Patellar Tendonitis Treatment: Patella Straps, Braces & Knee Surgery

Many of the common patella tendonitis treatment methods are tied closely to the causes of the condition. Patellar tendonitis, also known as jumper’s knee, is associated with overuse and/or overloading the patellar tendon, which connects the kneecap to the shin bone. This causes patella tendonitis symptoms such as pain/tenderness, swelling and redness in the region just below the kneecap where the patellar tendon is located.

The tiny tears to the tendon that causes these symptoms are common but not exclusive to athletes whose sports involve jumping.

At-Home Treatment for Patella Tendonitis

As is the case with most overuse injuries, the first line of treatment for patellar tendonitis is taking time off from the sport or activity to give the tendon a chance to heal. Other at-home patellar tendonitis treatment methods that should be undergone in addition to rest are applying ice and compression to the affected region and elevating the leg.

On a similar vein, a preventative measure for patellar tendonitis is to gradually increase the intensity or duration of physical activity rather than doing so suddenly, which increases the risk of damage to the patellar tendon.

Exercising or playing sports on especially hard surfaces can also increase one’s risk of injury. It is also important to use proper form when it comes to jumping or engaging in activities such as weightlifting that can strain the patella tendon.

BraceAbility offers treatments for most kinds of knee injuries. Another patellar instability treatment and preventative measure is to engage in patella tendonitis exercises and stretches. Patellar instability exercises can help rectify muscular imbalances that may strain the patellar tendon and strengthen those needed for the explosive motions of the knee needed for jumping, kicking and other such motions linked to patellar tendonitis. (Click here for some patella pain exercises.)

Stretching can loosen the tight leg muscles and remedy any unevenness in muscle distribution that can also be a contributing factor.

Patellar Tendonitis Orthotics

Another patella tendonitis treatment method is wearing patellar tendon strap or patellar tendonitis strap or brace. Such patella stabilizer braces divert pressure from this region of the knee. Thus, these can help ease patellar tendonitis pain and can prevent one from reinjuring the knee. 

Patella Tendonitis Surgery

If other treatment options fail, a doctor might recommend patellar tendonitis surgery. However, patellar instability surgery is generally recommended in instances when more conservative methods of treatment have failed to ease the pain for nearly a year.

Generally speaking, medical professionals prefer less invasive methods when it comes to finding a patella tendonitis cure.

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