9 Biking Gadget Must-Haves for Your Next Bike Ride or Cycling Adventure

Whether you’re planning your next big biking trip, or just strolling through town, these 9 new and upcoming bike gadgets and accessories are great for you cycling enthusiasts looking to spruce up your ride. These awesome bike gadgets are stylish, safe, and practical - what could be better? So, get in gear and pedal through this list of awesome accessories!  

Brooks Carrera Foldable Helmet

modern and minimalist white bicycle helmet

The most important feature of a helmet is protection and safety, but practicality and style are definitely a plus. This bike helmet is extremely protective with a sleek design- and the best part? It folds and compacts to less than 80% of its full size. This foldable helmet is great for long biking trips so you can throw your helmet in your bag during pit stops instead of lugging it around or keeping it on your bike. It comes in 8 awesome colors and is sold on Amazon!  

Retrofitz DIY Cycling Shoes

turn any pair of shoes into cycling shoes with these retrofitz diy bicycle shoes

Want bike shoes, but hate how they look or don’t want to spend the money? Turn any pair of shoes into a stylish pair of bike shoes with the Retrofitz bike shoe add-on that gives your favorite shoes a better grip on your pedals. The add-on pedal grip is lightweight and doesn’t hit the ground or interfere with walking. Bike to work wearing your dress shoes, or wear winter shoes during the colder months- the possibilities are endless!  

Chalk Trail For Bikes

children's chalk bicycle attachment to let your kids draw while they ride bike

Combine two of your favorite outdoor activities- biking and sidewalk chalk. The bike chalk trail kit is great for little kids, big kids, and adults reliving their childhood. Simply snap the chalk holder onto the back wheel of your bike, and you’ve got chalk on wheels! Get creative with friends for miles and use the bike trail as your canvas. The kit comes with 4 different colors of chalk that each last approximately 1.5 miles.  

Six Pack Bike Bag

six pack bottle holder for beer or water on a bicycle

Spruce up your ride this summer with your bike’s very own six pack caddy! Simply Velcro the two sides of the pack together underneath the crossbar and you’ve got yourself a secure, balanced bag for your favorite beverages! Bike over to the neighborhood picnic with your favorite brews, sodas or juices without hauling a bulky, oversized basket or bag on your bike. With six separate padded compartments, you don’t have to worry about glass bottles clinking together or breaking. As always, don’t drink and ride!  


solar powered, bluetooth, u shaped safety lock for bicycles

Skylock is a Bluetooth-enabled, solar-powered lock for your bike that automatically unlocks when you approach your bike. If your phone dies- no problem! Just enter the numeric code you choose during initial set-up. Skylock has a built-in solar panel that recharges the battery, and it also plugs into a USB to charge. This nifty lock also allows you to share access to your bike with anyone in your trusted network. It will also notify you if your bike is being tampered with or if it’s been crashed into.

HandleBand Bike Mount

rubber phone holder that wraps around your handlebars that secures any device

Need GPS directions? Want to take a video of your scenic route? Need the flashlight app for night stroll? Do it all hands-free with the HandleBand bike mount. This durable, silicone bike mount stretches to fit snuggly around any phone (even with a case on!) Adjust the HandleBand bike mount to any angle for the perfect photograph during your ride, while still have full access to your needed apps. Save the FaceTime, phone calls and texting for after your ride!  

BoomBottle Wireless Speaker

wireless, bluetooth speaker that fits into the water bottle holder of a bike

 Got an extra water bottle holder on your bike? Put it to use with the BoomBottle- an outdoor, Bluetooth-enabled speaker that fits in any bike’s standard water bottle holder. With remarkable sound and up to 10 hours of continuous music, this speaker is great for playing your favorite tunes on long bike rides with friends. Biking through the rain or puddles? Keep jamming! The BoomBottle is completely waterproof and weatherproof.  

Pet Bike Trailer

bicycle carrier for dogs or other pets that has a screen for protection

We all know someone who can’t go anywhere without their pet...If that someone is you, you’re in luck! The Aosom pet bike trailer allows you to take your pet on bike rides with a simple hitch for the back of your bike. Featuring a mesh zippered screen on the front and back and mesh windows on the side, your pet will feel the breeze with you the entire ride! Big dog? Chubby cat? No problem, the max loading weight is 66 pounds.  

Burley Travoy Bike Trailer

bag carrier for behind bicycle that attaches to bike seat

For your longer bike trips, a Burley Travoy bike trailer is great to haul everything you need for a couple days away from home. Weighing only 9.8 pounds and carrying up to 60 pounds, it has better stability than most panniers or backpacks. The trailer attaches and detaches in seconds, making it a smart solution for those who don’t pack lightly. Head to the grocery store and load the bike trailer up, or pack all your snacks and drinks for a family get together!

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