The Advantages of Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Arthroscopic knee surgery is an advanced form of surgery that is often used to perform surgeries on conditions that affect the knee joints. Rather than completely open up the knee to perform the surgery, only a couple of small incisions are necessary. With the use of a small instrument used to view the injury to the joint of the knee, the arthroscope, the surgeons can easily perform the knee surgery safely and with less complication.

Common knee procedures performed on:

  • Injuries to the Meniscus, or torn cartilage
  • ACL injuries
  • Injuries dealing with the kneecap

Recovering from Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Because of the way the surgery is performed, with just small incisions, arthroscopic knee surgery recovery is much quicker and easier than completely opening the knee. Many athletes are faced with numerous types of knee injuries, many of which can be fixed with arthroscopic knee surgery, and need to be able to get back out and play as quickly and safely as possible. View all of BraceAbility's treatment options for knee injuries.

It is important that the athlete be able to find the best knee brace possible to better the physical therapy for arthroscopic knee surgery. At BraceAbility there are multiple braces and supports made to make the recovery easier and quicker for athletes. Post-op knee braces are not made to be uncomfortable or to limit ability; they are made to be worn comfortably and to limit the chance of having problems after arthroscopic knee surgery. There is nothing as important as maintaining stability and protecting the knee as much as possible after knee surgeries.

Knee surgery cost

The cost of receiving arthroscopic knee surgery can vary on many factors, where it is performed and what the injury is to the knee. Knee surgeries are costly in general but an arthroscopic surgery on the knee could cost up to $7,000 or more with the average being right around $4,500. Combine this with the weeks of recovery that would need to take place, and the total price would be very high indeed. This is why it is so important for athletes to receive the best post-surgery knee brace possible so that the time and energy spent recovering is limited.

Costly though it is, there is no question that receiving the less traumatic and painful surgery is ideal for athletes. A traditional knee surgery would place any athlete out of commission for a considerable amount of time.

Why arthroscopic knee surgery is important

When the knee is injured to the point of needing surgery, it is very important to do so as soon as possible. The knee is highly important to the functions of any athlete, whether football knee braces are needed or support for a less vigorous sport like golf. Any athlete will need the knee to bend, twist, and turn in order to be the most effective. Waiting to receive surgery and still attempting to be active would not only be painful, it could also cause permanent damage to the knee. Knee surgery recovery after arthroscopic knee surgery is far easier than potentially ruining every chance of performing in athletics again.

As is true with many types of surgery, there are arthroscopic knee surgery risks that must be taken seriously when deciding to get it. There will always be the chance of such problems as infection or blood clots when it comes to any surgery. Arthroscopic surgery is often very successful when the right problem is found; it is important to speak with a doctor beforehand to correctly find the problem so they are better able to get the job done correctly.

Overall, knee arthroscopic surgery is an amazing advancement in terms of treating athletes for a variety of knee injuries. It is now possible for athletes to heal faster with less risk so that they can get back to the sports they love as quickly as possible.

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