How tall is this brace? This brace is 12 inches tall.
  • Washing instructions: We recommend hand washing this knee brace in warm water with mild detergent and then laying flat to air dry completely before reapplying.
  • Other features:
    • Four-way stitching prevents bunching and slipping
    • Knee support for both women and men
    • Includes supportive stays on the inside and outside of your knee
  • Color: Charcoal.

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