Bunion Corrector Treatment Splints


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      4 products

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      Bunion Splints & Wraps for Healthy, Pain-Free Feet

      Most people rely quite heavily on their feet each and every day. For that reason, getting or keeping your feet healthy is really important.

      One relative common foot problem that can compromise the function of your foot and cause pain is the formation of bunions (hallux valgus). A bunion is when your big toe points toward the second toe. This causes a bump on the inside edge of your toe.

      Bunions occur more commonly in women and can sometimes run in families. People born with abnormal bones in their feet are more likely to form a bunion. Wearing narrow-toed, high-heeled shoes may also lead to the development of a bunion.

      The condition may become very painful as extra bone and a fluid-filled sac grows at the base of the big toe. 

      Anatomy of your toe joint where bunion pain happens

      Bunion splints are a simple solution for this condition that can bring the toe back into proper alignment or at least delay the need for surgery. Unsure where to buy bunion splints? Look no further. BraceAbility offers several bunion correctors at wholesale prices.

      Most Popular Bunion Corrector for Daytime to Wear in Shoes

      This toe splint for bunion correction holds your big toe (hallux) in an ideal position to reduce pressure on your big toe. The additional Velcro strap helps to separate and pull the first metatarsal (big toe) away from the second, keeping them from rubbing together. The big toe component of the splint for bunions is also adjustable.

      The bunion brace is also quite comfortable to wear, unlike an uncomfortable hard bunion splint, thanks to its thin, lightweight material. If room permits, you may be able to wear this bunion wrap inside of your shoe to help prevent rubbing from occurring. For added convenience, the foot and toe splint is washable as well as latex-free.