braceability hard thumb splint for cmc injuries
The sizing chart for the hard thumb arthritis brace - measure the circumference around your thumb knuckle. S fits 2"-2 5/8, M fits 2 5/8"-3" and L fits 3"-3 1/2"
our breathable thumb spica is made with rigid plastic to protect thumb injuries
use our undersleeve and padding for extra comfortable thumb support
Expereince thumb pain relief and support from sprains, arthritis, fractures, and trigger thumb
Use the trigger thumb brace for all day comfort and protection
How to put on the hard thumb splint instruction sheet
to clean the hard thumb splint, wipe with a damp cloth

Hard Thumb Arthritis Treatment Splint & CMC Basal Joint Immobilizer

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Product Description

thumb splint to help immobilizer cmc joint
wear the hard thumb splint for all day protection

Why Do I Need a Brace to Help with Thumb Arthritis and Other Injuries?

Your thumb joint has a rather large range of motion, making it one of the most mobile joints in your entire body. Unfortunately, this extra mobility can cause increased stress on your thumb joint. When you stop to think about how often you use your thumbs, it's easy to understand why you might be experiencing pain.

labeled thumb joint anatomy affected in thumb pain

BraceAbility’s rigid, thumb splint is one of the most popular thumb support braces on the market for good reason. It was designed to protect your thumb, provide pain relief, and offer comfortable immobilization to your metacarpophalangeal (MCP) and carpometacarpal (CMC or saddle) thumb joints, leaving your IP joint free bend as usual for enhanced mobility.

This thumb joint stabilizer can help treat many causes of thumb pain and conditions including:

CMC Joint Brace for Arthritis Treatment

As mentioned, this comfortable thumb splint can help with arthritis. Thumb arthritis, often referred to as basal joint arthritis or thumb rhizarthrosis, is actually the most common form of arthritis in the hand. It typically causes swelling, stiffness, and pain at the base of your thumb, as well as a diminished range of motion and grip. Trauma or injury can increase your risk of developing thumb arthritis, or you might experience wear-and-tear osteoarthritis.

Top-Rated Features of This Hard Plastic Thumb Splint

As mentioned previously, your thumbs help you accomplish an incredible amount of the activities and tasks you perform every day. It can’t be stressed enough how important your thumbs are in your ability to go about your daily activities (even the most basic ones). Following we detail why this thumb brace stands out from similar immobilizers.

  1. Low-Profile Design for Everyday Use

    This rigid thumb splint has a low profile design, allowing you to wear this brace during most daily activities (leisure and vigorous), as it stays in place quite well. Plus it’s lightweight, so you don’t feel like you’re lugging around a cast all day.

    While still immobilizing your lower thumb joints, this brace does let your top thumb knuckle flex a little bit, and your fingers have a full range of motion too!

    The freedom of this brace allows you to perform activities, hobbies, and sports such as basketball, tennis, gaming, sleeping, gardening, writing, typing, driving and cooking.

    However, it’s important to note that everybody is different and you might not be able to wear the brace depending on what hobby you're performing or the anatomy of your hand.

    Can I wear gloves over this thumb stabilizer?

    If necessary, you can also wear this thumb stabilizer under most loose-fitting gloves, think gardening, winter, or work gloves.

  2. Durable, Waterproof Thumb Splint

    This resilient, brace for arthritis and more offers a lot of support for your thumb by keeping it in the correct position and taking pressure off of damaged areas. Made out of a hard, hypoallergenic plastic material, it can withstand a lot of wear, which is great because you will probably be wearing it a lot.

    Hypoallergenic means it’s completely latex and neoprene free (some people can react to neoprene and it’s the material used in a large number of braces).

  3. Protective Glove and Extra padding Included to Enhance Comfort

    The rigid plastic that this thumb brace is constructed out of can become somewhat uncomfortable against your skin over the course of the day. To eliminate any discomfort you might experience, a soft, universally sized, polyester undersock and an extra padded piece are included with your purchase. The glove and extra adhesive pad help prevent the thumb brace from rubbing or chafing against your skin.

    Although the brace comes with one thumb / hand sleeve, some people prefer to have at least two on hand for alternating while washing, or wearing two at a time for extra support, warmth, or protection. If needed, extra protective gloves are available for purchase here.

  4. Medical-Grade Fastener Strap

    Featuring just one high quality, fastener strap, this guard for your thumb joint is a breeze to apply and easy to adjust. The strap is constructed out of medical-grade fastener, making it 10 times stronger than most retail-grade braces on the market. Retail-grade fasteners are only made to open and close 90 times, as opposed to our medical-grade fasteners, which is made to open and close at least 900 times.

  5. Perforated Holes for Breathability

    The perforated holes in this thumb spica splint offer additional comfort and breathability, especially, so your hand can breathe and will not get sweaty. The hand support for arthritis also has a special raised edge at the thumb and forefinger area to avoid unwanted pressure.

hard thumb splint that can be used all day

Frequently Asked Questions About This Hand Support for Thumb Pain

  • What conditions / injuries does this thumb splint treat? It’s great for post-surgery recovery, arthritic thumb joints, De Quervain’s tenosynovitis (thumb tendonitis), trigger thumb, fractures (broken thumbs), dislocations, sprains, stretched, jammed or torn ligaments, gamekeeper's thumb, and skier’s thumb.

  • How does it work? This rigid, thumb splint is designed to protect your thumb, alleviate pain, and provide comfortable immobilization, allowing your MCP and CMC thumb joints to heal, leaving your IP joint free bend as usual.

  • Who can wear this brace? It’s great for adult men and women of all shapes and sizes, as well as some teenagers. It comes in sizes ranging from small to large, which fit a wide variety of thumb knuckle circumferences.

  • What size should I get? To choose your size, carefully measure the circumference around your thumb knuckle at the widest point, in inches. This thumb splint is NOT universal, so you’ll need to choose if it’s for your right or left hand when ordering.

    • Size S fits thumb knuckle circumferences between 2"- 2⅝ ”.

    • Size M fits thumb knuckle circumferences between 2⅝”-3”.

    • Size L fits thumb knuckle circumferences between 3”-3½ ”.

  • When should I wear it? Use any time your thumb needs to be immobilized. Can be worn throughout the day and while sleeping for support.

  • What is it made of? This thumb brace is made out of a perforated polyamide plastic and an elastic / wrist strap, making it both durable and waterproof. A soft, polyester undersleeve is also included. All components are latex-free.

  • How tall is this thumb splint?

    • Size S is 4.25” tall.

    • Size M is 4.75” tall.

    • Size L is 5.5” tall.

  • How do I put it on? If desired, pull on the polyester undersleeve for added comfort. Unhook the wrist strap and slide your thumb into the splint. Tighten the wrist strap to your comfort level and secure the closure.

  • Washing Instructions: Hand wash the thumb splint and undersleeve in warm water with mild soap, lay flat to air dry completely before reapplying.

  • Other features:

    • Waterproof design.

    • Natural, non-invasive fix for many sources of thumb pain.

    • Solid thumb splint protects your thumb from further injury during recovery.

    • Easy to put on, take off and adjust.

    • A padded adhesive strip and undersleeve are included with your purchase.

  • Color: Black.

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